2011 January 17 Minutes




MONDAY, January 17, 2011

7:00 P.M.


Board members present: Mary Jane Mitchell – President, Tony Proell – Vice-President,  Bruce Bruemmer – Secretary, Carolyn Dungan, Jane Elias, Ryan Fisher,  April Heers, Tom Steichen, Lynell Voigt.

1. The meeting was called to order at 7:07 pm.

2. The November 2010 meeting minutes were approved.

3. Rhea Sullivan was introduced as TNA’s coordinator.  Rhea reported on the action of the City Council to freeze Phase II funds.  She outlined the funds that were currently available to TNA and certain actions that were needed to secure those funds, particularly a filing with the Attorney General.  She noted that we did not get a contract from the crime prevention program.  There was a discussion over reprioritizing TNA projects.  A subcommittee of April, Jane, Ryan, and Kay Quinn will meet before the next meeting.

4. Mary Jane reported that Jeff attended the NRP Policy Board Election and voted.

5. Tony had no further update on the CEE Home Energy Audit rogram.  Rhea said that she would investigate the status of the grant money.

6. The was no new information on the Business Facade Improvement Program.

7. Tony reported on the Neighborhood Policing Program and meeting.  Amy Lavender had suggested to him that we put together a subcommittee, recruit more block leaders, and look at using officers posted at Washburn High School.  Ryan will email Amy Lavender, who is scheduled to attend the February meeting.

8.  Tjody was not able to attend.  Mary Jane asked for ideas for the next newsletter, and the group discussed many including thanking vendors, a meet your neighbor column, a block mailing list, and the need to assemble the 4th of July committee.  All articles need to be submitted by the 3rd Monday in March for an April newsletter.  The garage sale is scheduled for May 6 and 7. A Communications Committee was established comprised of Lynell Voigt, Kay Quinn, Rhea Sullivan, Tjody DeVaal, and Mary Jane Mitchell, to – among other tasks – look at ways to communicate with TNA residents, form an email contact list, identify block contacts, identify new residents, and start an e-newsletter.

9. The was no new information on Nice Ride.

10.  Tony reported on bike racks, which he said really need to be led by the businesses that would like them.  Suggested that we put together a flyer and/or newsletter article.

11.  Tom Balcom could not attend so there was no report on the Lyndale Ave. bridge closing, still scheduled for Spring.  He should have more information for the February meeting.

12. Jane spoke about the Committee for the Arts and noted lots of interest.   They are discussing a big show or an “art crawl.”

13. The Board thanked Jane for all courtesies extended to the Board for the holiday dinner.

14. Mary Davidson was unable to attend so there was no Treasurer’s report.

15.  New business a discussion of business openings and closings.  Steve and April will be working on the garage sale.

16. The meeting adjourned at 8:39 pm.

Notice of NRP Plan Modification Proposal for March 21 TNA Meeting

On March 21, 2011, the Tangletown Neighborhood Association will present the following NRP Plan Modification for neighborhood approval:

From NRP Phase I Strategy Plan Implementation Support  $61,225.24
From NRP Phase I Strategy Business Node Improvement Fund  $12,924.92
From NRP Phase I Strategy Fuller Park – Grass on Field  $1,773.15
From NRP Phase I Strategy Home Security Hardware Rebate  $5,681.69
From NRP Phase I Strategy Police Bike Patrols  $1,686.56

To NRP Phase II Strategy H.2.1.1 NRP Plan Implementation – Personnel  $24,000
To NRP Phase II Strategy H.2.1.1 NRP Plan Implementation – Non-Personnel  $10,000
To NRP Phase II Strategy H.4.1.1 Neighborhood Events  $27,225.24
To NRP Phase II Strategy F1.1.1 Lyndale Ave South of the Creek  $12,924.92
To NRP Phase II Strategy G.1.2.1 Natural Resources Preservation – Trees $2,773.15
To NRP Phase II Strategy G.1.1.1. Historical Preservation  $4,681.69
To NRP Phase II Strategy E.1.1.1 Crime Prevention Workshops $1,686.56

The reason for the Plan Modification is to help replace the funding lost due to the City Council decision to freeze NRP Phase II funds for property tax relief.  Public comments will be accepted at the March 21 meeting and via e-mail at info@tangletown.org or by postal mail to Tangletown Neighborhood Association, P.O. Box 19347, Minneapolis, MN 55419.  The meeting will be held at Fuller Park, 4800 Grand Ave. S. at 7:00 p.m.

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