October 2016 Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, October 17, 2016 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Dan Williams, Justin Wills, Lauren Anderson, Briana Daymont, Joy Gottschalk, Kathy Kornblum, Ryan Fisher, Mary Jane Mitchell, Dick Fiala

Board members absent: Sandra Bartsias, Eric David, Dick Wager, Steve Bieringer, Andrew Buss, Joy Glasser

Also present: Robin Faust (resident), Denis Houle (NCE)

Called to order: 7:11pm

School Crossing Safety on Wentworth
Neighborhood resident Robin Faust related her concerns about traffic and street crossings near Washburn and Ramsey schools. The new principal at Ramsey has changed dropoff/pickup location to 49th Street which has significantly increased traffic there. Drivers also often fail to stop for stop-signs along 49th. This combined with the increased traffic and lack of any marked crossings on 49th Street pose a danger to the many children who walk to school along Wentworth Ave.

A City of Minneapolis traffic engineer has stated in the past that a crosswalk would create a false sense of security for pedestrians and thus cause them to be more likely to be hit. Ramsey could also supply crossing guards but this is unlikely. Robin has spoken to Anna Hansen (the policy liason for Ramsey and Washburn) and this is a big concern of hers too. Anna has spoken to Councilmember John Quincy about this as well, but hasn’t received a reply yet.

Furthermore, there are no crossing signs or clear crosswalks at the Rustic Lodge and Wentworth traffic diamond just south of 49th Steet. There are some traffic signs for cars at the diamond but the traffic pattern is not clear and creates confusion for pedestrians.

Some options include turning 49th into a one-way street going easy from Pleasant to Nicollet. Ryan suggested that TNA could help support a traffic study financially; TNA cannot dictate solutions but can help fund solutions the City deems acceptable. Justin suggested funding signs, while Lauren suggested calling 311 to request another study as traffic patterns have changed due to drop-off location changes.

Denis Houle noted this isn’t an isolated issue, his neighborhood tried to get a crosswalk at 57th and Penn but received the same reply about a false sense of security for pedestrians.

Kathy will contact John Quincy and cc Robin Faust and Anna Hansen from Washburn.

Officer Reports:
Secretary – A motion to approve the September 2016 minutes was made, seconded and approved.
Treasurer – 2016 (for fiscal year ending May 31) taxes are filed. We still haven’t requested reimbursement from 2015. Justin talked to Stacy and Joy and previously we believed the annual report was required to do file for 2015 reimbursements, but it actually isn’t. Justin’s plan is to have this done by late November and 2016 reimbursements done in January.

Denis Houle
Denis represents District 2 on the Neighborhood and Community Engagement Commission (NCEC) and is President of Armatage Neighborhood Association. NCEC is an advisory board to the Minneapolis City Council on neighborhood issues. They also handle mediation issues between neighborhood residents and boards and are looking at neighborhood CPP plans.

Neighborhood board funding is largely from Tax Increment Financing (TIF) revenue generated by downtown Minneapolis developments, due to requirements in state law. The TIF structure ends in 2020 at which point the funds will no longer be required to fund neighborhood boards but will go into the City’s general budget. NCEC thinks neighborhoods will be competing for money from the general fund instead of having a defined funding source, and they are advocating for neighborhoods to show the City why funding should continue as it has for the past few decades.

The City council appears divided into three groups, one opposed to continued neighborhood funding, one for it, and another group that may simply not be aware of the neighborhood accomplishments. NCEC is raising this issue now in preparation for council elections next year. They have established a sub-committee called Neighborhoods 2020 and are developing an inclusive plan to help neighborhoods advocate for continued funding from the City. Neighborhood 2020 committee minutes are also available on the City’s NCR website.

Denis also brought up some ways neighborhood boards could improve. Some residents think that community organizations (non-profits, organizations focusing on specific issues, etc) better represent their neighborhoods than the boards do. Some boards are also not representative of their residents either ideologically or racially; some neighborhood elections are much more contentious and contested than TNA and it’s not always possible to make boards representative through elections.

In terms of the upcoming election, Denis thinks neighborhood funding and its future is a great topic to ask City council candidates about. Justin noted that he wasn’t aware of the activities of the board before he came to an annual meeting and that residents need more education about what boards do, which would help advocacy. Lauren noted the case of St. Paul where funding was cut to neighborhood organizations in the past and that made it hard for many to continue their activities due to grant-writing requirements and competition.

Briana asked what Armatage spends money on. Denis said they have the same issues TNA does with respect to finding passionate residents to drive initiatives using board funds. Armatage is currently trying to better engage youth, renters, and seniors. He also noted that restrictions on reimbursement for food from NRP/CPP funding is a problem, since food is often what brings residents together.

TNA Financial Review Meetings
The board held one meeting with Stacy from the City’s NRP/CPP program to better understand TNA funding structures and how we can better put our funds to use. Next meeting will be Thursday October 20th at Fuller Park. Joy hopes to come out of the meeting with an idea of what to put into our next CPP application, which is due Nov 18th. We don’t have time to notify neighborhood and solicit resident feedback, so will outline our plan at a very high level and in line with prior community surveys. In 2017 we plan to administer a neighborhood survey and determine specific funding categories/initiatives. At that time, we will do a plan modification to align all funds with the NRP/CPP requirements and neighborhood priorities. The 2017-2019 CPP applications due Nov. 18th is expected to secure $96,000 in neighborhood funds.

There are still housing requirements on the past unspent NCR funds, which have been dormant since we terminated the previous housing loan partner after they raised administration fees. Other neighborhoods switched to Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation (GHMC) which Ryan contacted, but they are no longer accepting new clients for housing loan administration. We would need a different partner to administer these funds.

Lauren noted the Fuller Park pool may be coming up for redesign soon and we should talk to the Park to see if there’s anything TNA can help with.

