November 2017 Board Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, November 20, 2017 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Dick Fiala, Dan Williams, Joy Gottschalk, Briana Daymont, Ryan Fisher, Steve Wohlford, Kathy Kornblum

Board members absent: Valerie Hurst, Justin Wills, Gabe Moreno

Also present: Sally Bauer (TNA Executive Director), Rachel Hoben (Fuller Park Center Director), Jeremy Schroeder (City Councilmember-elect), Laurie McGinley (MPS Planning and Design Manager), 5 neighborhood residents

Called to order: 7:04pm

Officer Reports:

Secretary – Dick moved to approve the October 2017 minutes, Briana seconded. Voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.

Fuller Park Update

About 20 people attended the November 18th Community Craze event.  New/updated park activity guides are also available

Washburn High School Addition – Laurie McGinley

Washburn is “bursting at the seams”.  The newest science facilities are already 20 years old and the older labs are very outdated.  Inadequate facilities do not allow science teachers to teach what they’d like due to, among other things, lack of adequate ventilation.

The music wing also hasn’t been updated in a long time.  All music wing risers and flooring (which is asbestos tile) must be removed.  The ceiling will be also removed to accommodate construction for utilities for the new science wing above, and new more acoustically insulated ceiling will be added back.  The music department will move out a few weeks before the school year ends for asbestos abatement.

The already funded $7.5m project will include renovation of 2000 ft2 and convert five existing under-utilized rooms into chemistry classrooms.  A new 10,000ft2 wing will be constructed above the existing music wing on the north-west corner of the school.  Due to Washburn’s elevation, this will appear as a 3rd story from the back of the school but in reality is the second floor.  The project will also add six individual all-gender bathrooms.  The construction team hopes to choose a contractor by January, though heavy construction work will not start until school lets out in June.  Light work will begin in May.  The construction management team feels very confident about the scope of the abatement and do not expect delays.

Two bid options will be requested from contractors.  The first will be to start in June and be ready in August before the school year starts, which will require work until 10pm when the city’s noise ordinance starts.  The second option will be to start in June and be done by January 1st 2019, though this option is less than ideal due to construction noise and operations which will be distracting to students and staff during the fall semester.  The project was already bid once but that round did not work out and re-bids are necessary.

Joy asked about solar opportunities; this will not be considered for this project and they haven’t looked into structural capability for solar.

Parking lots will be re-striped resulting in a gain of a few parking spaces.  City ordinances also require screening of parking lots, which the School District will accommodate with black metal picket fence and shrubs.  Hardy shrubs will be planted as they do not have funding for long-term grounds maintenance.  The trash enclosures will be re-built with a cedar fence.  Residents attending our meeting were concerned about trash and snow plowing issues that may be exacerbated by the parking lot fence.  The architects have done a quick study of parking ramp and it simply will not fit on the lot.

Many new bike racks will also be installed on the edge of the “mall” between Washburn and Justice Page Middle School.  Four trees will be added; none will be lost.  A resident asked about energy efficiency of the project. The AC system is already adequate for the new space because it was planned with excess capacity.  They are not planning a “green roof” at this time.

A resident asked about more crosswalks given expectations about future attendance. Laurie answered that if residents are able to find volunteers to staff crosswalks near a school, the city will more than likely stripe a new crosswalk.

5th Precinct Court Watch

The city attorney for 5th precinct reached out to the board to see if TNA was interested in attending a meeting to re-start the Court Watch program in our precinct.  Briana attended the initial meeting. The Court Watch program can provide more information (like sentencing decisions) when cases are closed, and can also help in sentencing through Community Impact Statements which are read aloud in court before sentencing.  It can also help with identifying specific types/patterns of crimes through better resident feedback to the City and communication between neighborhoods.  Out of the 15 neighborhoods in the 5th precinct, representatives of only 3 neighborhoods attended, raising the question of whether there is enough critical mass to begin the program here.  We would need to ensure that enough neighborhoods participate, though the program wouldn’t get off the ground until early 2018 anyway.

Board involvement would include showing up to meetings, providing cases to track, and helping with impact statements when a case goes to court.  Briana’s biggest question was how to provide cases we want tracked; the board does not currently review cases and we don’t know where we’d get this info from.  It turns out that our police department contact (Jennifer) can add anyone on the board to the MPD action alerts for the neighborhood, which includes enough information to identify a case.

Joy and Kathy though that the program doesn’t have to be board-focused, but if so we’d have to find a neighborhood resident to be the point-person for this program.

Briana would like to reply to the City that we’d like to continue participating, to which Joy and Kathy agreed.  Steve disagreed for two reasons: he thinks the sentencing impact could be disproportionate in cases where TNA would facilitate an impact statement versus those whhere TNA wouldn’t, and also that this is not necessarily a core function of the board.  Dick thought this would be interesting to pursue from an informational standpoint if nothing else.  Joy suggested tabling until after strategic planning and then soliciting volunteers from the neighborhood for a crime/safety committee with this program as a suggested starting point to discuss.

Executive Director Report

Finances: Sally described her implementation of the new financial control policies she, Joy, and Justin have been working on.  Sally will be doing accounting (tracking money spent and handling city reimbursements), Justin will write checks and manage the bank account, and Joy will sign-off/approve based on board direction.

Fiscal Year Change: The City uses the calendar year (Jan 1 – Dec 31) as their fiscal year, while TNA’s financial year ends June 30th.  Sally proposed changing the TNA fiscal year to match the City which will make coordination and reimbursements with the City easier.  Sufficient public notice for this change was provided via social media and email newsletter per the City’s requirements.  Steve asked about the impact of a half fiscal year, Sally said there are hoops to jump through but no negative impacts.

Steve moved to change TNA bylaws to read “Section 1.  Fiscal Year. The fiscal year of TNA shall begin on the first day of January xxxx”.  Dan seconded.  Voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.

ED Reports: Sally will begin adding monthly reports to the Google Drive detailing her work and progress on various programs, events, and tasks.

Washburn Water Tower plantings: the City’s Department of Public Works want to do plantings around the tower, and will present about them at January board meeting.  Sally and Tom Balcom will meet with DPW officials this month to get more details.

New City Council Member

Steve suggested we should schedule Jeremy Schroeder for an introduction at a future board meeting.

Adjourned: 8:35

Minutes submitted by Dan Williams, TNA Secretary

October 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, October 16, 2017 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Dick Fiala, Ryan Fisher,  Dan Williams, Joy Gottschalk, Briana Daymont, Gabe Moreno, Steve Wohlford, Kathy Kornblum,

Board members absent: Valerie Hurst, Justin Wills

Also present: Sally Bauer (TNA Executive Director), Rachel Hoben (Fuller Park Center Director), Brigid Riley (TNA strategic planning consultant), Stacy Sorenson (City NRP)

Called to order: 7:04pm

Officer Reports:

Secretary – Steve moved to approve the August 2017 minutes, Dick seconded. Voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.

