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Tangletown Neighborhood Association, P.O. Box 19347, Minneapolis MN 55419

Voice mail: (612) 321-8621
Tangletown is a neighborhood in the Southwest community of Minneapolis. The neighborhood was officially known as Fuller until 1996 when it was changed to the present name, which reflects the winding streets in the neighborhood that do not conform to the regular street grid of South Minneapolis. The neighborhood boundaries are 46th Street to the north, Interstate 35W to the east, Diamond Lake Road to the south, and Lyndale Avenue South to the west.

November 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, November 17, 2014 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Steve Bieringer, Andrea Siegel, Sandra Bartsias, Lauren Anderson, Laura Silver, Karen Costello, Mary Jane Mitchell, Matt Chapman, Ryan Fisher, Eric David

Board members absent: Tony Proell, Jon Mcaab, Charlie Siftar

Also present: Councilmember John Quincy, Tjody deVaal

Called to order: 7:06pm

Halloween Walking Tour Wrap-up
Six residents attended the walking tour on Thursday, October 30th. Though TNA hoped for more attendees, the weather was perfect and the family attending really loved the event. The costs came in at about $60.24. Tjody recommends TNA revisit planning next July to modify the event.

Fuller Park building improvements update
Steve communicated with the MPRB regarding TNA’s interest in boosting Fuller’s wi-fi strength, adding AC to certain spaces (particularly the gym), and making signage upgrades for the building. He is waiting to hear back from Fuller Park Interim Director Mike Fox and will bring updates to the board in coming months. Laura communicated with the Park Board’s design specialist, Kate, regarding pulverized rubber used in certain soccer fields around the city since additional research has been released on the potentially toxic nature of this substance. Thankfully, the Park Board has no plans to use this format at Fuller.

TNA Coordinator position
Steve sent final comments on the posting to the hiring committee. Ryan will contact NCR for approval and posting recommendations. Once NCR has approved the posting, the hiring committee will post the description on local websites. Applicants will send emails to

Officer reports:
Secretary’s report – a move to approve the October 2014 Minutes was made, seconded, and approved.
Treasurer’s report – Sandra reported that there have been no major changes to TNA accounts – insurance and newsletter bills were paid in the past month. The printing and design costs for the fall newsletter came to $1,280; postage was $353.10. NCR reported that it hasn’t received TNA’s 2013 Annual Report – this was previously submitted via email to NCR staff, so Ryan will follow up to clarify. The Halloween Walking Tour came in over its budget of $40, which was $60.24. Matt made a motion to amend the budget for the event to $65, which was seconded and approved.

Committee reports:
• Arts – Jane Elias submitted her resignation to the board – TNA is very thankful for Jane’s contributions over the years! Tjody also reported that there the Lynnhurst Arts & Crafts fair that possibly TNA could modify.
• Communication – The fall newsletter hit mailboxes in the past month and looked great.
• NRP – Nothing to report. The board hasn’t yet received an business façade grant application from the new pet grooming and supply business on 54th near Lyndale (across from Annunciation).
• Sustainability – The committee is planning its second annual Green Day event on Saturday, April 11th, 2015. Green Day will again feature informational tables on organics and recycling, water quality, sustainable gardening, safe biking, environmental education as well as art activities and educational workshops. The committee requests a $1700 budget to fund and promote the event, with a final amount not to exceed $2000. Ryan suggested that the Committee adds an Annual Meeting save the date to the postcard. Councilmember Quincy suggested printing these postcards concurrently with Annual Meeting postcards to save funds. A motion to approve the budget was made, seconded and approved.
• Business – Steve will follow up with Dylan and Jane about a neighborhood business listing to gauge where the project was left and how to coordinate with NEHBA’s Experience Southwest campaign.

Partner and other announcements:
Councilmember Quincy reported that the e-cigarette ordinance, which categorizes e-cigarettes in the same category as tobacco cigarettes, was passed today. The mayor’s proposed 2015 budget includes residential organics collection for an additional solid waste fee of $3.78/month for single-family homes, duplexes and triplexes. The soonest the program could be rolled out is August 2015 and the City is trying to figure out how to bill residents eligible to start organics in 2015 for only part of the calendar year as well as how create more financial incentives to drop to the smaller trash bin. The mayor’s budget presentation was held on November 12th in the neighborhood at Mayflower Church– affordable housing and bikeways were more a topic of conversation than property tax increases, which just hit mailboxes over the weekend.