Google Drive Tour
Joy did a quick run-through of the TNA Google Drive, which Lauren initially created to collect TNA information somewhere everyone can access it instead of a single board member’s computer. All board members should already be invited. Mary Jane asked if we should put old stuff into the Drive that members might have; the board agreed. The Google Drive is currently owned by Lauren and shared with board members, but we will move it to a TNA-owned account very soon.

Newsletter Update
Newsletter went out a week late due to Tjody’s computer issues, but the postage has cleared and the newsletters are going out.

Leaf Raking
Kathy printed flyers for our leaf raking event and suggested that board members hand them out on Halloween to trick-or-treaters. Otherwise, planning for the event is going smoothly.

Coordinator Update
TNA is looking for a new coordinator. During the financial meeting, Stacy suggested our finances could support a 20hr/week position instead of the previous 10hr/week. Mary Jane suggested a half-time coordinator and periodic professional services hires for specific events or tasks like website maintenance. Joy suggested advertising a position for 10-20hr/week and see what we get back. We want board members to drive the overall goals but to ensure follow-through we’d like a very involved coordinator who can fill in the details. Joy thinks the posting could be more about getting the right energetic person instead of simply a list of qualifications. The City has a template posting that we’ve used in the past. We’ve previously tried to share a coordinator with other neighborhoods but that hasn’t worked well because people like the part-time aspect of the job. Stacy doesn’t know of any available candidates from her contacts.

We’d like the coordinator to go to periodic neighborhood coordinators meetings, and meet regularly with neighboring coordinators too. We could hire other neighborhood coordinators to help onboard our new hire. Mary Jane will coordinate scheduling the coordinator planning meetings. Lauren suggested more flexible communication and more interaction between the entire board and the coordinator. Lauren also said the previous coordinator hiring process was slower than we hoped and it happened about the same time of year. She posted on the Council of Non-Profits site, at colleges in the area, the City, etc. Candidates were interviewed over winter break and hired in early spring. Joy said when she went to the recent neighborhood coordinator meeting they suggested contacting PTAs and other community/school organizations.

Other Items
Lauren noted this was her last TNA board meeting. She will resign following this meeting as she is moving from the neighborhood.

Adjourned: 8:40pm

Minutes submitted by Dan Williams, TNA Secretary

September 2016 Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, September 19th, 2016 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Dan Williams, Andrew Buss, Ryan Fisher, Joy Gottschalk, Joy Glasser, Lauren Anderson, Mary Jane Mitchell, Kathy Kornblum, Briana Daymont

Board members absent: Sandra Bartsias, Eric David, Dick Wager, Dick Fiala, Steve Bieringer, Justin Wills

Also present: Abby Rowan (TNA coordinator), Stacy Sorenson (City of Minneapolis NCR representative), Councilmember John Quincy, Tjody DeVaal

Called to order: 7:03pm

Officer Reports:
Secretary – A motion to approve the August 2016 minutes was made, seconded and approved.
Treasurer – Justin and Michael Wilson (City of Minneapolis) prepared the TNA FY2016 Charitable Trust Financial Statement and requested board approval. Joy moved to approve, Lauren seconded. Voice vote, all in favor, none opposed. Motion approved.

Partner and Other Announcements
Councilmember John Quincy reminded the board that the 11th Ward Neighborhood Summit would be held on September 28th from 6:30 – 8:00 at Windom community center and encouraged board members to attend.

Leaf Raking
TNA is partnering with Master Water Stewards Kristine Maurer and Brittany Faust to hold a neighborhood leaf raking event on Saturday November 5th. During the event volunteers will help rake the lawns of residents unable to do so. Sign-up deadline will be October 29th. Volunteers will meet at Fuller Park at 12:30 for a short training on etiquette, grab cider and cookies, then pick up rakes (if needed), placed in teams of 4 and assigned a location. Volunteers can return with their leaf bags, where there will be a water quality information fair starting at 1:30 at Fuller Park that volunteers and neighborhood residents can attend, with the Minnesota DNR, Pollution Control Agency, and other organizations. Kristine and Brittany have written an article on the raking event for the fall newsletter.

TNA also needs volunteers from 12 – 4 to help coordinate the event and fair. Andrew, Dan, Kathy, and Claire volunteered.

Before the raking event, there will be an evening water quality forum Tuesday Nov 1st with a speaker from Freshwater Society and refreshments.

The Sustainability committee request a budget of $600 for leaf bags, compostables, printing, food, and rakes. Lauren moved to approve, Ryan seconded. Voice vote, all in favor, none opposed.

The board discussed and agreed to drop storm drain stenciling in combination with the leaf raking event, but agreed to gague interest and have sign-ups at the water quality fair. Somebody should reach out to the Washburn Green Team to see if they are interested.

Newsletter Topics (responsible person in parentheses)
Leaf raking – (Lauren) this will be the main front-page topic for the newsletter.
Ogranics Recap – (Lauren, Joy) Kathy suggested adding a “for more info email” bit to the newsletter article and based on responses we could hold a follow-up educational session about composting over the winter, perhaps in late January.
4th of July Recap – (Ryan) TNA also thanks Andrew’s wife for taking1600 photos of the event!
Charlie Siftar Tribute – (Mary Jane) a short article about how the tribute was represented at the 4th of July event
New board members – (Tjody) Joy will send the group picture – each new board member will pick something from their bio and send that to Tjody, she’ll send email to board about what she wants.
Sustainability Lead – (Kristine Kvamme) Announce handover from Lauren to Kristine and regular meeting date, time, and location to make it easier for new members to join.
Crime & Safety – (Andrew) 4 sentences about new police precinct commander (if there’s space)
Kids Vote Minneapolis – (Ryan) Call for volunteers with contact info, Ryan will forward info to Tjody
Website – (Joy) A short article about recent and future changes to the TNA website
Halloween – (Tjody) a short article about the Tangletown Trick or Treat group gathering

Ryan asked that we get a scope-of-work form from Tjody for newsletter editor fees, and moved that we budget $650 for the newsletter work, which is in-line with past editing budgets. Joy seconded, voice vote, all in favor, none opposed. Motion approved.