Treasurer – Justin, Sally, and Stacy have met to map out better financial controls for TNA. Going forward, Sally (as Executive Director)  will do accounting (eg, track money spent and handle city reimbursements), Justin (as Treasurer) will write checks and manage the bank accounts, and Joy (as President) will approve funding requests based on board direction.

Strategic Planning Update

Brigid presented the Environmental Scan Report and answered questions from the board and attendees.

Survey:  TNA conducted a neighborhood survey in mid-2017, for which there were 225 respondents.  Stacy said this was a better response rate than most neighborhoods she’s seen.  The full report will be available on the TNA website. In general, most respondents have lived in the neighborhood either 1-5 years, or 10-15 years, and over 90% are home owners.  Respondents like Tangletown’s parks, open spaces, and neighborhood character.  They are most concerned about crime, traffic, and airplane noise.  Their priorities for TNA include local business, connections with neighbors, and life-cycle housing.  Most respondents still connect with TNA through the print newsletter, though at least a quarter do so through electronic means like the e-newsletter, social media, and website.  At least half of respondents used Fuller Park in the past year.

Steve asked about digging more deeply into the responses based on demographic data.  Brigid will share the data she has, but in the interest of keeping the survey short for participation reasons, we asked only a few demographic questions and cannot analyze demographic data too deeply..

Listening Sessions: Brigid conducted six listening sessions for which 26 residents participated.  Participants generally like the neighborhood’s strong sense of community, natural environment, well-kept homes, location, walkability, physical assets (architecture, water tower, street layout), great shops, restaurant, activity level, and safety.  Challenges included traffic and parking near the schools, crime, and airplane noise.  The neighborhood could improve by fostering connections between residents, holding more events at Fuller Park, connecting residents to services, and improving the police presence and relationship.  In the future, Specific future ideas for TNA included helping to create a stronger sense of community, luminaries on winter nights, a community garden, better branding/marketing for TNA and Tangletown, and enhancing pedestrian safety.

Seniors specifically suggested they have more free time than other residents and that TNA should figure out how to capitalize on that.  Most programs are targeted at families and broadening the scope of activities would help include seniors too.  Seniors also need help staying in their homes and when they are ready to move, there’s nowhere in the neighborhood to go (eg, “life-cycle housing”).  TNA should investigate what it can do to help.

Renters wished that programs and events were more open and inclusive of singles and across the lifespan.  Many renters are long-term residents too.

Participants suggested that TNA could improve communications and feedback from residents, improve visibility of TNA and of the neighborhood, and “broaden our lens” to better achieve participation from singles, families, and all ages and cultures.

Sally reported on her meeting with Creekside Commons.  There is a very long waiting list for the 30 apartments, which shows need for more affordable housing in the neighborhood and the city of Minneapolis.  Residents are very interested in connecting with TNA to learn of events and programs, but are not very aware of what TNA does.  They would like more places to play in winter time, but are quite far from Fuller Park, so many go to Pearl Park instead.  They are interested in community events and suggested that the community room at the building could be used for these in the future.

Barbara Balcom brought up the importance of friendships and connections in health and a healthy community (eg Blue Zones) and suggested we could bring the author of Blue Zones to Fuller as a speaker.

Key Informants: Brigid conducted one-on-one interviews with key informants in the neighborhood, including the principals of Justice Page and Washburn, City Council representative John Quincy, Dylan Sirny (business owner), Matt Perry (Southwest Business Association), and Emily Goldthwaite Fries (Mayflower pastor).  Sally interviewed Amanda Tottingham (Creekside Commons building manager).  Primary issues identified include safety, trash, traffic, parking, small business climate, crime, unacknowledged diversity, educational gaps, and airplane noise.  Future issues to focus on include the needs of an aging population, lack of affordable housing, and the effect of city policies on small businesses.  TNA should be more involved with partner organizations like schools, businesses, and Creekside Commons.

Joy asked Stacy about the “spirit” of housing funds for NRP; Stacy indicated NRP funds may be utilized on  more than just capital improvements.  This includes helping residents learn how to repair homes and stay in them, tool-lending libraries, renter options, fix-it clinics,  and training programs.  Other uses like energy efficiency and landscaping are allowed by themselves, but can be a component of a larger project.  The city has a document about this, which Sally can forward around to interested board members.

Executive Director Report

Box Wraps: one artwork was not approved by the city Arts Commission; Sally is working with the artist to find the right solution.  Sally is also working with the vendor to get final measurements and layouts, so that wrapping can begin at the start of the City’s spring wrapping cycle.

Newsletter: it has been printed and will be mailed this week; Tjody wasn’t available for this newsletter, so another graphic designer was used.  Sally reports that color may be an affordable option and she will continue investigating.  Valerie and Steve will serve as editors for this newsletter.

Leaf Raking: a second annual leaf-raking event for residents in need will be held November 4th.  Sally solicited board volunteers.

Nov. e-newsletter: Sally also asked for any additional newsletter topics from board members.  Steve volunteered to be interviewed for the November board member feature.

Projector Storage

Currently stored in a board member’s house, would like to store it at Fuller.  Sally and Joy will talk with Rachel.

Adjourned: 8:32

Minutes submitted by Dan Williams, TNA Secretary

September 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, September 18, 2017 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Dick Fiala, Ryan Fisher, Justin Wills, Dan Williams, Joy Gottschalk, Briana Daymont

Board members absent: Gabe Moreno, Steve Wohlford, Kathy Kornblum, Valerie Hurst

Also present: Sally Bauer (TNA Executive Director), Rachel Hoben (Fuller Park Center Director), Tom Balcom (neighborhood historian), Barbara Balcom, Brigid Riley (TNA strategic planning consultant)

Called to order: 7:05pm

Officer Reports:

Secretary – Dick moved to approve the August 2017 minutes, Ryan seconded. Voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.

Treasurer – TNA received a CPP reimbursement for the January – June period of about $20,000 and an NRP advance of $10,000 for NRP contracts for the Justice Page school sign and LaMac Cleaners expenses.  Justin is working on TNA’s taxes and also presented a draft profit & loss (P&L) statement for the May 31 2016 – May 31 2017 period.  TNA has a cash balance of about $30,000.

Dan moved to approve the P&L, Ryan seconded. Voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.

Partner Announcements

Rachel Hoben: the Fuller park gym has new blinds, will get a new basketball hoop, and have wall mats added.  Fall programs starting soon include guitar on Wednesdays, new pottery classes, and some new Friday preschool programs.  Rachel is in the midst of planning January – May 2018 programs and any input requested.

Executive Director Report

Air quality program: MPCA came to the Southwest coordinators meeting and shared info about this program; they received a grant from the MN state legislature to put air quality monitors in every ZIP code of Minneapolis and St. Paul, and sought feedback for best places to put them.  The monitors must be 8ft off the ground, and MPCA prefers to place monitors in places people will be out-and-about (eg, parks, schools, outdoor rec areas) to measure air pollution there.  They will evaluate the data later and make recommendations to improve air quality.  Sally representated TNA; she and Lynnhurst suggested 50th + Burroughs as a good spot.