The City gateway signposts are up with several errors made in the neighborhood way finding signs. Councilmember Quincy’s office has received many comments and both Ryan and Steve followed up with MNDOT regarding Tangletown’s incorrect signs. Unfortunately, MNDOT is only able to cover the backs of blank signs and will not replace incorrect signs. Councilmember Quincy will follow up with City staff about additional options.

A neighborhood bicycling group has asked to use the TNA logo (which Tjody reported is actually a piece of clip art in the public domain) on group t-shirts. The board felt comfortable with the group making use of the logo.

A neighbor has approached TNA about improving a grassy triangle at Gladstone Ave and Elmwood Place in the tangled part of the neighborhood. The strip is Park Board property and a neighborhood group had attempted to install a garden in years past, but a resident living adjacent to the triangle preferred it be left unplanted and consequently stymied the effort. TNA could revisit this in the spring pending neighborhood interest.

A neighbor contacted TNA about shoveling services for seniors and residents with disabilities. While the board doesn’t operate a program, a post on the Tangletown facebook page or next door could be a great option.

TNA Holiday party
The Board discussed holding its celebration on Monday, December 15th, potentially at La Fresca, Sun Street Breads, or Saguaro.

Adjourned: 8:19pm

Minutes submitted by Lauren Anderson, TNA Secretary

Tangletown Neighborhood Association is looking for a coordinator!

The Tangletown Neighborhood Association (TNA) seeks a Neighborhood Coordinator to provide staff support for its community engagement initiatives, outreach activities and events, and administrative duties under the direction of the TNA board. The ideal candidate will have a working understanding of Minneapolis city government; experience with community engagement, volunteer and event coordination; strong organizational skills; and the ability to build partnerships with city departments, other neighborhoods, and local schools. The Coordinator will also be responsible for administering all aspects TNA communications (mailings, electronic, and door-to-door) and coordinating with the TNA board to promote the organization’s initiatives.

Duties may include:
• Attend monthly TNA meetings.
• Report to and communicate with single point of contact on TNA Board and submit bi-weekly report.
• Maintain and expand website as directed.
• Coordinate newsletter creation and draft content as directed.
• Organize, facilitate, & coordinate TNA submission for neighborhood utility box wrap project. Using arts committee chair to curate the submitted artwork.
• Expand and distribute TNA eNewsletter and other social media communications.
• Develop annual calendar of board actions and activities that outlines decision making timelines for successful event & activities. Assist in scheduling meetings to meet the outlined deadlines.
• Manage partnerships with the City of Minneapolis, other neighborhoods and neighborhood schools as directed.
• Produce, manage, and submit reports, grants and contracts.
• Coordinate volunteer efforts for various TNA events (4th of July, home/ garden tour, and other special events including board members.
• Attend relevant meetings to represent TNA and its initiatives as directed.

• Advanced written and verbal communications skills.
• Strong organizational skills to manage and coordinate all aspects of responsibilities.
• Ability to understand and assist in managing TNA spending as requested and government funding.
• Ability and willingness to travel locally.
• Familiarity of basic web design and major social media platforms.

This is a part-time, flexible, contract position at approximately 10 hours per week at $25/hour. To apply, please send a cover letter, resume, and three references to with “TNA Coordinator Position” in the subject line by December 12th, 2014.

October 2014 meeting minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, October 20, 2014 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Steve Bieringer, Jane Elias, Charlie Siftar, Lauren Anderson, Laura Silver, Karen Costello, Sandra Bartsias, Andrea Siegel, Mary Jane Mitchell

Board members absent: Tony Proell, Jon Mcaab, Eric David, Matt Chapman, Ryan Fisher

Also present: Tjody deVaal

Called to order: 7:05pm

Fall Newsletter wrap-up
Tjody did a fantastic job on the Fall newsletter and will bring copies to the Washburn library.