The board discussed moving to an e-newsletter instead of a print version, or adding an e-newsletter in addition to the print version. No action was proposed yet because the print newsletter is still a good option for reaching many residents instead of adding yet another email that people might just delete. Also, it’s difficult to convert the existing PDF-based newsletter workflow into a web-based one that’s flexible enough.

Communications Committee
The committee held strategy meeting on Monday September 12th. The committee wants to add a events calendar widget to the website that pulls from a Google calendar, and restructure the site layout and article tags. The committee also wants to be more strategic and intentional about social media with regular updates for TNA, city, and other local events. Ryan is drafting a scorecard that we would use to identify which things to post and which are not appropriate for TNA. Abby suggested regular bi-weekly website and social media updates, and that whenever something is posted to the website it should also go out on social media like Facebook and Nextdoor.

It was suggested to kick off more active website and social media posts using modified versions of newsletter articles.

Nicollet Open Streets
The Windom neighborhood coordinator asked if TNA would like to partner on a Nicollet Open Streets 2017 application. Councilmember John Quincy noted that it is complicated to participate; it’s not a cost factor for neighborhoods but is an organizational challenge for the City and the Minneapolis Bike Coalition which manages the event. There were 9 neighborhoods this year. A large goal is economic development, so proposals must make sure businesses are involved. The event hasn’t historically worked well in South Minneapolis as there’s not as much commercial property along Nicollet Ave, and 46th Street is the furthest south the event has gone. There are traffic challenges on cross streets for freeway access like 46th and 54th, which need police presence for traffic direction.

Oct 10th is the deadline for applications. Ryan will take point and respond to Windom; Dan will help. An endorsement from the Southwest Business Association would help.

2015 Annual Report
Abby completed the TNA 2015 Annual Report and is ready to submit it to the City. Dan moved to approve it; Lauren seconded, voice vote, all in favor, none opposed. Motion carried.

NCR Neighborhood Board Survey
Stacy from the City passed out the board survey for board members to fill out. The City compiles the information and makes available for analysis and diversity enhancement.

Title Boxing
This was a board and neighborhood engagement idea Joy had presented at a previous meeting. She suggested that we drop the idea as there is now a cost associated for glove wraps (for sanitary reasons) and the reason it was initially attractive was that we thought it would be free.

Facade Improvement Grants
TNA has a Business Fascade Improvement grant program which matches 1/3 of funds up to a maximum of $1000. For example, a $600 improvement would get a $200 match. Even though lots of education and mailing was done, response is always slow. TNA has given grants to about 10 businesses so far but to get more we need more promotion and publicity. We’d like to renew our NCR contract under which the funds have previously been disbursed, as there is $1800 left in the NCR contract and $2000 left in the general NCR strategy that could be added to the NCR contract. The board previously agreed to contract the left-over NCR money for the grant program but has not officially voted on it. The contract amendment takes about a month and would be done through Stacy from the City.

Organics Recycling Wrap-up/Review
Joy gave a review of the past year’s Organics Recycling initiative in support of the City’s Organics program. Useful resources from the effort were posted to the tangletown.org website, including cart sign-up information, a list of accepted materials, home setup examples, compostable product buying guide, a cart delivery schedule, and more.

The Sustainability Committee organized a Kick-Off event in March with the Lynnhurst neighborhood including presentations, informational displays, games, hands-on activities, which was attended by about 215 people. An estimated 97 adults from Tangletown, 87 from Lynnhurst, and 19 from other neighborhoods attended. The presentations were recorded and are posted online, and both neighborhood organizations provided free compostable bin liners and lawn-signs to attendees.

The Committee also developed and launched the Organics Captain program, including four training sessions for the 25 Captains signed up for Tangletown. Those captains who reported back reached 80 residents via block gatherings and informational sessions, and further neighbor-to-neighbor education likely continues beyond those gatherings. Lynnhurst had 41 captains report back, reaching 155 residents. 25 Organics Captain lawn signs and 40+ resident signs were distributed to Tangletown residents.

The board also provided free compostable supplies to block captains for National Night Out parties. 32 block captains picked up compostable kits, reaching approximately 1200 residents (as estimated by block leaders). A Tangletown Organics Captain (and board member) made rounds of block parties that received kits to check in and answer questions.

Before the Organics initiative about 45% of residents had signed up for the program and by September 12 that had risen to almost 53%, an increase of 124 more homes in the program. The initiative also grew the partnership between Tangletown and Lynnhurst, and increased community building between residents within and between both neighborhoods.

Adjourned: 8:40pm

Minutes submitted by Dan Williams, TNA Secretary

August 2016 Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, August 15th, 2016 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Dan Williams, Andrew Buss, Ryan Fisher, Joy Gottschalk, Dick Fiala, Briana Daymont, Joy Glasser, Steve Bieringer, Lauren Anderson, Justin Wills, Mary Jane Mitchell, Kathy Kornblum,

Board members absent: Sandra Bartsias, Eric David, Dick Wager,

Also present: Abby Rowan (TNA coordinator), Stacy Sorenson (City of Minneapolis NCR representative), Brittany Faust (Master Water Stewards), Kristine Maurer (Master Water Stewards), Councilmember John Quincy, Tjody DeVaal

Called to order: 7:03pm

Officer Reports:
Secretary – A motion to approve the July 2016 minutes was made, seconded and approved.
Treasurer – Justin presented the FY2016 profit & loss statement. Lauren moved to approve, Joy seconded. Voice vote, all in favor, none opposed. Motion approved.

Partner and Other Announcements
Councilmember John Qunicy talked about the City’s 5.5% levy request for this coming tax year. The base request was a 2% property tax increase; Minneapolis Parks & Recreation Board funding and an additional $20 million for streets and infrastructure brought the levy request to 4.9%. The extra 0.6% was added due to the failure of the Minnesota State Legislature to approve Local Government Aid during their session this year. If the Legislature returns for a special session and passes LGA funds, the levy request would drop back down to 4.9%. Councilmember Quincy said 70% of the City’s budget increases were in public safety, such as increasing the number of public safety officers and increasing their diversity.

