Community Meeting re: Dog Park July 25 at 6:30 p.m., Lynnhurst Rec. Center

6th Park District Dog Park Citizen Advisory Committee to hear from public on potential dog park sites

The Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC), established by the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) to recommend a preferred location and design for a dog offleash recreation in the Sixth Park District, has identified a short list of possible sites. Now the committee would like comments from neighbors.

Those interested in commenting on the proposed sites may complete a survey and/or attend a public meeting July 25 at 6:30 p.m., Lynnhurst Recreation Center, 1345 W. Minnehaha Parkway. Comments and survey results will inform the committee’s final recommendations for a preferred site and design.

The dog park search area extends from Minnehaha Creek north to W 36th Street and from I-35W west to Lake Harriet/Kings Highway. Several sites have been reviewed and the three sites remaining are:

  • Lyndale Farmstead Park, Kings Highway and W 39th St
  • Lyndale Farmstead Park, Southside Operations Center lower parking lot
  • Minnehaha Creek east of Pleasant Avenue (located in Tangletown neighborhood)
  • Maps of the sites, as well as a link to the survey, can be found on the MPRB website.

    Draft Minutes of July 18, 2011 Board Meeting

    Monday, July 18, 2011 7:00 p.m., Simply Jane Studio

    Board members present: Mary Jane Mitchell – President, Ryan Fisher – Treasurer, Carolyn Dungan – Secretary, Janine Allison, Steve Bieringer, Tjody DeVaal, Jane Elias, Jeff Gears, April Heers, Andrea Siegel, Lynell Voigt.
    Also present: Rhea Sullivan – Coordinator, Dan Fearn

    1. Meeting was called to order at 7:09 p.m.

    2. June meeting minutes were approved with one change – Let’s Dance Tonight has been renamed Dance Tonight.

    3. Treasurer’s Report – Ryan Fisher reported that the total income from the Fourth of July event is $5214.15. To date the expenses for the 4th of July event total $3,552.65 of which $994.97 was drawn from the NRP funds. The remainder was drawn from TNA funds, but we could reallocate funds from NRP for these expenses in the future.

    4. Council Member Updates – None present.

    5. Fourth of July subcommittee – The debrief of the fourth of July event will be held on Thursday, July 21 at Simply Jane Studio. Ryan encouraged all board members to provide their comments either at the debrief meeting or by sending an email to either Ryan or Rhea. Rhea will send an email to all of the event volunteers inviting them to the debrief meeting. Tjody requested that anyone with photos of the event send their best pictures to her and the top twenty will be posted on the TNA website.

    6. NRP Subcommittee Report – Ryan reported that the subcommittee will meet next on Monday, August 8th at Fuller Park at 7:30 p.m. Jane suggested that the Business Façade matching grant information be placed on the TNA website and be more visible so that we can direct business to go to the site for information and an application.

    7. Committee for the Arts – A reminder was issued about the Color Wheel Block Party that will be held in the parking lot at 48th and Grand on Sunday, August 14th from noon to 8pm. Tjody and Jane plan on setting up a booth at the event for Tangletown artists.

    8. Dog Park – Rhea reported that Tony has attended the Sixth District Dog Park Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) meetings. At the last meeting the committee decided on three potential sites – two different sites at Lyndale Farmstead -Kings Highway and 39th St W (south of the Operations Center wall along Kings Highway) and SSOC Parking Lot – and one along Minnehaha Creek east of Pleasant Avenue. Fuller Park is no longer in the running. The next CAC meeting is scheduled for July 25 at 6:30 p.m. at Lynnhurst Recreation Center, 1345 W Minnehaha Parkway and is open to the public.

    9. Home & Garden Tour – Mary Jane reported that we currently have no one to head up this committee and that in general it is a challenge finding people to join the TNA committees. The board agreed that it is too late in the year to organize a fall Home Tour. Lynell noted that in prior years it’s been difficult to get homeowners to participate and that the event entails a large amount of planning and effort for the money that it makes. In previous years the event has netted approximately $500.

    10. Halloween Event subcommittee – A new subcommittee was formed to plan a Halloween Event this year. Dan Fearn, Tjoyd DeVaal and Jeff Gears offered to be on the subcommittee. It was suggested that the event involve a tour of homes/yards that are decorated for Halloween and possibly a contest that neighborhood residents could enter for the best decorations. Mary Jane suggested a prize could be a framed photograph of the decorated home.