Legislative Information Management System: the City contacted TNA to make us aware of their online system into which legislative information is entered.  The system is meant to bring visibility to the schedules and agendas of advisory boards and committees.  TNA may invite a city representative to demonstrate the system to a future board meeting.  Sally will follow up.

Zero Waste: the City has released a draft zero waste plan and is looking for feedback.  There will be a meeting at Sabathani Community Center on September 21st 6-8pm to learn more and provide feedback as well as an online survey.

Court Watch: the City is looking for a representative from TNA to participate in a to-be-defined program for the southern part of 5th precinct to discuss safety issues (eg prosecutions, crimes, problematic things in the neighborhood).  Ryan indicated that this program also solicits neighborhoods for input as to the impact of various crimes in the neighborhood when a case goes to trial.  A Tangletown Court Watch representative would reach out to neighbors for public comment should that situation arise.  The group would have monthly meetings. Sally will follow up for more details.  Perhaps our 5th precinct contact Jennifer Weisinen could notify us when something needs attention.

Review e-mail Accounts

A couple accounts listed on the website are not being monitored, including board@, president@, vice-president@, secretary@, and some event-specific ones (4th, garage, home tour).  Sally will remove all accounts except info@ from the website.  She will also delete the treasurer@, vice-president@, editor@, and secretary@ accounts, but keep president@ and board@.

Utility Box Wraps

Dan submitted the application for wrapping 7 utility boxes with the previously solicited and selected art to the City before the August 30th deadline.  The Minneapolis Arts Commission met just before this TNA board meeting and we expect to heard their decision on our application soon.

Strategic Planning

Neighborhood Survey: – Survey was completed in August and winners were drawn at the last board meeting. Brigid sent the gift card in the mail already.

Key informant interviews: six completed and one outstanding

Focus groups: our first two had low attendance but we received input via email from others who could not attend. Because turnout was low we’ll add another open listening session on evening of Tuesday Oct 3 at Fuller park with a 5:30 pizza dinner and discussion at 6pm.  Childcare will be available.  The cost will be covered from the existing strategic planning budget except for any promotional costs (postcards, flyers, etc).

Brigid will summarize the survey, key informant interviews, and listening session data over the next month and make a report at the October meeting.  She will schedule the first board workshop after coordinating schedules with board members.

Sally proposed a more focused promotion effort for the October 3rd listening session.  She compiled a list of residents who have had focused interaction with TNA (block leaders, National Night Out organizers, and Organics Captains) and created postcards for board members to hand deliever to these residents’ homes.

Leaf Raking

Dan moved to budget $200 for a leaf raking event at a to-be-determined date this fall.  Sally will organize.

September E-mail List Topics

Topics will include Open Streets Nicollet on September 24th, the City’s Zero Waste report, Fuller Park programs, and an introduction of Sally as the TNA Executive Director.  Sally also suggested a meet-the-board-member feature each month starting in October; Dick volunteered to be first.  Sally will also add a thanks to residents who have participated in the strategic planning process.

Justice Page Sign

Ryan will follow up on the status of new sign; the existing one seems to still be in-place though somewhat refurbished.

Fall Newsletter

The board discussed whether to continue the print newsletter and decided to do so.  Other topics could include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Events/4th of July wrap-up with photos
  • A follow-up on the rain gardens project, including perhaps a picture and story.
  • Utility box wraps progress
  • Justice Page school name change and sign
  • La Mac cleaners PERC-free grant
  • New Fuller park programs

Dan moved to budget up to $2750 for fall newsletter, Briana second.  Voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.

Adjourned: 8:31

Minutes submitted by Dan Williams, TNA Secretary

August 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, August 21, 2017 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Kathy Kornblum, Valerie Hurst, Gabe Moreno, Steve Wohlford, Dick Fiala, Ryan Fisher, Justin Wills

Board members absent: Dan Williams, Joy Gottschalk, Briana Daymont

Also present: Sally Bauer (TNA Executive Directory), Rachel Hoben (Fuller Park manager)

Called to order: 7:05pm

Officer Reports:

Secretary – The board moved to accept the July 2017 minutes. Voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.

Treasurer – Justin will sign checks to our utility box wraps artists and give them to Ryan, who will give them to Dan for distribution to the artists. Justin is also requesting reimbursement of funds from CPP of approximately $20,000.  He will process our taxes in September.

In recent mail, TNA received a donation check from the Minneapolis Foundation, an offer from the city to explain ranked-choice voting, and a letter from our State Farm insurance agent wondering if TNA would like to continue terrorism insurance.

Justin reports total funds of approximately $15,500 across all accounts, and anticipates about $11,000 of spending for utility box wrap artwork this month, and a reimbursement of $20,000 from the city soon.

New Executive Director

Sally Bauer was introduced to the board as our new executive director.  She was offered and accepted the position the week of August 14th and her first official day in the position was August 21st, though her responsibilities won’t really start until she is able to meet with Joy for onboarding next week.

Utility Box Wraps

Dan was unable to attend, but the program is moving forward based on the artist check distribution.

Strategic Planning

Brigid has completed 3 of 7 key informant interviews.  She is requesting introductions to the remaining key informants, which Ryan will facilitate. She will soon schedule an October extended planning meeting for the board.

Our neighborhood survey had 225 responses at close and will be removed from the TNA web site.  Survey response gift card winners are Charlie Hastings and Rona Cuccia (Kowalski’s) and Leah Sweet Slicker and Sandra Schulte (restaurants).

Fuller Park

Rachel reports that there is a new pre-school teacher (with three remaining slots), the gym has new flooring, and there are new kid and adult class offerings and youth sports teams.

National Night Out

Gabe and Kathy made direct contact at most block parties, introducing TNA and requesting survey responses.

Learning Lab

Valerie attempted to attend an NCR program to boost board engagement but the session was standing-room only.

Fall Newsletter

Preliminary topics could include strategic planning updates and survey results and the introduction of Sally as TNA ED.  Timeline is still to be determined.

Adjourned: 8:00pm

Minutes submitted by Ryan Fisher and Dan Williams, TNA Secretary

July 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, July 17, 2017 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Ryan Fisher, Dick Fiala, Dan Williams, Joy Gottschalk, Steve Wohlford, Briana Daymont, Gabe Moreno, Justin Wills, Kathy Kornblum, Valerie Hurst

Board members absent: none

Called to order: 7:04pm

Officer Reports:

Secretary – Valerie moved to approve the June 2017 minutes.  Steve seconded. Voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.

Treasurer – 4th of July event collections totaled $3,111, less $250 seed money.  Justin would like to tighten monetary control at TNA events through better procedure and cashier accountability.  TNA also received a notice from the IRS for not filing a required postcard certification that TNA has not met a certain amount of gross receipts.  Justin sent that in but we haven’t gotten a response yet.  We should clarify with Stacy if/when our city reimbursements and/or TNA revenue are more than $50,000, at which point we need to file additional IRS forms.