Halloween Walking Tour
Tjody brought event flyers for board members to distribute. Mary Jane is happy to lend press pots for hot apple cider and Tjody plans to get cookies, apples and other treats during the tour. Board members are encouraged to bring treats to Fuller Rec Center at 7pm on Thursday, October 30th. So far there aren’t too many homes decorated; Tjody plans to walk the neighborhood this weekend to finalize the tour route. Steve will put together a route map to be posted on the website and on the neighborhood facebook group.

TNA Grant Program
No update

TNA Coordinator position
Lauren gave an overview of the Hiring Committee’s progress. Andrea, Sandra, and Lauren met early in October to edit the job posting and propose a tentative timeline. The board discussed additional duties for the coordinator and the Hiring Committee will follow up via email in the next month to finalize the posting.

Fuller Park WiFi improvement
Steve reported that the park manager hiring process is still pending. The board would like to look into the cost of extending existing wifi to improve the signal strength in the multi-purpose room. Steve plans to inquire about wifi and air conditioning.

Fuller Park playground and pool shade structures update:
Steve gave an update on the hiring process for the Fuller Park Manager as well as the playground construction, which is proposed to take place in October. A manager should be in place later this month. Councilmember Quincy added that there’s a pool of potential managers awaiting assignments, so hopefully a new manager will be in place soon.

Volunteers of America – MN
The organization currently works with other neighborhoods on volunteer events – Steve will contact and invite them to write an article for the Fall Newsletter to promote opportunities for seniors.

Business façade:
Mary Jane reported that a new pet grooming and supply business on 54th near Lyndale (across from Annunciation) is planning to apply for a business façade grant. Charlie reported on a new business at 48th and Grand that showcases artisan bowls and may be interested in a business façade grant. Applications are available at

Officer reports:
Secretary’s report – a move to approve the September 2014 Minutes was made, seconded, and approved.
Treasurer’s report – Sandra reported that TNA was reimbursed by the City for half the cost of the bike racks installed this spring as planned. The 2014 taxes have been filed with the new form. The City also approved TNA’s Community Participation Program contract with $22,000/year for 2014, 2015 and 2016. Ineligible expenses from 2014 – 2016 include rides, food, and entertainment. TNA also has about $14,000 from 2012-2013 but needs to submit its 2013 Annual Report.

Committee reports:
• Arts – Nothing to report. Waiting on the hiring of a Coordinator to move forward with projects.
• Communication – The Board discussed the vision for this committee, which will be primarily advisory once a Coordinator takes on some of the duties related to the e-newsletter, website, and newsletter.
• NRP – Nothing in addition to report.
• Sustainability – Mary Jane brought the keep leaves out of the street signs. Jane wondered about how to report neighbors who do blow leaves into the street. The committee discussed hosting an early December forum, but will most likely hold off and focus its efforts on the 2015 Green Day event. The board discussed promoting Hennepin County’s business waste assistance grants to neighborhood business.
• Business – The Committee is planning to meet in the upcoming month. Charlie reported that NEHBA is planning to reprint a SW business directory and is in process of distributing shop local signs. Linden Hills Business Association has a really great business guide that we could adapt for Tangletown businesses. Karen had the idea to add a page with dog-friendly businesses.

Partner and other announcements:
Congratulations to Ryan who got married over the weekend!

Adjourned: 8:14pm

Minutes submitted by Lauren Anderson, TNA Secretary

September 2014 meeting minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, September 15, 2014 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Steve Bieringer, Ryan Fisher, Jane Elias, Dylan Sirney, Lauren Anderson, Laura

Silver, Sandra Bartsias, Andrea Siegel, Eric David, Mary Jane Mitchell, Matt Chapman

Board members absent: Tony Proell, Jon Mcaab, Charlie Siftar

Also present: John Quincy (Ward 11 City Councilmember), Tjody deVaal

Called to order: 7:07pm

Fall Newsletter

The Board discussed the timeline for fall newsletter article submissions, which are due by this Wednesday,

Setpember 17th to Tjody via email. Tjody will send the final proof on Monday, September 24th and would

appreciate a heads up if any articles are coming late. The newsletter should hit mailboxes during the week

of October 6th. Steve presented the TNA Proposal for Payment to pay Tjody $650.00 for the Fall

Newsletter design and layout. A motion to approve this proposal was made, seconded, and approved by the

Board. The Board discussed having an attached bid for printing services to compare to our current printer,

Ideal Printing. Sandra researched bringing the printed newsletters to the Eagan USPS processing plant,

which would enable TNA to mail newsletters through the bulk mail permit for a lower rate.

