Green Business Partnership Award 2018

On November 19, Council Member Schroeder awarded the Tangletown Neighborhood Association with a Green Business Partnership Award for our work to eliminate PERC chemicals at LeMac Cleaners. PERC is a chemical used in dry cleaning that is a known health and environmental hazard. Minneapolis is the first PERC-free major city in the nation.

Patrick Hanlon, Director of Environmental Programs at the City of Minneapolis shared, “we were stuck with 3-4 dry cleaners unable to move away from perc even with our incentive programs coming into the year. We had been trying to get them to switch for 5 years and couldn’t make it happen financially. The work of Tangletown and Windom really opened our eyes to the power of partnering with neighborhood groups to get this work done. If you guys hadn’t stepped up with additional support none of this would have happened. I hope it’s a model we can expand to address other environmental and clean energy issues we are facing.”

A total of $45,000 dollars in grants were offered to LaMac by the Tangletown Neighborhood Association, Windom Community Council, and City of Minneapolis Environmental Initiatives Program. This funding covered a portion of the cost for owner Nick Zendania. The switch still involved a significant financial commitment on Nick’s part – including the remainder of the cost for the new equipment, a costly installation, and a longer run cycle on the new machine.

Congrats to our members who worked to make this happen. Thanks also to LeMac, Windom, and the City of Minneapolis for the strong partnership!

Next Board Meeting January 21

There will be no board meeting in December.  Our next board meeting will be Monday, January 21 at 7pm at Fuller Recreation Center (4802 Grand Ave S).  City of Lakes Land Trust will share various affordable housing investment opportunities.  Additionally, the 2019 fiscal year budget will have a final review before a board vote.

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