 Our available funds are diminished due to the LaMac Cleaners and Justice Page school sign grants totaling $10,000.  Justin will begin the process of reimbursements for those expenses from the city NRP/CPP funds to build our available funds back up in anticipation of upcoming expenses for strategic planning and utility box wraps.


Box Wraps: TNA would like to cooperate with the Lynnhurst in wrapping a utility box near Burroughs elementary school.  The Lynnhurst board agrees in principle and will contribute $650 towards box wrapping expenses while TNA will pay the artist honorarium.  Dan sent detailed box measurements to a few of the artists who expressed interest in more precisely laying out their work on boxes.  He has quotes from one vendor for the wrapping process itself, and will put together the City Arts Board submission by the end of August.  We should also mail honorarium checks to artists by the end of the month.

4th of July: The event drew an estimated 400-500 people, a “huge crowd” according to Kathy.  Of the $4,000 budget, $2,485.55 was spent and receipts totaled $3,111 for a net of $625.45.  Expenses include face painting, the band, bounce house, giant slide, and other rentals, and the snow cone machine which was donated to the park.

Strategic Planning: the committee met before board meeting to review progress.  At a high level view, the summer focus is on data gathering (survey, focus groups, key informant interviews), fall focus is on planning (analyzing the input and deciding direction/barriers/process, and creating plan), winter focus is on sharing results back to community and driving participation from residents.  The survey has 130 responses so far, but our goal is at least 200 responses (about 10% of residents).

Executive Director: there are 13 applications so far.  The hiring committee is meeting Thursday to decide which candidates to interview in-person.

Tree Bags

The green bags on new trees are installed by the city but residents are responsible for filling them.  Steve reports that most he’s seen are empty.  He suggested that TNA should encourage residents to fill them.  Ryan will post a note on Nextdoor, and a post should go out on Facebook org as well.  Steve will put together a paper note that could be attached to bags as well.

National Night Out

This year’s date is August 1st.  This was too short of a notice to organize compostable supply distributions, but board members should distribute neighborhood survey slips at block parties around their area if they are able. Gabe and Kathy said they would definitely be able to do so.

Lyndale Open Streets

Applications for participation for 2018 are due in September.  Dick will meet with other neighborhoods in August to discuss improvements and put the application together.  Board agreed we would like to participate next year.

Adjourned: 7:54

Minutes submitted by Dan Williams, TNA Secretary

June 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, June 19, 2017 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Ryan Fisher, Dick Fiala, Dan Williams, Joy Gottschalk, Valerie Hurst, Steve Wohlford, Briana Daymont, Gabe Moreno, Kathy Kornblum

Board members absent: Justin Wills

Also Present: Stacy Sorenson (Minneapolis Neighborhood Specialist), Rachel Hoban

Called to order: 7:03pm

Officer Reports:

Secretary – Ryan moved to approve the May 2017 minutes.  Briana seconded. Voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.

LaMac Perc-Free Update

LaMac’s owner has obtained and installed the new equipment and now Tangletown is PERC free.  TNA still needs to get the funds to the City who is administering the grant.  Stacy suggested that the City enter into an agreement with the Health Department to pay the funds rather than TNA doing so directly, and the grant amount would be deducted from an appropriate TNA CPP strategy fund.  Stacy will check with her finance person to make sure this is OK.  LaMac would also like to schedule a thank-you/media opportunity in mid-July.  Kathy will attend for Tangletown.

Passing of Board Member Andrew Buss

Board member Andrew Buss recently passed away.  Ryan will communicate obituary details to board members and organize memorial funds from individual board members.

Officer Elections

Kathy proposed changing the bylaws to allow officers who have to suddenly leave the neighborhood to finish out their term.  Stacy will ask her city contacts if this is OK.  Officers were not elected during the annual meeting to preserve board continuity and institutional knowledge.  However, as some officers have completed their term, they will stand for election during this meeting.  All officers offered to vacate their positions if other board members wished to take over, but there were no challengers.

Steve moved to re-elect Joy as president, Kathy seconded. Voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.

Dan moved to re-elect Kathy as vice-president, Valerie seconded.  Voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.

Briana moved to re-elect Justin as treasurer, Dick seconded.  Voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.

Ryan moved to re-elect Dan as secretary, Valerie seconded.  Voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.


Lyndale Open Streets: Dick indicated this was the most successful Open Streets yet, with the Minneapolis Bike Coalition estimating that 45,000 people participated.  The event stretched from Franklin Ave down to 54th.  TNA had a tent on Minnehaha creek bridge along with other neighborhood associations.  Ruth Olson (coordinator for Lynhurst and Kenny) spent time organizing the neighborhood area including Tangletown as TNA has no coordinator at this time.  The Lynnhurst and Kenny neighborhoods asked TNA for a partial reimbursement for Ruth’s time.  Justin suggested covering 20% of her $2,000 billed amount.  Dick moved to reimburse Lynnhurst $400; Ryan seconded.  Voice vote, motion approved.

Dick will meet with other neighborhoods to recap and brainstorm improvements for next year.  Joy will create a Google Doc for those improvements and send the link around to board members.

4th of July:

Ryan requested a $4,000 budget on behalf of the 4th of July committee.  This amount pays for rentals, supplies, reimbursement of the band, prize giveaways, volunteer t-shirts, etc.  Volunteer sign-up is open and is hosted through Parks & Recreation website.  Brigid reports a postcard will be going out this week.  More social media posting should be done.  Ryan posted the event and volunteer requests on Nextdoor and Facebook.  The event should be added to the TNA Facebook Organization page as well.

Ryan moved to approve a $4,000 budget for the 4th of July event. Steve seconded. Voice vote, all in favor, none opposed.  Motion approved.

Strategic Planning:

Our community survey was live on June 3rd and has received 97 responses so far.  Notice was sent out via the email list, Facebook, our Lyndale Open Streets table and the TNA website.  Brigid will schedule the seven key informant interviews for July and August.  Her recruitment for focus groups (youth, seniors, renters) will also take place in July and groups will be held in August. Neighborhood meetings will be hosted in August or September at a local business.

New Board Member Onboarding

Stacy gave an intro and update on CPP/NRP for new board members.  Joy also compiled and presented an overview of regular TNA events to make it clearer when our activities and events occur.  Joy also demonstrated Google Drive.

Executive Director

A majority of the board met the previous week to discussed staffing issues and crafted a proposal for hiring an executive director.  The executive director would take a larger role than our previous coordinators have, 20 – 30 hours a week, $25-35/hour, contractor status.  Stacy was OK with contractor status though many neighborhood organizations hire executive directors as employees.

Kathy moved to accept the proposal to hire an executive director with contractor status for 20 – 30 hrs/week at $25-35/hour.  Steve secondex.  All in favor, motion approved.

The hiring committee will be Briana, Dan, Gabe, Ryan, and Joy.