Halloween Walking Tour

The Board discussed timing of the Halloween Walking Tour and settled on Thursday, October 30th at

7:30pm. The Walking Tour will be geared toward adults and should be well-timed to enjoy neighborhood

Halloween decorations. Steve presented a Proposal for Payment for $40.00 for cookies, cider, and printing

of flyers to fund the Halloween Walking Tour. The motion was seconded and passed by the Board. Tjody

will put together the walking route and bring flyers to the October meeting for board members to help

distribute. Thanks, Tjody!

Fuller Park playground and pool shade structures update:

Steve gave an update on the hiring process for the Fuller Park Manager as well as the playground

construction, which is proposed to take place in October. A manager should be in place later this month.

Councilmember Quincy added that there’s a pool of potential managers awaiting assignments, so hopefully

a new manager will be in place soon.

Volunteers of America – MN

The organization currently works with other neighborhoods on volunteer events – Steve will contact and

invite them to write an article for the Fall Newsletter to promote opportunities for seniors.

Business façade:

Ryan gave a brief overview of TNA’s recent business façade grant program, which is currently out of funds

but may be renewed in future months.

TNA Grant Program:

Ryan gave an overview of the home improvement low-interest loan and grant programs that had been

administered by the Center for Energy & Environment. There are still funds available for some of the

funding options but no organization available to administrator the programs yet. Greater Metropolitan

Housing may be open to taking on the administrative role, but there is no agreement in place. Ryan with

follow up with Jack at the City’s Neighborhood & Community Relations Dept. and bring more information

to the Board in October.

Officer reports:

Secretary’s report – August 2014 minutes.

Treasurer’s report – Sandra reported that bank balances are the same as in August – $15,748.46 in TNA

account and $22,095.78 in our NCR account. Sandra also reported that we need to use a different form to

file our taxes with the State of MN – she’s working with City staff to obtain the correct form for filing later

this month.

Committee reports:

 Arts – The last mural on CK Food & Fuel at 48th & Nicollet has been installed! The building

owner deferred to the business owner, who was delighted to adopt the remaining mural.

Additionally, the Neighborhood Gateway Project is underway. Funding was allocated through the

Crosstown Project and structures are being poured (including one at 61st and Nicollet). Utility box

wraps are on hold until TNA hires a coordinator. Jane Elias will chair the Arts Committee.

 Communication – Laura Silver is happy to join this committee, though some of these items (e.g.

web updates, e-newsletter) will be part of the Coordinator’s work plan.

 NRP – This committee may change with the hiring of a Coordinator as well.

 Sustainability – Councilmember Quincy gave an update on the City’s plans for organics

collection roll out next fall. Solid waste rates will go up citywide to fund the program, though

households will have to opt-in to participate. Rates should go up $3.50/month for households and

any participating household that drops down to a small trash bin will get $3/month back, which

will offset the cost. Drop-off programs will expand to more parks and the City is planning a press

event to promote the program and will be working with Hennepin County to increase SCORE

funding. There are also new recycling and trash carts throughout Fuller Park as part of the MPRB

rolling out new recycling set-ups and automated collection in the parks.

 Business – Dylan gave an update on efforts to develop a neighborhood business directory and map

to promote shopping locally, encouraging neighbors to walk and bike. The committee is also

considering passport or local neighborhood dollar options to further promote businesses. Jane will

write an article for the Fall Newsletter on supporting neighborhood businesses.

Partner and other announcements:

Councilmember Quincy gave an update on the city budget process. Department budget hearings are taking

place now through October. There will be two additional public hearings in November before the final

budget is adopted in December. There will be a 2.9% property tax levy increase (as opposed to 8% as in

years past).

The Special Services District for 54th & Lyndale was approved last Tuesday, September 9th.