    11. National Night Out – This year the event is on Tuesday, August 2nd. A permit to close a street is free through 7/19 after which there may be a fee associated. Rhea will send an addendum to the July enews to the residents on our email list to encourage participation in NNO and provide a link to the NNO site. Included in the email will be a reminder of the next Dog Park meeting on July 25th.

    12. Board Roster – Rhea put together a roster of the TNA board members. The roster was passed around for members to verify their contact information. Rhea will maintain the roster and add names and contact information as requested.

    13. The meeting adjourned at 8:03 p.m.

    Note: The Treasurer’s Report has been revised since the minutes were first uploaded. 7/21/2011

    Minutes of June 20 TNA Board Meeting

    Monday, June 20, 2011 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

    Board members present: Mary Jane Mitchell – President, Tjody DeVaal, Carolyn Dungan, Jane Elias, Ryan Fisher, April Heers, Jeff Gears, Tony Proell – Vice President, Andrea Siegel, Lynell Voigt.

    Also present: Carole Anderson, Park Director, Sarah Lobley (Dance Tonight), Jodi Sandberg (Little Bird on Grand), Rhea Sullivan

    1. Meeting was called to order at 7:03 p.m.

    2. May meeting minutes were approved without change.

    3. Treasurer’s Report – Ryan Fisher reported that garage sale expenses were $670.00. The check for the sandwich board signs was written from TNA funds, but we could reallocate funds from NRP. Other expenses were food-related.

    4. Legislative/Council Member Updates – None present.

    5. Officer Elections: The following slate of officers were elected for the 2011-2012 year:
    Treasurer – Ryan Fisher
    Secretary – Carolyn Dungan
    Vice President – Tony Proell
    President – Mary Jane Mitchell

    6. Annual Meeting Recap – The following comments and suggestions were made about last month’s annual meeting:

  • Serving pizza, cookies and beverages seemed like a nice touch.
  • Recommended that we handle the nominating process differently. We should promote the opportunity to join the board more in our e-news and by word of mouth.
  • The TNA bylaws allow us to have a special meeting to add more board members. It would require giving adequate notice to the community.
  • Perhaps put a banner on the building to promote the annual meeting.
  • Tangletown Treasures worked well. We recognized five individuals. It would help to explain it more.

    Rhea will draft a new roster for the 2011-12 Board of Directors, which will include our brand new Board members, Andrea Siegel and Janine Allison.

    7. NRP Subcommittee Report – Ryan reported on the NRP meeting that was held June 13, 2011. Tom Balcom, Jane Elias, Ryan Fisher and Rhea Sullivan attended.

  • Tom Balcom is working on a potential Lyndale Ave. project with a number of other potential partners, including Minnesota Historical Society, Washburn Library, Hennepin History Museum, Richfield Historical Society, etc. The idea is to preserve the limestone blocks from the current bridge for a historical marker/plaque or benches or a monument. Also regarding Lyndale Avenue, we may want to partner with Lynnhurst Neighborhood Association and NEHBA on signage for next year’s Lyndale Avenue bridge and road renovation.
  • Jane Elias explained the proposed mural mentorship program, which is based on a successful program that Jane helped develop in Kingfield neighborhood. The purpose of the murals would be discourage graffiti and help promote local businesses. The program would include a call for artists and youth to participate. Murals could be painted, mosaic, clay tiles. She recommended allocating approximately $2,000 for each mural. The funds would be allocated from the remaining Community Building with Business NRP strategy. The Art Committee would review applications and select the participating businesses.
  • A motion was made to approve up to $6,534 for the Mural mentorship program. The motion carried. The next step is to draft a scope of services(SOS). Rhea will look into getting the SOS from the Kingfield mural project.
    Jodi Sandberg from the new shop Little Bird on Grand (located at 46th & Grand) expressed concern because someone told her “Businesses don’t ever make it on this corner.” She is wondering if there is a way to draw people to businesses in this area. Jane Elias mentioned her “Spotlight on 48th & Nicollet.” She organized three events and had sidewalk sales. Jodi expressed interested in the TNA Exterior Improvement program

  • It might make sense to start a Tangletown business association in addition to NEHBA.