Adjourned: 8:30

Minutes submitted by Dan Williams, TNA Secretary

May 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, May 15, 2017 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Ryan Fisher, Dick Fiala, Dan Williams, Joy Gottschalk, Kathy Kornblum, Justin Wills, Mary Jane Mitchell

Board members absent: Sandra Bartsias, Eric David, Joy Glasser, Steve Bieringer, Andrew Buss, Briana Daymont

Also Present: Brigid Riley (Interim TNA Coordinator and strategic planning consultant), Councilmember John Quincy, Rachel Hoben (Fuller Park manager), Stacy Sorenson (Minneapolis CPP/NRP contact), Aron Khoury (strategic planning committee member), and 30 other attendees

Called to order: 7:20pm

Introduction to TNA

Joy gave a short presentation about the history, mission, and purpose of the Tangletown Neighborhood Association, the sources of our funding, and the structure of the organization.  She also listed major accomplishments/initiatives since the last meeting in June 2016, which include events like the garage sale, 4th of July at Fuller Park, community leaf-raking, box wraps, organics recycling, National Night Out compostables distribution, the rain gardens partnership with Metro Blooms, the Adopt-a-Storm-Drain program, and our community partnerships with Fuller Park, the business facade grant program, LaMac cleaners conversion to non-PERC equipment, and the Ramsey Middle School sign grant.

TNA officers presented students and teachers of Ramsey (now Justice Page Middle School) with a $5,000 ceremonial check  to represent TNA’s grant in support of a new sign for the school.

Looking forward to 2017/2018, TNA will participate in Lyndale Open Streets on June 4th with a neighborhood hub near the Lyndale Ave. bridge across Minnehaha Creek.  The Lynhurst, Kenny, and Window neighborhoods are also participating due to the event’s expansion south to 54th Street.

Neighborhood historian Tom Balcom noted that he will conduct two neighborhood history events.  He will give a talk on early neighborhood history and lead a walking tour on Saturday June 20th at 10:30am starting at the Washburn Library.  He will also conduct a Preserve Minneapolis tour on June 14th starting at the Library for which there is a $10 fee.  Tom is also happy to attend neighbor-organized gatherings to speak about the neighborhood and its history.

Officer Reports:

Secretary – Ryan moved to approve the April 2017 minutes.  Kathy seconded. Voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.

Board Elections

Officers won’t be standing for election at this meeting for continuity reasons but all other board seats are open; existing board members who wish to return are running for their current seats and were asked to give a short introduction and summary of why they wish to be re-elected.  Ballots were distributed including the names of non-executives board members and space to write in new candidates from the attendees.  Mary Jane read a statement from Andrew Buss and Ryan spoke about Briana Daymont, both of whom could not attend this meeting.  Attendee Valerie Hurst nominated herself for election; she works at Hennepin County, has a background in non-profit organizations, and has been involved with Open Streets in the past.  Attendee Steve Wohlford nominated himself; he is an 18 year resident of the neighborhood and works as an architect.  Attendee Gabe Moreno nominated himself, indicating he is looking for ways to get involved and be a larger part of the community.  Rachel Hoban and Stacy Sorenson collected and tabulated ballots.

Strategic Planning

Aron Khoury introduced the strategic planning initiative. At its heart, TNA is a vehicle to address very local issues.  Strageic planning is the process that we will use to figure out what the neighborhood needs and how to address those issues.  It is an opportunity to engage on issues important to everyone in the neighborhood.

Brigid gave a short presentation on the strategic planning process and its five major components.  First, the “hearing from you” component will include a neighborhood survey, focus groups, listening sessions for residents, special interviews of key neighborhood people, and a neighborhood input meeting.  The second part, “imagining the future” will determine where we all want the neighborhood and TNA to be in the future.  Next, “what’s getting in the way” will determine what is preventing us from enabling that future, while “setting our directions” will determine what we as a neighborhood and board need to do to get where we want to be.  Finally, “focus on moving ahead” will develop concrete, actionable steps over the next two years to get there.

Brigid then conducted a short exercise for attendees, asking them to discuss four questions in small groups and then collect results as a full group.  Those questions and the results were:

What do you love about Tangledown?

The parks & Minneahaha creek, able to walk to anything, that “Tangletown” not simply a grid, the hills/trees/water, beautiful homes, very friendly, the watertower, fairly good transit access, a diversity of housing (income levels, apartments, business, etc), and diversity of people.

What would you include in 30 second commercial?

Everything from #1, small businesses, gardens, easy access to other parts of the city, little free libraries

What’s missing?

Nice ride stations, “hour cars”, a small activity park along the creek (jungle gyms, basketball, etc), community message board, community garden, nice watertower landscaping, more diversity (including housing)

What would you like to see more of?

Trash/pet waste cans in more places, community involvement, allow measured change through controlled growth, welcome resources for new residents including renters, and more diversity of small business, more corner stores

Election Results

Existing non-executive board members Ryan Fisher, Dick Fiala, Andrew Buss, and Briana Daymont were re-elected; all other existing non-executive board members declined to stand for election again.  Newly nominated candidates Valerie Hurst, Steve Wohlford, and Gabe Moreno were also elected.  Continuing officers are Joy Gottschalk (president), Kathy Kornblum (vice-president), Justin Wills (treasurer), and Dan Williams (secretary).

Kathy made a motion to accept the result of the ballots, Ryan seconded.  Voice vote, all in favor, none opposed, motion approved.


Gabe drew names for the raffle of organics compost kitchen bins.  Valerie Hurst, Gabe Moreno, Jessica Barth, Katie Anthony, Adam Hendrickson, and Aron Khoury won.

Adjourned: 8:29
Minutes submitted by Dan Williams, TNA Secretary

April 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, April 17, 2017 – 7:08 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Ryan Fisher, Dick Fiala, Dan Williams, Andrew Buss, Joy Gottschalk, Kathy Kornblum, Briana Daymont, Justin Wills, Mary Jane Mitchell

Board members absent: Sandra Bartsias, Eric David, Joy Glasser, Steve Bieringer

Also Present: Brigid Riley (Interim TNA Coordinator)

Called to order: 7:03pm

Officer Reports:
Secretary – Ryan moved to approve the March 2017 minutes, Justin seconded. Voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.
Treasurer – Justin presented a rough draft 2017 – 2018 budget which he and Vanessa prepared for the City. Dan moved to recognize and accept the draft budget. Dick seconded. Voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.


Interim Coordinator: Brigid was introduced to the full board as interim coordinator, following the March board meeting which approved the contract with her for the position.

Strategic Planning: After discussion with Brigid, the committee decided to slow the planning timeline down to ensure enough time for the full process and to better match focus groups and community meetings to summer schedules. Our annual meeting will be primarily focused on the planning process, and in addition TNA will hold a series of community engagement activities such as:
1. Focus groups: these groups will target under-served populations such as youth, seniors, renters and businesses.
2. Online survey: an online survey was identified as the best combination of participation and cost. Brigid suggested that each board member choose a block and spread word of the survey through door knocking.
3. Key informant interviews: the board will suggest community members who both Brigid and the board will interview.
4. Neighborhood meeting: an additional meeting will be held to share outreach results and gather input/priorities.

The planning process will also include an “internal scan” to assess the strengths/challenges of TNA itself, to determine how TNA might operate if City funding runs out after 2020 and what the overall goals for TNA should be.