The council also decided not to put the $15/hour minimum wage and police officer personal liability insurance initiatives on the ballot as the city attorney did not consider them charter-worthy initiatives. The council has not rejected the minimum wage initiative, but is waiting for the results of studies on wage impacts before making further decisions which could come in 2017.

The City is also planning an upcoming neighborhood coordination meeting and will solicit input from Tangletown and other neighborhood associations.

Leaf Raking
Kristine Maurer and Brittany Faust solicited support for their community leaf raking Master Water Steward project. Unraked leaves wash into storm sewers which drain to city lakes and streams, causing algae blooms which severly reduce water quality and prevent recreational activities. Their proposed event would gather community volunteers to rake leaves for those who are unable to do so, and possibly in neighborhood public spaces and business nodes. They would like to host a small educational event beforehand with tables from other water quality organizations and the Washburn Green Team, and provide refreshements (like fresh apple cider) and snacks. They asked for support from TNA for the sign-up process, publicity, and refreshments. Joy suggested adding a storm drain stenciling component, which other neighborhoods like Lynnhurst have done in the past.

Kristine and Brittany proposed Saturday October 22nd as the date, though Lauren suggested the first weekend in November since many trees in Tangletown hold their leaves longer. Laurent also suggested hilighting the event in the fall newsletter, the deadline for which is September 19th. Dick, Lauren, Mary Jane, and Kathy will co-lead the effort for the board.

NCR Overview
Stacy Sorenson from the City of Minneapolis presented an overview of the CPP and NCR programs, reimbursement guidelines, and processes. Before TNA can be reimbursed for an expense, funds must be under contract through CPP/NCR with some entity providing that service, which could be TNA itself, Minneapolis Public Works, or other entities. Contracts detail the work to be performed and the party responsible for doing the work. The city will often give an advance on contract funds to make it easier for neighborhoods to get things done. Approving a contract takes about 6 – 8 weeks after the paperwork is submitted.

Contracts (and thus any activities which TNA could be reimbursed for through CPP/NRP funds) should have an emphasis on educational activities and/or bringing people together, or other concrete neighborhood improvement projects. For example, the leaf-raking project could fall under community engagement and education, but festivals (like the TNA 4th of July event) are complicated because the city will not reimburse for food or entertainment, but can reimburse for community-building aspects of these events. Other examples of reimbursible items are newsletters, communications, web sites, event speakers, advertising, Neighborhood Priority Plans.

TNA needs to submit our 2015 CPP annual report before further reimbursement for any eligible expenses.

Stacy specifically called out the NRP Phase II funds which were contracted in 2007 and of which $85,000 are unspent. She suggested closing out that contract and rolling those funds over into a CPP strategy instead of leaving them in NRP. But 70% of these Phase II must still be allocated to housing (like home improvement loands or historic preservation) even if they are rolled over to CPP, and need a new CPP contract before they can be spent. Previously these funds were allocated to home improvement loans administered by Center for Energy and Environment but TNA pulled out of that program when CEE raised their administrative fees. Lauren asked if the city has another loan administrator and Stacy suggested Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation. The City will prepare a report in October about TNAs current NRP and CPP funds status. Stacy volunteered to return next month to talk aobut the neighborhood board diversity survey and answer any further questions about CPP/NCR.

4th of July Recap
We have so far had 12 responses to our event survey, which include much positive feedback. Recommendations from the survey include easing the bottleneck at the face painting and balloon stations, more kid-friendly food options, adding family/adult games, and increased marketing of the event. The inflatables and dunk tank did not work as well as expected and TNA will negotiate with Diamond Lake Rental for discounts appropriate for the level of functionality the inflatables and tank provided.

NNO Compostables Recap
TNA purchased and provided compostable party supplies (plates, utensils, cups, bags) for 32 National Night Out party block leaders. Board members helped put together the supply kits and hand them out over two days. Kathy visited a few block parties and helped educate leaders about how to use supplies and acceptable compostable items. Suggestions for next year include more block leader education and having a demo setup at supply pickup time. Additional improvement suggestions for next year should be sent to Joy.

Projector and Microphone
Briana got quotes from Best Buy for projectors and wireless PA system, ranging from $300 to $670 for projectors and $234 for a wireless PA (one speaker and wireless mic). The board decided to focus on the higher-quality projector since it will address more use-cases and be more flexible.

Ryan asked about purchasing a screen since projecting on the wall at Fuller can be unreadable. Steve mentioned any screen would have to be retractable since the main room at Fuller is also a gym. Since screens had not previously been discussed and no quote was ready, a screen decision was tabled.

Dan moved to budget $1100 for the better-quality projector option and the wireless PA system. Lauren seconded. Voice vote, all in favor, none opposed. Motion approved. Briana will source the projector and PA.

Direction for the coming year
Joy compiled a list of activities and interest areas pulled from the TNA 2013 neighborhood survey and the mid-2015 TNA board brainstorming session, and asked current board members to indicate their interest in each of the items. Those items with the most interest could become TNA focus items for 2016.

Joy volunteered to lead a short sub-committee to push communication strategy (website calendar, etc) forward.
Briana volunteered to focus on utilizing housing-focused NRP Phase II funds. Justin expressed interest in dog parks, Ryan for Nice Ride, and Kathy/Joy/Lauren for sustainability. Dan will continue with utility box wraps.

Lauren encouraged high board turnout for our fall event. Kathy suggested focusing the event around water issues to tie in with leaf raking and drive signups for the raking event. Kristine Maurer suggested Peggy Knap from Freshwater Society as a speaker.

Fall Newsletter
Tjody set the article deadline for September 19th. Mary-Jane suggested an article about leaf-raking and water quality for the fall newsletter.

Joy solicited interest for a “Box With Your Board” activity with Title Boxing, a new business at Lyndale and 54th St, as a board-building and community outreach event. The board seemed generally interested an Joy will follow up.