Eric brought up the need to have an updated list of businesses at each neighborhood node and which ones

allow flyers to be hung on boards, in break rooms, etc. Eric and Steve are working to update the TNA

realty signs to be used for more events and have a place to hold brochures (e.g. for the garage sale).

Nicollet Open Streets took place on Sunday, September 14th and was a GREAT event!

Adjourned: 8:31pm

Minutes submitted by Lauren Anderson, TNA Secretary

August 2014 Monthly Meeting Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, August 18, 2014 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Ryan Fisher, Lauren Anderson, Mary Jane Mitchell, Laura Silver, Sandra Bartsias, Andrea Siegel, Eric David, Karen Costello, Steve Bieringer

Board members absent: Jane Elias, Matt Chapman, Tony Proell, Jon Mcaab, Charlie Siftar, Dylan Sirney

Also present: Kris Stevens (Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board – Fuller Park Interim Manager)

Called to order: 7:07pm

Vice President & Secretary Elections
Andrea Siegel was elected as TNA Vice President and Lauren Anderson was elected as TNA Secretary.

Tangletown CPP Annual Report for Board Approval
Ryan gave a brief overview of the draft 2014 Annual Report, which was circulated to board members via email and needs final approval. A motion to approve the report was made, seconded, and passed by the full board. TNA will submit this finalized report to the City’s Neighborhood & Community Relations Department.

Fuller Park playground and pool shade structures update:
Kris updated the board on the pool shade structures, which have been installed at the Fuller Park Pool on the west side of the pool, outside the pool deck to accommodate future pool renovation. The structures provide some welcome shade during the afternoon.

Kris also reported that the installation of new playground equipment, which has been pushed back to October. The Park & Recreation Board may have construction completed in late October or finish the installation in spring 2015. Community members were able to provide input on the final design through a series of three community meetings and online surveys this spring.

4th of July event:
Sandra report that TNA made a profit of $282.53 on the 4th of July event. For comparison, TNA made a profit of $621.97 in 2013 and spent $792.16 in 2012 when TNA provided food to attendees. Promotional postcards printed to promote this year’s event but were not used. Since they do not have a specific year, the Board plans to use them for the 2015 event, which should significantly cut down on promotional costs. The postcards and pop-up tents will spend the winter in Ryan’s garage until next year’s event.

Business façade:
Tjody was not able to attend tonight’s meeting but sent an email update to the Board. CK’s convenience store at 48th & Nicollet would be happy to adopt two previously completed murals funded through TNA’s grant program. Tjody has communicated with the staff at CK’s about installing the murals, but approval from the building owner is still pending. The board discussed renewing the business façade grant program at a level of $5,000 based on past demand for the funds but opted to table the conversation for this month.

Saguaro Public Hearing:
The public hearing on the new Saguaro restaurant took place on Tuesday, July 29th at 6:00pm at Fuller Park. Board members weren’t able to attend but Saguaro is opening as planned in the previous Caribou Coffee location near 53rd and Lyndale.

Center for Energy & Environment Grant Programs:
TNA has historically worked with the Center for Energy & Environment (CEE) on neighborhood home improvement loans and grants. Ryan attended a recent meeting with CEE and the City of Minneapolis and learned that CEE will start charging a $5,000 administrative fee per contract as part of their agreement to host neighborhood home improvement loan and grant programs. To cancel this contract and avoid paying the new administrative fees, TNA is required to send a letter by the end of August. The City’s Neighborhood & Community Relations Department doesn’t yet have an alternative organization for neighborhoods to work with on these programs, but TNA could work with CEE or another organization under a new contract at some point in the future. Loan repayment funds will continue go to a secondary loan organization; TNA will have no issues accessing these funds should a contract with CEE end. Ryan proposed that TNA send a letter to CEE to terminate the contract. This motion was seconded and passed by the full board.

Officer reports:
Secretary’s report – June minutes were approved by the board
Treasurer’s report – Sandra reported that we had a net income of $177.88 during the June 2013 – May 2014 fiscal year. $15,748.46 in TNA account and $22,095.78 in our NCR account. Most expenses come from the NCR account while food and other ineligible purchases are funded through the TNA account.