Annual Meeting: The meeting location was mistakenly left out of newsletter. Kathy proposed sending a postcard for the annual meeting. Brigid will get quotes from at least two designers, determine content, and and coordinate with Kevin at Ideal Printers for printing and mailing. The postcard should go out first week of May. Kathy moved to allocate $600 for printing and postage for postcards for annual meeting. Voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.

Brigid shared a draft agenda. The meeting should focus on the strategic planning process and the future of TNA rather than current and future funding levels. Briana suggested stating the annual NRP/CPP allocation rather than overall funding. Justin suggested emphasizing the city-proscribed categories that many of our funds are locked into. Kathy volunteered to be MC/timekeeper.

While TNA historically does not have contested board elections, it is always a possibility and we must plan for it. Historically candidates presented what their contributions would be and why they were interested in joining the board, but in recent years there has been little contention for seats and interested residents were simply elected. TNA bylaws require that all attendees who are 18+ years of age and neighborhood residents may vote on candidates. We should have a contingency plan for secret ballots if there are contested seats. The board will discuss that plan via email.

Briana suggested describing our past & present committees and collecting emails from residents interested in being on those committees. Andrew suggested a column on the sign-in sheet for “what are you interested in”, like sustainability/environment, Special Events (4th of July), etc. Brigid will create the sign-in sheet.
Mary Jane reported that the food preparations are going well. In 2016 Cafe Ena catered with 2 platters of beef empanadas, 2 platters of cheese empanadas, and 4 platters chips & guacamole. There was some discussion of changing the amounts this year, and the board delegated that task to Mary Jane.

4th of July: Ryan will spearhead the committee. Dick and Briana will join and Mary Jane will be an alternate. There was discussion of hiring an event coordinator to assist with planning and operation of the event, and Ryan will create job description and send it to Brigid.

Utility Box Wraps: The Wraps committee identified 7 designs from the 20+ submitted for the initial round. While the board approved funding for up to 3 wraps in the December 2016 meeting, given the number of selected designs Dan requested funding for up to 7 wraps in the amount of $16,000, though not all 7 may be wrapped this coming year. Andrew moved to allocate $16,000 for box wraps contingent upon reimbursibility through NRP/CPP funds. Ryan seconded. Voice vote, all in favor, motion approved. Brigid will check with Kingfield and other neighborhoods about what funding category they used. She will also clarify with Stacey about NRP funding categories allowable, we may need to transfer money to our dormant NRP Crime Prevention fund to box wraps, as wraps are an anti-graffiti measure.

Rain Gardens: As of the meeting there are 5 applications for the lottery. At the December 2016 meeting the board approved up to 5 gardens, so if additional applications are received there will be a drawing to select the final 5.

Adopt a Storm Drain: 4 additional residents have signed up to adopt a storm drain, bringing the total to 7.

Ramsey School New Sign
Joy presented a proposal to move funds from the currently dormant Deferred Housing Loan ($22.56), Fuller Basketball Court ($446.48), and Washburn Watertower ($4530.56) NRP categories to the currently unfunded NRP I strategy Ramsay School Sign to fund the approved $5,000 grant for new sign at Ramsey Middle School. A further allocation of $0.40 from TNA funds would complete the $5,000. Dan moved to move these funds to the stated NRP strategy, Ryan seconded. Voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.

Ryan will be the point of contact with Ramsey on the sign project. Andrew suggested presenting the grant at the annual meeting and inviting Ramsey students to participate and receive the grant.

Neighborhood Roots Sponsorship
TNA was asked to consider sponsorship of the Neighborhood Roots organization which runs the Fulton, Kingfield, and Nokomis Farmers Markets. Kathy proposed a one-year sponsorship at the Cultivator level which includes a booth in one market, marketing/branding. Volunteers would be required to man the booth. Andrew suggested mentioning it as a volunteer activity at the annual meeting. Ryan suggested a subcommittee to figure out what our presence would be and what we’d be trying to promote. In the end, given our current commitments to strategic planning and our lack of branded marketing collateral, the board decided to consider sponsorship next year instead.

Green Day Cleanup
The Sustainability Committee requested $50 for food and supplies for a Minneapolis Parks Board sponsored Earth Day cleanup event. Briana moved to approve $50 for food and supplies for event. Mary Jane seconded. Voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.

Garage Sale
Steve requested a budget of $840 for the TNA Garage Sale event, which includes funds for signs, a Star Tribune ad, and incidentals. This request is in-line with requests from past years. Dan moved to approve the request, Mary Jane seconded. Voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.

Adjourned: 8:48

Minutes submitted by Dan Williams, TNA Secretary

March 2017 Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, March 20, 2017 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Ryan Fisher, Dick Fiala, Dan Williams, Steve Bieringer, Andrew Buss, Joy Gottschalk, Justin Wills, Kathy Kornblum

Board members absent: Sandra Bartsias, Eric David, Joy Glasser, Mary Jane Mitchell, Briana Daymont

Also Present: Rachel Hoben (Fuller Park manager), Councilmember John Quincy, Paul Sommers (Ramsey teacher), Elissa Cedarleaf Dahl (Ramsey teacher), Scott Bordon (Ramsey parent), Olivia Bordon (Ramsey student), Aron Khoury, Jeremy Schroeder, Tjody DeVaal, Vanessa Haight (TNA Coordinator), Alex Tsatsoulis (Minneapolis bike coalition), Christopher Massey

Called to order: 7:03pm

Officer Reports:
Secretary – Ryan moved to approve the January 2017 minutes, Justin seconded. Voice vote, motion approved.
Treasurer – No updates.

Councilmember John Quincy
John reminded the board and other attendees about the Community Connections conference on April 1st.

Rachel Hoben (Fuller Park)
Rachel, then new Fuller Park Recreation Facility Specialist, introduced herself.

Workshop: Psychology of Sustainable Behavior: the workshop, held on February 25th, had great turnout with around 100 attendees according to Joy. Kathy said her big takeaway was learning how to better find common ground with neighbors, and since being part of a “tribe” is a big motivator to help change people’s behavior, changing behavior of that group helps spread the behavior to others.

Website/MailChimp: At the February meeting the board approved a budget of $4,000 to update the TNA website template and develop an e-newsletter template for MailChimp, but it appears hard to pique interest with this apparently low budget. Vanessa received two bids on our proposal so far and needs review and input on them. Joy proposed postponing any changes until we can evaluate our needs with respect to the strategic plan. The Board decided to table until after strategic plan.

Strategic Planning: the planning committee received 4 proposals, selected two finalists, and after interviews selected Willow Consulting to direct our strategic plan for a contracted amount of $18,000. Due to the upcoming coordinator vacancy, Brigid from Willow Consulting offered to serve as interim coordinator until the strategic plan gives the board a better idea of our needs with respect to staff. The board decided to table the discussion on Brigid’s proposal until later in the meeting.