Kids Vote Minneapolis is looking for volunteers; Tangletown will ask for vounteers in our communications and put a link on the website.

Adjourned: 8:30pm

July 2016 Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, July 18th, 2016 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Dan Williams, Eric David, Lauren Anderson, Joy Gottschalk, Dick Fiala, Mary Jane Mitchell, Dick Wager, Kathy Kornblum, Briana Daymont, Joy Glasser

Board members absent: Andrew Buss, Steve Bieringer, Sandra Bartsias, Ryan Fisher

Also present: Abby Rowan (TNA coordinator), Jennifer Waisanen (Minneapolis Police Crime prevention specialist)

Called to order: 7:05pm

Crime Prevention
Jennifer Waisanen reported on an uptick in burglaries has been reported in Tangletown over the past few months. Since January 1st there have been 17 burglaries, 6 dwellings forced, 6 dwellings unforced, 3 garages forced, and 2 garages unforced. There were only 17 burglaries in all of 2015. The police believe there is only one person responsible for the recent set of incidents. They have increased police patrols by car and request that residents report any incidents (even if those incidents don’t result in a loss) to police via 911 (if the incident is in progress or soon after) or 311 (if found later). The police use crime reports to determine patterns of crime and direct patrols so it’s important to file reports. While some residents were home at the time of recent burglaries, there have been no incidents with armed robbery at this time.

Some tips for prevention include getting newspapers and mail stopped, ensuring sidewalks are shoveled during the winter, leaving outside lights on at night, making sure all doors and windows are locked, and calling the 5th Precinct desk to put your home on their vacation list. For more information on crime prevention and other questions, contact Jennifer Waisanen at (612) 673-5704.

Neighborhood residents Dirk Nicholson and Christopher Massey spoke about landscape management for a 50ft MnDOT easement near their homes, along Interstate 35W at the corner of East 51st Street and Stevens Ave. Residents have started a conversaton with MnDOT and city planners and will start working with the City Landscape Partnership, but the City requires a neighborhood entity to partner with. Residents already have maintenance labor lined up and funding comes from MnDOT, so no funding from TNA is required. But they may need a board representative to attend a meeting with the City and MnDOT.

Lauren moved to partner with and support residents along the easement in their landscaping efforts. Seconded, voice vote. All in favor, none opposed. Motion approved.

National Night Out Compost Supplies
Thirty block leaders responded for a total of 1200 participants. Lauren proposed to cover whatever block leaders need instead of setting a hard limit. TNA will provide Biodegradable Products Institute certified plates, cups, napkins, utensils, and two large compostable bags. We need volunteers to staff pick-ups and do some quick education and hand out literature.

Mary-Jane suggested printing signs about composting for block leaders to tape on compost bins, and having block leaders take pictures of their block parties that TNA could post. Dick Wager suggested printing and handing out TNA mailing list signup sheets that block leaders could have available.

Lauren made a motion to spend $1,000 NNO compostable supplies. Seconded, voice vote. All in favor, none opposed. Motion approved.

Projector and Sound
TNA has previously discssued purchasing a projector for TNA meetings and activities at Fuller Park. Briana will investigate suggestions from Best Buy; Dan and Briana will get some quotes for the next meeting.

Communications Committee
The committee would like to add an events calendar on website and purchase some new templates for Constant Contact. They would also like to give each block leader 10 Tangletown postcards with TNA meeting times and other information to hand out during National Night Out. Mary-Jane will write up the copy.

Community Solar Gardens
Joy will contact each previously identified solar developer and ask if they will allow sharing the three main variables of their contract with residents. If they will, we can distribute a simplified comparison and list of options to neighbors. Joy proposed sending the comparison to the board which would review/approve and then re-send to the neighborhood via the TNA mailing list.

Fall Forum
Tangletown has historically been quiet between 4th of July and end of year, without many planned events. This would be a nice time to gather residents and focus on a topic sometime in October or early November. Last year’s fall event was focused on communoity solar. Possible topics for this year could include include “energy” (solar follow-up and energy audit/getting ready for winter) and simplifying and organizing your home including bulk donation collection.

Officer Reports:
Secretary – A motion to approve the June 2016 minutes was made, seconded and approved.
Treasurer – no report this month

Adjourned: 8:30pm

Minutes submitted by Dan Williams, TNA Secretary

June 2016 Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, June 20, 2016 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Dan Williams, Andrew Buss, Sandra Bartsias, Joy Gottschalk, Ryan Fisher, Dick Fiala, Mary Jane Mitchell, Briana Daymont, Steve Bieringer, Joy Glasser, Katherine Kornblum, Dick Wager, Justin Wills

Past/Present Board members absent: Lauren Anderson, Andrea Siegel, Karen Costello, Dylan Sirny, Laura Silver, Eric David, Virgil Petrie, Peter DeVaal

Also present: Sarah Cedarblade (Fuller Park Director), Abby Rowan, Forest Hardy (City of Minneapolis Transportation Planner), Kurt Wayne (City of Minneapolis Transportation Planner)

Called to order: 7:07pm

Annual Meeting Recap
We had about 38 attendees for our 2016 Annual Meeting. The event went well and there were no suggestions for improvements from the board at this time.

Diamond Lake & Pleasant Ave Bumpout Project
Forest and Kurt from the City of Minneapolis presented a plan to build a single bumpout on the north-east corner of Diamond Lake Road and Pleasant Ave S. Seal coating in 2015 triggered pedestrian ramp upgrades on the south side of Diamond Lake Road, and while nothing was done to the north side at that time, the Pleasant Ave intersection was flagged for upgrades. Benefits of the bumpout include opened-up sight lines and shorter crossing distance for pedestrians. Pleasant Ave has a pedestrian crossing at Minnehaha Creek, is a future bicycle boulevard in the Minneapolis Bicycle Master Plan, and already has lots of bicycle and pedestrian traffic. The City will test the bumpout for 30 days with plastic posts and count traffic and pedestrian crossings starting this week or next, and plans construction starting in early August. The bumpout would require moving a bus stop 25ft to the east and would remove one parking space for a homeowner. It may also increase queuing of cars on Diamond Lake Road when pedestrians cross.