Committee reports:
Arts – nothing to report outside of mural project update
Halloween Walking Tour – Tjody proposed leading a walking tour without sign-ups. More board members are needed to help plan the tour. The Board also discussed the Fuller Park Halloween event and ways to either partner with the park’s celebration on October 31st.
Sustainability – Lauren gave an update on the organics drop-off at Pearl Park, which has been really successful. The drop-off is now available to residents 24/7 and the South Transfer Station has started to accept residential organics, too. The Sustainability Committee will meet soon to plan a fall educational event.

Special Services District update
The Special Services District at 54th & Lyndale is moving forward. Businesses will pay into a fund to cover costs of garbage pick-up, plantings, graffiti clean-up, and maintenance of garbage and recycling bins, and benches. Multi-family housing structures are typically exempt but Mount Olivet’s care center opted in to help cover the costs. Businesses and neighborhood representatives walked the street to start identifying locations for each structure. Ryan proposed spreading benches and bins evenly throughout the district, including in front of the apartments on the east side of Lyndale.

Fuller Park update:
Kris reported that the Music in the Park was a huge hit – approximately 250 people were in attendance to enjoy root beer floats and live music. Kris also gave an update on the hiring process for the Fuller Park Manager position – the Park & Recreation Board will start interviewing candidates soon and anticipates that the position will be filled by early September.

Fall newsletter:
The Board discussed the upcoming fall newsletter, which should hit mailboxes 1-2 weeks prior to Halloween. Tjody provided design and coordination services in the past and TNA would like to contract with her again for this newsletter. Articles will need to be drafted prior to the September meeting – board member assignments include each of the following: articles on home energy audits and 4th of July business donation thanks from the 4th of July (Andrea); lawn sign iniative to remind neighbors to keep leaves out of the street and storm drains (Mary Jane); organics recycling update (Lauren); update on the Fuller Park shade structures and playground installation (Ryan). Laura volunteered to write a new business feature article and to serve on the Communications Committee (thanks, Laura!). Steve will follow up with Tjody to finalize the printing timeline.

Adjourned: 8:31pm

Minutes submitted by Lauren Anderson, TNA Secretary

June 2014 meeting minutes

TNA Meeting: Monday June 16, 2014 7:00pm Fuller Park

Board members present: Ryan Fisher, Steve Bieringer, Sandra Bartsias, Jane Elias, Andrea Siegel, Karen Costello, Matt Chapman, Laura Silver
Board members absent: Mary Jane Mitchell, Tony Proell, Charlie Siftar, Dylan Sirny, Lauren Andrerson, Eric David, Jon Mcaab
Guests: Kris Stevens, Bruce Hellier, Commissioner Marion Green

1. Call to order at 7:05pm
2. Introductions: Current Tangletown Neighborhood Association Board member introductions – name, address, occupation, years on board, reason for initially joining
3. 5336 Lyndale Ave.: Bruce Hellier presented plans to develop 4 floor building at the site of Beek’s Pizza and Diamond Lake Rental (Lynhurst neighborhood). Mixed retail and 4 residential units. Desire for long-term residential leases. Interested business leases from restaurants and Eric’s Bicycle. Lynhurst Neighborhood Association satisfied with the plan but expressed concern about other residential development on same block which came out larger than had been presented prior to construction. Plan is for ground breaking September 2014, open for leases February 2015.
4. County Commissioner Marion Green update: Interested in the influence of the County Board, and has goals related to early childhood development, and bridging achievement gaps. County has a budget of $1.8 Billion, second largest in state, after the state itself. Focus on inter-disciplinary thinking. Issues: Southwest light rail, 35W between Lake St. and downtown. County district 3 represents southwest Minneapolis from 35W across all of St Louis Park and 394 to the north.
5. Fuller Park playground and pool shade structures update: Shade color selections have been made and the order is getting processed. May still be a long-shot for July 4 install.
Playground work will begin September 2 for completion spring 2015.
6. 4th of July update and request approval of $2000 budget: Steve created and provided a map of the event set-up. Kris reported that a Park Board Naturalist will be available at the event for free craft programs. Steve will confirm number of tents required for current layout, determine how many we currently own, and how many we might purchase vs rent as needed, working with Sandra to remain within budget. Sandra moved that the board allocate $2000 toward the event. Motion is seconded and APPROVED. Sandra confirmed that Heart of the Tinman will be the musical entertainment. Considering The Amazing Scott for balloon sculptures, however price may be higher than budget.
7. Officer Elections: Ryan nominated Sandra to return as Treasurer. Seconded and APPROVED. Ryan nominated Steve for board President. Seconded and APPROVED. No nominations or volunteers for VP and Secretary officer roles. Matt moves that elections for these role be deferred to July meeting. Seconded, APPROVED.
8. Utility wrap project update: Jane currently has the materials and work completed to-date by Carolyn, but is unwilling to manage the administrative responsibility of moving the project forward. City has accepted that TNA will withdraw application at this time and we remain in good standing if we choose to participate at some time in the future.
9. Officer Reports:
Secretary – May’s meeting minutes were APPROVED
Treasurer – Current balances: NCR account $24,730.10 TNA $13,016.13. Report APPROVED
10. Fuller Park Updates: Kris confirmed new playground timeline and noted that the gymnasium clock needs adjustment.
11. Adjournment: Move to adjourn by Ryan, Seconded.
8:35pm meeting adjourned