LaMac Dry Cleaners: LaMac’s owner verbally accepted the PERC conversion grant, including $5,000 from TNA, and has will soon receive the grant contract from the City. As the City is administering a large part of the grant, the board decided to pay the city the $5,000 grant amount, and the City will manage the overall contract and payments with LaMac.

Ramsey School New Sign
Paul, Elissa, Scott, and Olivia attended to discuss the Ramsey Middle School renaming initiative and their request for a grant to help fund a new sign.

The top rename choices are Justice Alan Page, Dr. Martha Ripley, and Bde Ota. 80% of students are in favor of renaming, 85% of community (via an online poll) are in favor, and the Ramsey Site Council voted 10-1 in favor. The decision is now in hands of superintendent and the school board.

The school group realized that since the existing sign is deteriorating, lacks attractive landscaping, and lettering cannot be changed, and they would like to install a new sign regardless of whether the renaming happens. Minneapolis School District policy requires community funding of new signs, so the group has conducted fund raisers and events to raise the money. They are planning an unveiling celebration this summer for a new name and would love to feature new sign too.

The group decided a running message board is too dangerous for the intersection, and would rather have static sign that better matches exterior of building. They have a maximum dudget of $15,000 and are asking for a $5,000 grant from TNA. TNA could receive acknowledgement of their contribution on the sign itself.

The Board was generally in favor of the proposal and would hope for closer cooperation with the school, possibly advertising for TNA events or volunteer help with TNA events. Vanessa mentioned that the City would probably require TNA to create a new Neighborhood Priority Plan for this purpose.

Steve moved to grant the Ramsey school group $5,000 for Ramsey signage changes contingent upon TNA allocation of NRP/CPP contracts, Dan seconded. Voice vote, motion approved.

Lyndale Open Streets
At the February meeting the Board approved up to $2,000 for Lyndale Open Streets, contingent upon a more detailed explanation of how the $1500 paid to the Minneapolis Bike Coalition would be spent. At this meeting, Alex explained that the money helps support staff time, outreach to businesses, permits, community outreach and notification around the route, general planning, and marketing of the event. TNA would be a neighborhood sponsor, receiving logo space on materials, promotion opportunities in day-of guides, and more space on the street than just a table/tent. Alex’s presentation satisfied the board’s contingency for funding the event.

Dick is meeting with other new neighborhoods along the route to decide how to span the residential blocks between 46th and 52nd and what kind of presence neighborhood associations will have.

Alex also explained that other neighborhoods have pledged additional funds to help cover permit expenses for businesses, which could be an option for TNA. Alex will send an invoice with details for sponsorship. He will also send collateral/photos/etc and small-business specific outreach language to Tjody for inclusion in the spring newsletter.

Elmwood Landscaping
Christopher asked TNA to formalize the commitment between TNA, the City, and MnDOT to assume responsibility for plantings along Elmwood Place for two years. Residents would perform all work associated with the landscaping, though TNA will have ultimate responsibility for the duration.

Joy drafted a letter to the City coordinator for these kind of landscaping projects, indicating that TNA will be the responsible organization. Justin moved to approve the letter, Ryan seconded. Voice vote, all in favor, motion approved. Joy signed the letter and gave it to Christopher; he will scan it and give it back to TNA.

CPP Annual Report
Andrew moved to approve the report as written, Kathy seconded. Voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.

Neighborhood Priority Plan for Environmental and Sustainability Initiatives
Per the proposal from the February meeting, Dan moved to move $22,700 from unallocated NRP funds to a new Neighborhood Priority Plan for Environmental and Sustainability Initiatives. These funds would be used for current initiatives including rain gardens, LaMac dry-cleaning equipment grants, events, etc. Ryan seconded. Voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.

Now the priority plan was approved, Kathy moved to grant $5,000 to LaMac for PERC mitigation from the plan, Steve seconded. Voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.

Neighborhood of Rain Gardens
TNA allocated $3,000 in December 2016 to our rain gardens project. As part of this program, Dan moved to approve the rain gardens contract with Metro Blooms for $2,515, Justin seconded. Voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.

Kathy moved to allocate the previously approved $3,000 for the rain gardens project from the new NPP for Environmental and Sustainability Initiatives. Voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.

Organics Captains Follow-Up
The City has some resources for their Organics block captains, but since TNA did our own program none of the TNA captains are on the City’s contact list and thus are not invited to any of the city events. Kathy proposed to hire Lauren Anderson to contact TNA Organics Captains, ask if they would like to be part of the City’s program, add them, and perform any other close-out tasks required for the program.

Dan moved to contract with Lauren for up to 20 hours at $30/hr (the same rate Lauren has previously contracted for) to contact captains for inclusion in the City program, and wind down the TNA Organics Captain program. Kathy seconded, voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.

Minneapolis 2040 Engagement Resolution
The City developed a “Minneapolis Comprehensive Plan 2040” which included the bullet point “Abolish recognition of neighborhood organizations”. Various neighborhood groups and the Neighborhood Community Engagement
Commission (NCEC) questioned this point and the process which resulted in its inclusion. These groups also wrote a resolution requesting the point be removed and more transparency around the plan’s development process and comment gathering. More than 15 other neighborhood associations have signed the resolution already.

Ryan moved that TNA sign the resolution as written. Justin seconded, voice vote, motion approved.

Most newsletter articles are already written and submitted. Tjody proposed an article about shopping locally which was approved by the board. The Ramsey rename (if it goes through) could be postponed until the Fall newsletter since schedules are tight.

Strategic Planning Initiative
Andrew moved to accept Willow Consulting’s strategic planning proposal as written for the amount of $18,000. Ryan seconded, voice vote, motion approved.

Aron Khoury indicated interest in being on the committee. Ryan, Dan, Andrew, and Kathy will be on the committee, and Joy will be a second.

Interim Coordinator Proposal from Brigid
Andrew asked about time-lines for strategic planning, and the length of a potential contract with Brigid from Willow Consulting for interim coordinator tasks. Ryan suggested it could be 6-8 months. Ryan also suggested we could ask our previous list of Coordinator candidates if they were interested in an interim role, but since Brigid has experience in this area and since we selected her for strategic planning there would be synergy if she took both roles. Kathy is concerned that strategic planning will require quite a bit of coordinator attention and about blurring of the roles if the same person is doing both. Despite those concerns, the board felt Brigid’s proposal was the best course of action.

Ryan proposed that we hire Brigid as interim coordinator for 6 months at her proposed rate of $55/hr (which Vanessa indicated was reasonable for interim coordinator/director roles). Kathy seconded. Voice vote, motion approved.

Annual Meeting
Mary Jane has secured food from Cafe Ena. Steve moved that we budget $1200 for the annual meeting in May. Justin seconded, voice vote, motion approved.

Adjourned: 8:56

Minutes submitted by Dan Williams, TNA Secretary

February 2017 Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, February 20, 2017 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Ryan Fisher, Dick Fiala, Kathy Kornblum, Dan Williams, Mary Jane Mitchell, Andrew Buss, Briana Daymont, Joy Gottschalk

Board members absent: Sandra Bartsias, Eric David, Joy Glasser, Justin Wills, Steve Bieringer

Also Present: Vanessa Haight (TNA Coordinator), Councilmember Quincy, Jeremy Schroeder

Called to order: 7:03pm

Officer Reports:
Secretary – Ryan moved to approve the January 2017 minutes, Dick seconded. Voice vote, motion approved.
Treasurer – No report; Justin was not present.