Forest and Kurt looked for a resolution of support from the Board, but Ryan and Andrew suggested holding any resolution until the homeowner is notified of the project and the initial traffic study is done, hopefully by our July meeting. Forest and Kurt will return to the July meeting to present the results of that study and the board will discuss the issue again.

4th of July Status Update
Ryan noted that planning is on-schedule and most tasks are in-order. Abby is soliciting and collecting volunteer information from neighborhood residents and board members. We have volunteers specifically interested in pouring fruit water again; Ryan will confirm whether or not fruit water will be available this year. Board members should let Abby know via email ASAP what their preference is for volunteer duties. Kim Karstad (our balloon vendor) agreed to $150 for reduced time window versus last year.

Andrew will ensure a photographer is present from 9:30 – 12:00. Postcards were already mailed and delivered.

Dan will reach out to Tjody about updated flyers and posters, which Dan, Mary Jane, and Joy will distribute.

Ryan will email link to tasks spreadsheet to the board.

Abby will send the setup map to the board mailing list.

Sarah will block the parking lot with cones on the morning of the 4th.

Sandra proposed a budget of $4,000 for 4th of July Party. Ryan moved to approve the budget, Steve seconded. Voice vote, motion approved.

Officer Reports:

Secretary – A motion to approve the May 2016 minutes was made, seconded and approved via voice vote.
Treasurer – The TNA account has $7,048 and the NCR account has $12,147.

Sandra did a preliminary profit & loss for fiscal 2015 and determined that the board spent $26,118 and took in $14,041, leading to a “loss” of $12,077.76. Income included $10,563 from reimbursed CPP contracts, $2,568 from ticket sales from the 2015 4th of July, $490 from the garage sale, $100 from Restorative Justice Community Action, and $320 in donations. Expenditures included $5,775 for organics recycling and solar gardens initiatives, $1,056 for the May annual meeting (postcards, postage, food, supplies), TNA Coordinator hours, $2,823 so far for the 4th of July (postcards, signs, vendors, materials), and other expenses. We expect to be reimbursed for some of these expenses through City CPP contracts.

Since Sandra is stepping down from the role of Treasurer, she will ensure the new treasurer is up-to-speed with upcoming 2015 CPP reimbursement requests.

Officer Elections
President, Vice President, and Treasurer positions are open.

Justin Wills was nominated, seconded, and approved for Treasurer via voice vote.. Joy Gottschalk was nominated, seconded, and approved for President via voice vote. Lauren Andersen was nominated, seconded, and approved for Vice President via voice vote.

Coordinator Report
Peter deVaal has moved out of Tangletown and notified Abby that he will therefore resign from the board. Steve volunteered to stay on as a regular board member instead of resigning the board as he had planned. Abby showed the new Tangletown table sign, parade banner, and tall tent-marker signs.

Abby will also look into music options for the 4th parade. Katherine mentioned Patrick Prochaska would be interesting in helping out.

Abby also noted the prizes for 4th of July games, which include superhero backpacks, eye-patches, soaker water guns, beach balls, hats, and more. Sara and her Parks Department team will staff prize tables while prizes are supplied by TNA.

Fuller Park
Sarah said the June 10th movie night (Frozen) was well attended, with Park staff handing out 150 bags popcorn.

The rec center’s men’s outside bathroom has been broken into a few times overnight in the past month and park staff have been replacing the lock each time. The most recent break-in actually broke the door and park staff replaced the lock with a temporary clasp lock. A new door is on-order and expected in 35 – 40 days. Park police have scheduled extra patrols around 9:30 at night and neighbors should report an suspicious activity to park staff.

Sarah noted that TNA could help the park with contributions towards better lighting by the pool and a new basketball hoop.

Partner and Other Announcements

Adjourned: 8:05pm

Minutes submitted by Dan Williams, TNA Secretary

May 2016 Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, May 16, 2016 – 7:00 p.m. (Annual Meeting), Fuller Park

Board members present: Dan Williams, Lauren Anderson, Andrew Buss, Andrea Siegel, Karen Costello, Sandra Bartsias, Joy Gottschalk, Ryan Fisher, Dick Fiala, Eric David, Steve Bieringer, Virgil Petrie, Mary Jane Mitchell

Board members absent: Dylan Sirny, Laura Silver

Also present: Councilmember John Quincy, Tjody deVaal, Sarah Cedarblade (Fuller Park Director), George Kraynik (City of Minneapolis Water Department), Annika Bankston (City of Minneapolis Water Department), Bob Byers (Hennepin County), various neighborhood residents, Matt Perry (President of Southwest Business Association), Ray Hoover (Principal Aide to County Commissioner Marion Greene)

Called to order: 7:05pm

46th Street Improvement Plan
The City of Minneapolis and Hennepin County are planning to restripe 46th Street West this summer between Nicollet and Lyndale, and previously presented the final proposal on May 11th at MLK Park. The Kingfield Neighborhood Association endorsed the plan following that meeting. They are also asking for approval from the Tangletown Neighborhood Association. The plan includes narrowing traffic stripes and adding bike lanes, which does mean a loss of on-street parking spaces for neighborhood homes and businesses. Residents had questions about the safety of mixing bikes and cars. Matt Perry also asked that if it is found that more parking is needed, that neighborhood groups like TNA would be willing to work with businesses and city to advocate for increased parking. Ryan read a motion based off the Kingfield Neighborhood Association resolution. Lauren proposed that Tangletown adopt this resolution, Steve seconded. Voice vote, all in favor, none opposed.

Minneapolis City Water Presentation
Our main Annual Meeting presentation about Minneapolis water was given by George Kraynik and Annika Bankston from the City of Minneapolis Public Works department, and covered sources, processing, distribution, and consumers.