May 2014 Tangletown Neighborhood Association Annual Meeting Minutes

TNA Annual Meeting: Monday May 19, 2014 7:00pm Fuller Park

Board Members Present: Ryan Fisher, Steve Bieringer, Sandra Bartsias, Mary Jane Mitchell, Tony Proell, Jane Elias, Andrea Siegel, Charlie Siftar, Dylan Sirny, Lauren Anderson, Eric David, Karen Costello
Guests: John Quincy, Matt Perry, Kris Stevens, Matt Chapman, Jon Mcaab, David Sommer, Todd and Kari Wilson, John and Harue Pyle, Frank Taylor, Teresa McCartny, Den Nordstrum, Suzanne Kramer, Meg Swanson, Jeffrey Niblach, Sarah Kangas, Andy Nelson, Peter Johnson, Gail and Chris Frethem, Dani Fisher, Melanie Ferris, Mary Davidson, Kathy Kornblum, Clare Tropp, Tiffany Thompson, Jennifer Ericson, Lesli Anderson, John and Jean Westberg, Holly Grimm, Dan Williams, Kristine Kvamme, Mary Moen

1. Call to order at 7:05pm
2. Welcome – Current Tangletown Neighborhood Association Board member introductions
3. Meeting overview and introduction of speakers
4. Minneapolis Zero Waste and Recycling – Kellie Kish, Recycling Coordinator at City of Minneapolis, presented on several city-wide initiatives currently underway to approach a zero waste environment. Recycling has dramatically increased since the introduction of single sort. Anticipated roll-out of city-wide organics recycling pick up is mid-2015.
5. Organics Recycling Drop-off update and training—Lauren Anderson, TNA board member, presented on the current program for southwest Minneapolis organic composting drop off. Partnership with HPDL neighborhood, initial drop off location is at Pearl Park. For the short time the program has been in place, usage has increased daily and is expected to continue. Tips were shared on how to manage organic composting collection in your home.
6. Officer Reports:
Secretary – April’s meeting minutes were APPROVED
Treasurer – Current balances: NCR account $25,488, TNA $12,717. Report APPROVED
7. Neighborhood business and events—Ryan Fisher, Tangletown Board President, reviewed currently active committees, their focus, and recent accomplishments. Including: Fuller Park memorial plaque, pool shades, Green Day event, Garage Sale, Bike racks, 4th of July Parade and Festival, Lyndale/54th Special Services District, among many other initiatives.
8. Review of responsibilities of TNA board members—Steve Bieringer, Tangletown Board Vice President, provided background on what’s involved with being a TNA board member. Reviewed time commitment, event and project engagement, and opportunity to support your neighborhood.
9. Election of new board members (3 open seats) – Ryan Fisher nominated Laura Silver who was not able to attend the meeting but had expressed interest. Call for interested parties for board seats was meet with two nominations, Matt Chapman and Jon Mcaab. As three seats were currently open and there was no objections to their nominations, Laura, Matt, and Jon were APPROVED for board membership by a vote of all neighbors in attendance.
10. City Updates – Council Member John Quincy reviewed city priorities, particularly with emphasis on equality. General updates from council actions.
11. Drawings for door prizes—Andrea Siegel and Mary Jane Mitchell drew names for 5 door prizes donated or supplied by area businesses.
12. Adjournment: Move to adjourn
8:45pm meeting adjourned