Councilmember John Quincy

CM Quincy attended to give an updated about various city and neighborhood meetings, including the Community Connections conference on Saturday, April 1st at 9am. He also gave an update on the City resident survey (the biggest issues were 311, 911, and garbage/organics) and gave a brief overview of 2016 City accomplishments.

Jeremy Schroeder
Jeremy attended to give update about a rooftop solar assessment that TNA sponsored in the HPDL neighborhood. TNA was still looking for a fourth assessment site for our CERTs grant and had contacted other neighborhoods to see if they had connections to building owners that might be interested. HPDL was able to identify an interested site (Urban Refuge) and coordinated with them to get the assessment completed within the grant timeframe.

Workshop: Psychology of Sustainable Behavior: the Sustainability committee is helping to organize a Feb 25th 9am workshop at the Lynnhurst Community Center, focusing on building skills to support voluntary behavior change. The workshop will be hosted by Dr. Christie Manning of Macalester College. The Sustainability committee requested a budget for $50 for refreshments. Mary Jane moved to approve up to $100 for refreshments. Ryan seconded. Voice vote, motion approved.

Green Day: In light of NRP funding re-organization and date conflicts with non-TNA Earth Day events, TNA will not hold a 2017 spring Green Day event but instead hold a sustainability focused event later in the year.

Lyndale Open Streets: The Minneapolis Bike Coalition and various Southwest neighborhoods wish to expand the June 4th Lyndale Open Streets event all the way to 54th St. New neighborhoods along the expanded route include Windom, Kenny, Lynhurst, East Harriet, and Tangletown. The big question is how to draw people down below 46th St which is largely residential until south of Minnehaha Creek. The Bike Coalition is asking for financial commitment of $1500 – $2000 per neighborhood for advertisement/etc, and also business outreach and volunteers for the day-of. TNA will contact Ramsey/Washburn and ask if they want to participate with either a presence or with music. Kathy moved to approve $2000 contingent upon more detailed explanation of what the the Bike Coalition would use the $2000 for. Ryan seconded, voice vote motion approved.

Box Wraps: four professional submissions have been received so far. Vanessa met with 4-5 interested Washburn students and will follow up with them.

LaMac Dry Cleaners: the owner is excited about neighborhood involvement and funding. Windom approved a $5000 grant and the City will grant $35,000. The citizen’s group spearheading the grants asked TNA to grant $5000 as well, which would come from TNA NRP Sustainability fund. Kathy said she is willing to reach out to Diamond Lake neighborhood regarding their interest, if the City thinks it will be helpful.. TNA funding would be contingent upon installation of the new machine and destruction of the old machine (as opposed to dismantling). The City indicated this is an acceptable use of NRP/CPP funds. Mary Jane moved to approve a $5,000 grant to LaMac cleaners contingent upon project completion and successful re-allocation of NRP funds to our Sustainability strategy. Dan seconded. Voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.

49th and Wentworth Traffic: Ramsey is still not very involved, yet is impacted the most. The City and Washburn have already redone signage to make student dropoff/pickup safer and clearer. The City performed a traffic study at 48th and Wentworth and concluded there was not enough traffic to convert the intersection to a 4-way stop. There is no update for 49th and Wentworth handicap accessibility modifications at this time.

Adopt a Storm Drain: the project was initiated last fall in conjunction with the water quality fair. 6 households signed up for storm drain maintenance. Dan moved to approve $50 for lawn waste bags to be given to those who sign up. Kathy seconded, voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.

Neighborhood Priority Plan for Environmental and Sustainability Initiatives
TNA would like to re-allocate $22,700 currently unallocated funds from our NRP Reserve to a Neighborhood Priority Plan for sustainability. These funds would be used for current initiatives including rain gardends, LaMac dry-cleaning equipment grants, events, etc. We will formally vote on the proposal at the March meeting at which point the City must approve the reallocation.

Update on NRP Phase II Planning
TNA has not met threshold for spending certain NRP funds and we must either get a waiver (which we don’t qualify for), spend them in the next year (impossible), or gather neighborhood input in next 14 months through “robust community engagement”. This could include focus groups, a neighborhood survey, and a neighborhood meeting, the results of which would support our proposed recommitment of NRP funds to existing strategies or to any future proposed NRP reallocations. But instead of just focusing neighborhood input on NRP funds specifically, TNA would like to create a strategic plan for the next 3 – 5 years that encompasses all our funding sources.

Joy drafted a TNA Action Plan for submission to NCR to address TNA’s failure to spend the specific NRP funds. Kathy moved to approve and submit action plan to NCR. Andrew seconded. Voice vote, motion approved.

The board reviewed a proposal to seek Strategic Planning Consultant to help develop strategic plan, including the neighborhood engagement process, survey, focus groups, etc. Ryan moved to approve with budget of $20,000, Kathy seconded. Voice vote, motion approved.

The board also reviewed a proposal to create new Planning Committee to interview, hire, and oversee the Strategic Planning Consultant. Dan, Kathy, Mary Jane, and Joy will be on the interview committee, and the committee has been given the authority to hire the consultant after informing the board. Ryan would like to know how the consultant sees board involvement and volunteer engagement as part of the strategic plan.

Website and E-Newsletter Design
The TNA email newsletter template could use a refresh and the website could use clearer organization. Vanessa noted the importance of consistent branding across all our mediums especially as our strategic planning process is coming up. Vanessa reported estimated costs of $1000 – $3000 for website and $500 – $800 for newsletter. Board members requested a very low maintenance website solution, perhaps still based on WordPress which we currently use. Vanessa will develop an RFP and find vendors. Ryan moved to budget up to $4,000 for a website and e-newsletter redesign. Kathy seconded. Voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.

Spring Newsletter
Submissions to Vanessa are due by March 13. Printing target is March 27 to ensure it goes out with enough time before the garage sale in May. Possible topics and their responsible parties are:
Adopt a storm drain (Kristine)
Rain gardens/Metro Blooms (Kristine)
Garage sale (Steve)
Annual meeting (likely focused on our strategic planning process) (Mary Jane or Joy)
Strategic planning process (Ryan)
LaMac/PERC (Kathy)
New coordinator (Briana)
Utility Wraps update (Dan)
Open Streets (Dick)
4th of July call for volunteers (Ryan)
Call for board members (just a box, don’t need an article)

Fuller Park Basketball Hoops

Fuller Park asked TNA to match up to $2,500 for a Hennepin County Youth Sports Grant application for a second basketball hoop. The board decided to wait for public input on improvements to Fuller Park (perhaps from our neighborhood survey) to decide what to allocate for Park improvements.

Adjourned: 8:43

Minutes submitted by Dan Williams, TNA Secretary