Officer Reports:
Secretary – A motion to approve the April 2016 minutes was made, seconded and approved.
Treasurer – The NCR has $16,098.22 and the TNA account has $8,129.43. A motion to approve the financials report was made, seconded and approved.

Year in Review
Board members gave very short overviews of the six major board priorities to the attending neighborhood residents, including Fuller Park, Board Development, Utility Box Wraps, Sustainability, Communications, and Schools Relationships.

New Board Member Elections
Our annual meeting includes elections of new board members to replace those who choose to step down. Andrea, Karen, Laura, Virgil, Steve, and Dylan will step down from the board. Sandra will remain on the board, but would like to resign from the role of treasurer.

Joy Glasser, Dick Wager, Peter DeVaal, Justin Wills, Katherine Kornblum, and Briana Daymont were nominated to fill the open board positions. There were no contested open positions. Steve moved that the nominees be elected to the board, Dan seconded. Voice vote, none opposed. Motion carried.

Partner and Other Announcements
Councilmember Quincy mentioned a ward-wide mailing in next few weeks, and reminded attendees about the City curfew for minors. He also spoke about the recently passed City Sick and Safe Time” Ordinance, Parks Board funding agreement, and street infrastructure.

Sarah Cedarblade, our new Fuller Park Director, introduced herself.

Hennepin County Update
Ray Hoover provided a county update. The Interstate 35 transit access project (centered around Lake Street) is waiting for funding from the State Legislature, the County Works department is moving forward with public art projects related to the Southwest light rail project, and an overhaul of Child Protective Services has hired 100 additional staff members, including 65 investigators.

Remembering Charlie Siftar
Sandra spoke about Charlie’s extensive involvement in the neighborhood, including helping add bike racks at 48th and Grand, the 4th of July Parade, volunteer bike tuneups, and how TNA will be honoring Charlie during the 4th of July celebration.

Photo Contest Winners
1st – Bernie Savage – $50 gift card from Ace Hardware
2nd – Peter DeVaal – (Peter declined his prize as he was just elected to the board)
3rd – Shirley O’Mara – $25 gift card from Ace Hardware

Door Prizes
Winners – Tom Piersma, Mike O’Leary, Joy Glasser, Jessica Pottebaum, Judy Wager

Adjourned: 8:56pm

Minutes submitted by Dan Williams, TNA Secretary

April 2016 Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, April 18, 2016 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Dan Williams, Lauren Anderson, Andrew Buss, Andrea Siegel, Karen Costello, Sandra Bartsias, Joy Gottschalk, Ryan Fisher, Dick Fiala, Mary Jane Mitchell,

Board members absent: Dylan Sirny, Laura Silver, Eric David, Steve Bieringer, Virgil Petrie

Also present: Councilmember John Quincy, Tjody deVaal, Sarah Cedarblade (Fuller Park Director), Kristine Maurer

Called to order: 7:06pm

Fall Leaf Cleanup Event
Kristine Maurer recently completed her Master Water Steward certification and for her capstone project wants to lead a fall leaf cleanup event since leaf waste is a significant pollutant of our lakes and streams. She asked the board for assistance in contacting neighborhood residents who might want help with leaf raking and volunteers to help. Lauren proposed an addition to the fall newsletter and suggested working with Washburn’s Green Team. John Quincy noted that the event should be coordinated with the city street sweeping schedule to ensure raking happens before streets are swept. Kristine also asked for help with advertising (fliers, lawn signs, signup help, social media promotion), leaf-bags, rakes, refreshments, and t-shirts for volunteers. Lauren moved to support Kristine’s event and efforts; Mary-Jane seconded. Voice vote, motion approved, none opposed. We will revist her efforts closer to any planned event.

Garage Sale
Registrations are running a bit behind normal numbers. The newsletter was a bit late coming out so Ryan expects more this registrations to come in this week. The newsletter is also posted on the TNA website so interested people can find the sign-up form there as well. Abby will also post about sign-ups on Facebook, and Lauren suggested creating a Google form for a smoother sign-up experience instead of only email.

Annual Meeting
Abby reported that the food is confirmed at about $230 this year versus $150 last year. We added another of each of the three food items. Abby also reported that the 25 water bottles were delivered for a total of $106. Abby will hand them off to Virgil for engraving. Minneapolis city speakers are confirmed and Steve will bring a projector. Tjody reported that she has begun framing photo contest entries, and we are still accepting entries until May 12th. Lauren will purchase compostable supplies for the meeting. Andrea requested an additional postcard mailing for the annual meeting as an additional reminder, which should include a section about joining the TNA board.

Tjody will donate time to repaint a banner to hang on the side of the Fuller Rec Center and she asked for $30 for supplies. Sarah Cedarblade will promote the annual meeting on the Fuller Rec Center sign outside. Mary-Jane suggested an after-party at La Fresca like in past years; Andrea will ask La Fresca if they have space for 15 – 20 people after the meeting.

There should be a short presentation about TNA initiatives and accomplishments over the past year, including what we want to do for the future, which might help recruit board members.

CPR Training
Eric was not present and this topic was tabled until the next meeting.

46th Street Focus Group
The city and county are planning to restripe 46th street this summer, and will present the final proposal on May 11th at MLK park. The proposal will better accommodate bike traffic and will include reconfigured parking, bus stops, and traffic calming measures. The city is asking for non-binding approval from Kingfield and Tangletown neighborhood associations. There are concerns about reduced parking for businesses at the Grand and Nicollet business nodes, and about changes to the bus layover near Steve’s Auto on Nicollet. John Quincy stated that the process has been comprehensive and happening for a long time. Ryan will bring a large plan map to the May annual meeting, but is concerned that more extensive discussion will derail the main focus of the annual meeting. The annual meeting postcard mailer could direct interested people to the MLK Park meeting intsead. Ryan will write text for the postcard.

2016 – 2017 TNA Board Members and Officers
Board terms expire in June. Sandra wants to step down as treasurer. Karen and Andrea would both like to step down from the board and but remain involved as volunteers. Mary-Jane and Lauren contemplating stepping down as well. Steve would like to step down as President. This means we need a new President, Vice President, Treasurer. We should advertise board executive openings and possibly incentivize joining the board.