TNA Board 4/21/2014 Meeting Minutes

TNA Monthly Meeting: Monday April 21, 2014 7:00pm Fuller Park

Present: Ryan Fisher, Sandra Bartsias, Mary Jane Mitchell, Jane Elias, Andrea Siegel, Birdie Cunningham, Lauren Anderson, Eric David, Steve Bieringer
Guest: John Quincy, Matt Perry, Kris Stevens, Matt Chipman

1. Call to order at 7:06pm
2. Organic Composting: Lauren provided an update that the a kick off for the drop off program at Pearl Park will be held on Saturday April 26th at 9:00am. Nature Bag was generous enough to donate bags for the event. The TNA wanted to thank them for this donation.
3. Fuller Park playground & pool shade structure: Steve presented the proposed plans on from the vendor for the playground equipment. Drawings also included locations for the shade structures for the pool deck. The board requested that two (2) shade structures be placed in lieu of one (1) large structure. Steve will relay this information to the Park Board.
a. Moved & seconded for proposed transfer of funds to NRP Phase II strategy C.1.1.1 Fuller Improvements. Motion PASSED
4. 2014 TNA Garage Sale: Sale planned for May 2-3 we are expecting 45-50 participants which is pretty standard for each year.
a. Motion for funds not to exceed $600 for garage sale supplies including advertising, yard signs, and general supplies. Motion PASSED
5. 70/30 License proposal review and discussion: Matt Perry & John Quincy explained the proposal request and the goal and that most the restaurants in our neighborhood are supporting the change.
a. Motion for TNA to support the 70/30 proposal as a group. Motion PASSED
6. 4th of July kick off & recruitment: Due to lack of time this item will be discussed at our next meeting. Ryan will email the group of people that signed up for this committee.
7. Fuller history book status: Project and the boards understanding of the current state was discussed. Request was made that the board (Ryan) will request formal proposal in an effort to finalize the deliverable along with associated costs. Funding for this project will be discusses at later meeting.
8. Mural project update: Based on current status of murals under contract for installation with building owners the board is looking to move approximately $3,000 for the neighborhood utility box iniative. John Quincy mentioned that he and his staff (Mary Peterson) would help Jane with the administrative functions for this program.
9. Business Façade: Due to lack of time this item will be discussed at our next meeting.
10. Officer Report:
a. Secretary report for minutes from previous meeting. APPROVED
b. Treasurer report on TNA accounts. APPROVED
11. Committee Reports:
a. Art-
b. Communications-
c. NRP
d. Environmental/ Sustainable-
e. Business-
12. Partner & other announcements:
a. John Quincy, City of Mpls- Provided an update on city imitatives and upcoming events. Working on partnership between Washburn/ Ramsay and TNA.
b. Matt Perry, NEHBA- 70/30 proposal
c. Fuller Park- No report. Email Ryan with any ideas for annual meeting to recognize Carol Anderson for her great partnership with the TNA over the years.
d. Additional announcements- none
13. Adjournment: Move to adjourn by Mary Jane with Second from Ryan
8:45pm meeting adjourned

Tangletown Garage Sale map now available

Tangletown’s annual garage sales will be happening May 2 and 3, 2014. See the linked map below for participating neighbors. Happy shopping!

2014 TNA Garage Sale Map

Friends of Washburn Library Spring Book Sale

Shop at the Washburn Library Spring Book Sale the weekend of Friday, May 2nd, 11 – 4 pm, Saturday, May 3rd, 1– 4 pm. This is a perfect time to gather up your summer reading! Washburn Library is located at 5244 Lyndale Ave. So. Minneapolis

A $5 bag sale begins at 2 pm on Saturday afternoon. Friends of Hennepin County Library are invited to a preview sale on Thursday, May 1st from 5 – 7 p.m. Memberships are available at the door.

Hardcovers are $2, paperbacks and children’s books are only 50 cents each. Support your favorite library…Washburn