Who We Are

Our Mission

The Tangletown Neighborhood Association exists to enhance the quality of life for those who live, work, or play in Tangletown through advocacy, community engagement, and neighborhood initiatives.

About the Board

The Tangletown Neighborhood Association is composed of residents and members of the business community who volunteer to serve the neighborhood. We coordinate our efforts to improve Tangletown as driven by our strategic plan, provide a forum for issues that affect us, keep the community informed about relevant proposals and activities, cooperate with other organizations on common issues, and organize community building events. In any given year our group ranges from ten to fifteen members. Open public meetings of the board are held on the third Monday of the month at Fuller Park at 7 p.m. All are welcome!

Board Photo

Our 2019-2020 Tangletown Neighborhood Association Board:

Brenda Anderson, Carl Arrell, Pat Collins, Dick Fiala, Kellie Hanson, Brian McDonald, Dirk Nicholson, Bernadette Tomko, Alyssa Thull, and Dan Williams.

Interested in joining the board?

It’s a wonderful opportunity to get to know your neighbors, build community, and make a positive impact on your neighborhood. We welcome interested individuals to contact us at [email protected]. The time commitment includes monthly meetings on the third Monday of each month at 7:00pm at Fuller Park and serving on one of three committees. For more detailed information about expectations of board members, please refer to these Board Member Expectations. When there are board vacancies throughout the year (there are currently open board seats available), interested parties are elected by a board vote to fill the remainder of the term. Annual elections for board members occur at the annual meeting in May, with board officer elections in June.

The Annual Meeting

The Tangletown annual meeting is held the third Monday in May, 7 p.m., at Fuller Park. Organizational business discussions are minimized for this board meeting, replaced with broader topics addressing issues affecting the neighborhood or core initiatives in response to public feedback. We encourage you to attend the annual meeting as an introduction to the board and broader operations.

Neighborhood Boundaries

Tangletown is a neighborhood in the Southwest community of Minneapolis. The neighborhood was officially known as Fuller until 1996 when it was changed to the present name, which reflects the winding streets in the neighborhood that do not conform to the regular street grid of South Minneapolis. The neighborhood boundaries are 46th Street to the north, Interstate 35W to the east, Diamond Lake Road to the south, and Lyndale Avenue South to the west.

Tangletown Neighborhood Association Bylaws

Click here for link to the Tangletown Neighborhood Association Bylaws