2019 Year in Review

2019 Tangletown Neighborhood Association Year in Review

Our event highlights included:

  • Hosted 17 events with an estimated total of over 2,000 people in attendance. 
  • Created two new engagement events for our residents:
    • Winterfest: Finally a Tangletown event in the winter! With bonfires,
      luminaries, s’mores, sledding, crafts, music, and more, we lit up the snow-covered park!
    • Tangletown Street Party: Neighbors joined us for live music, drinks and food. 
  • Innovated two events to beautify our neighborhood:
    • Spring Spruce Up: Residents committed to clean up their boulevards and yards after the winter months and three winners received great prizes for their work!
    • Autumn Alley Clean Up: We provided dumpsters for residents to clear out unwanted items from their alleys and side yards.
  • Kept the classic events strong:
    • This year’s Fourth of July event had record attendance and fun new additions including a yoga warm up before the parade with Blooma Yoga, a balloon artist, and new carnival games. 
    • The Annual Garage Sale was moved to the fall and had over 60 sales registered.
  • You may have noticed…
    • We distributed 68 welcome bags to new renters and homeowners in Tangletown.
    • We unveiled a new energy rebate program this fall where residents can qualify for a $500 match on insulation and air sealing improvements. Seven homes have qualified for $3,500 in rebates so far representing nearly $30,000 in energy improvements.
    • We selected a winning design for a storm drain stencil and stenciled over 50 drains throughout Tangletown.
    • We rolled out a new benefit for storm drain adoptees to get free supplies to support them in their work to keep our drains clear. 36 drains have now been adopted as a result!
    • We collected 10 bags of litter at our Litter Be Gone event.
  • We received a $10,000 grant from Hennepin County to increase Organics Recycling participation:
    • 668 people directly engaged and 11,700 reached through communications outreach
    • 29 new households signed up to participate in Organics Recycling
    • 77 people made a commitment to increase their use of Organics Recycling with 87.9% of people surveyed reporting they followed through with that commitment
    • 117 compost collection bins were distributed to Tangletown residents
      Organics Compost Site Tour Photo
    • 4 events hosted (two workshops, a compost site tour, and a sustainability cooking class)
    • 77.8% of people surveyed have talked to a friend/neighbor/family member about Organics Recycling as a result of our engagement
    • 97.2% of people surveyed were satisfied with our efforts around Organics Recycling
  • We couldn’t do it without our volunteers:
    Board Photo
    • 33 Fourth of July event volunteers
    • 20 Washburn Water Tower planting, watering, and weeding volunteers
    • 12 current board members
    • 12 community members serving on committees 
    • And many more!

We continue to look for relevant and meaningful opportunities to meet our mission of enhancing the quality of life for those who live, work, or play in Tangletown through advocacy, community engagement, and neighborhood initiatives. We would love for you to join us in this work, email us at info@tangletown.org to learn more.

2018 Tangletown Neighborhood Association Year in Review:

Hosted 10 events with an estimated total of 1500 people in attendance. Highlights included:

  • Washburn Water Tower planting inauguration – neighbors gathered to plant over 700 plants and trees to enhance our iconic water tower.
  • Record attendance at our Annual Meeting focused on the Future of Tangletown. Notable speakers included our newly elected Mayor Jacob Frey and Council Member Jeremy Schroeder. Nine board members were elected for a full board of fifteen.
  • Thunderstorms may have rained out our parade, but our Fourth of July celebration was still a huge hit at Fuller Park with over 300 wristbands sold for activities!
  • Tangletown had a big presence at Lyndale Open Streets offering free popcorn and sno cones at 53rd and Lyndale in partnership with Kenny and Lynnhurst neighborhoods. We also hosted a booth to share information about Tangletown to the over 40,000 people that attend this event annually.

You may have noticed…

  • Utility box wraps were installed at 7 locations around Tangletown. We used pieces from local artists to beautify our neighborhood. The installation at 50th and James includes the artwork of a handful of students at Burroughs Elementary School and was executed in partnership with Lynnhurst Neighborhood Asc.
  • We created three new committees to begin work on our core priorities of Beautiful Purposeful Spaces, Innovative Environmental Leadership, and Engaged, Welcoming Community.
  • Over $300,000 in funding was approved by the community for the work of our committees to make a big impact in Tangletown over the next three years.

We made a positive impact on our environment:

  • We were awarded the Green Business Partnership Award for our work to eliminate PERC chemicals at LeMac Cleaners in partnership with Windom Community Council.
  • 578 pounds of textiles were diverted from landfills at our textile collection event
  • 8 bags of trash and 4 bags of recycling were collected at Litter Be Gone event

We couldn’t do it without our volunteers:

  • 40 Washburn Water Tower planting, watering, and weeding volunteers
  • 28 Fourth of July event volunteers
  • 14 current board members
  • 12 community members serving on committees
  • And many more!

Our reach continues to grow! In 2018 we connected with:

  • Over 900 residents monthly through our e-newsletter
  • Over 1800 households in Tangletown through our bi-annual print newsletter and postcards
  • Over 300 followers on our Facebook page and growing.
  • Over 2800 residents on Nextdoor.com
  • Over 14,000 visits to our website: tangletown.org