    8. Fourth of July Event planning

  • Discussed logistics for the July 4th Parade & Celebration.
  • Posters – $100 – Small posters for businesses and large posters for A frame signs.
  • Tjody is making a volunteer banner. Volunteers who work two hours or more will get a t-shirt. Rhea will send an email blast.
  • Set up to start at 8:00 a.m. at Fuller Park.
  • Ryan reported that the 1919 root beer will be provided at cost from South Lyndale Liquor.
  • The Board approved $150 in prizes for Fuller Park games. We will donate any leftovers to Fuller Park.
    Steve has reserved two generators.

  • Mary Jane will take raffle items in Ryan’s absence.
  • The parade permit has been approved. Will have fire truck and police. Ryan sent the fire department a map of the parade route.
  • Rhea will put a link to the map in the eblast. The Eblast will go out on Thurs., July 29.
  • Decorations will be available at the park for those who want help decorating their bikes, pets, etc.
  • Ryan said that we are trying to make this a fundraising event and we have already spent $600. Tickets are 50 cents each this year instead of 25 cents each. The Board reviewed prices
  • The Board approved up to $100 for music for Ron Salmon and one more group.
  • The Board approved up to $300 for large puppets for next year’s July 4th event parade.
  • Tom Balcom will lend us his bullhorn for the day.

    9. Nice Ride – Rhea will take this off the agenda. Nothing further to report at this time.

    10. Bike Racks – Tony Proell explained that the City of Minneapolis had a bike rack program for businesses that would pay half of the cost of a bike rack. The lowest price for a bike rack is $200. We could talk about bike racks in our NRP subcommittee.

    11. Committee for the Arts – Reported under NRP.

    12. Home & Garden Tour – Mary Jane asked if anyone was interested in chairing a Home & Garden Tour. Tjody DeVaal suggested a possible Art Fair this year instead of the tour. We might also consider the “Taste of Tangletown.” Tony suggested “Tangletown Days” – Partner with Tangletown businesses to block off Nicollet and have food and activities from Tangletown businesses. Sarah Lobley and Jodi Sandberg expressed interest in helping with this. Could consider doing an event like that in the large parking lot on the corner of W. 46th St.

    11. Fuller Park Update – Carole highlighted the MPRB Summer Guide, which includes movies, festivals, etc. The July 4th event is the big event for the park this month.

    12. C&K Food & Fuel – The board received a letter asking for help from C&K Food & Fuel. We are going to encourage them to apply for the Exterior Enhancement Program. They may also want to apply for a mural.

    13. The meeting adjourned at 8:51 p.m.

  • Community Energy Services Making Citywide Debut in August 2011

    As the second month of summer kicks off and thoughts of winter are packed deeply away, conserving energy may not be the number one priority for most summer loving Minnesotans. However, Community Energy Services (CES), a program dedicated to reducing energy in Minneapolis homes, is working hard to refocus homeowners toward thinking about their energy use.

    Already implemented in over 4,000 Minneapolis homes, CES aims to lower energy consumption, therefore lowering utility bills. Following a free workshop where homeowners learn valuable money saving strategies, homeowners choose whether they would like to receive a home visit from two of Center for Energy and Environment’s energy professionals for a co-pay of only $30 and a value of $400!

    At this home visit, energy and money saving materials may be installed including programmable thermostats, compact fluorescent light bulbs, high efficiency showerheads and various other products so the homeowner is left with immediate means to reduce energy use. Blower door and combustion safety tests will also be performed allowing the homeowner the knowledge of how their home is performing on both a safety and functionality level.

    Altogether, CES provides an enormous opportunity to Minneapolis residents by helping homeowners save money on energy bills instantly, as well as giving advice on investments including energy efficiency upgrades such as heating and insulation. Currently, CES is available to select neighborhoods in Minneapolis; however beginning August 1st, the program will be available citywide, allowing full access to any owner of a 1-4 unit owner occupied property in Minneapolis.

    Upcoming workshop dates:

    Tuesday, August 9th at 6:30 p.m.
    Lucy Craft Laney Community School (3333 Penn Ave. N)

    Thursday, August 18th at 6:30 p.m.
    Burroughs Community School (1601 W 50th St.)

    Tuesday, August 30th at 6:30 p.m.
    VOA Southwest Center (3612 Bryant Ave. S)

    For more information on the program or for more workshop dates, visit the CES website at: To RSVP for a workshop contact Ashley Robertson at 612-335-5869 or