4th of July
Diamond Lake Rental items are confirmed including a newer dunk tank. The Castle Remodeling jumper is confirmed, but we need to pick it up and drop it off. The 4th of July committee will meet soon to continue handling remaining items.

Officer Reports:
Secretary – A motion to approve the March 2016 minutes was made, seconded and approved.
Treasurer – Sandra noted that CPP reimbursements apparently cannot inlcude food, so she transfers money from TNA account to NCR account for these expenses and asked for approval of this process. Dan moved to approve these transfers; Karen seconded, voice vote, motion carried, none opposed. The NCR has $9,111.22 and the TNA account has $18,317.99.

Neighborhood Priorities Status / Committee Reports

Fuller Park (Steve, Virgil): The Park Board will be showing Frozen outside in the park on June 10th. TNA could run a popcorn machine (and even stamp bags with TNA logo). Cost for popcorn is $42/case. Lauren moved to approve $50 for popcorn for the movie; Dan/Andrea second, voice vote, motion carried, none opposed. We should advertise movie at annual meeting. Andrea and Ryan will staff a TNA table during the movie.

Board Development (Karen, Andrew, Dick): the committee is pulling together a single site for new board members, info on city funding, charter, bylaws, etc. Abby suggested running it by long-serving board members for review.

Utility Box Wraps (Dan, Andrea): the committee submitted a list of utility boxes in Tangletown to the city for vetting and all but one are owned by the city and are approved for wrapping. We will now begin collecting photos for our target of 2 – 3 box wraps later this year.

Sustainability/Green Team (Lauren, Joy): the committee is launching Organics Captain training. One will be held April 19th at Fuller Park and another later in Lynnhurst to educate and empower residents. Organics captains are expected to to talk with neighbors and hold info sessions to attempt to increase participation in the city’s organics recycling effort. The committee is also building a list of residents passionate about sustainability in the neighborhood to get contacts for pushing out information. Organics cart delivery schedule has also been posted on the TNA website.

Website/Communications (Eric, Dylan, Ryan, Laura): Ryan researched WordPress calendar widgets and ran into technical difficulties but still plans to add calendar functionality to the website.

School Relationships (Mary Jane, Sandra): Sandra emailed Washburn Arts Council to connect looking for face painters for the 4th of July.

Coordinator Report
Abby received the water bottles and will hand them off to Virgil for engraving. She researched storage unit options at the behest of the board, and the best options are 150 West 81st Bloomington for 2×3 @ $31, 5×5 @ $55 and 2845 Harriet in Minneapolis (twice as expensive). Board decided to punt this decision and live with our current storage situation.

Partner and Other Announcements

Adjourned: 8:56pm

Minutes submitted by Dan Williams, TNA Secretary

February 2016 Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, February 15, 2016 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Dan Williams, Lauren Anderson, Karen Costello, Steve Bieringer, Sandra Bartsias, Joy Gottschalk, Andrea Siegel

Board members absent: Mary Jane Mitchell, Virgil Petrie, Ryan Fisher, Dylan Sirny, Andrew Buss, Dick Fiala, Laura Silver, Eric David

Also present: Tony Sterle, Councilmember John Quincy, Tjody DeVaal, Abby Rowan

Called to order: 7:06pm

Partner and Other Announcements
Tony Sterle talked about Save Our Minneapolis Parks, an independent group that supports this year’s Parks referendum, where he is Campaign Manager. They are looking for volunteers to knock on doors, speak out about neighborhood parks, and pass out literature at caucuses. He described the risks he sees neighborhood parks facing, including a $15 million/year funding gap totalling $111 million overall. The city has 157 neighborhood parks, including 46 located in areas of poverty. Over 6 million people visit Minneapolis neighborhood parks each year.

John Quincy noted that the referendum is focused on long-ignored capital needs like facilities maintenance and upkeep and Americans with Disabilites Act (ADA) compliance issues. Funding these needs would free up more money for regular maintenance like mowing and groundskeeping. The parks facilities were originally built with federal money that is long-since gone, and the Parks Board did not allocate long-term funds for facilities maintenance, so now buildings and community centers require large amounts of deferred maintenance.

John Quincy noted recent growth in senior needs and other community programs at the parks. Steve asked about the Parks Board’s recent acquisitions of river-front property in north and northeast Minneapolis and if that reduces funding for neighborhood parks in favor of park system expansion. John Quincy replied that since the city is fully built out, riverfront property is too valuable to pass up it’s available. Joy also brought up the challenge to use/reserve non-playground facilities.

Southwest Business Association Happy Hour: Abby talked with the SBA president and reported that TNA should reach out to the SBA if there is something specific to work with area businesses on. Lauren suggested organics recycling.

Minnehaha Trail Improvement Meeting: TNA board members probably will not be able to attend, but Joy will reach out to Lynnhurst board members and get more information about how the event and trail walk went.

2015 Neighborhood Association Annual Report: TNA must submit the 2015 report to the City before we can get funding for current and future initiatives. Each team should review what they and the board accomplished in 2015 and communicate its community/neighborhood benefit. Abby will send around the report template to jump-start discussions, and will coordinate the report with input from board members and teams. Andrea suggested adding the March 2015 safety meeting to the report as an example of TNA community involvement.

February 3rd All-Neighborhood Meeting with Councilmember Quincy
Abby, Sandra, and Ryan attended the meeting and shared Tangletown’s accomplishments in 2015 and goals for 2016. Board members reported on the higher levels of involvement that some other neighborhoods have on their committees, like the Hale/Page/Diamond Lake (HPDL) safety committee, and asked how TNA can achieve higher participation. John Qunicy said the HPDL Safety committee increased involvement by widening their mission from crime to general safety issues like stop signs, traffic safety, public art, and grafitti abatement which attracted more community memebers than crime alone had. He also said the education and communication are great tools for crime prevention, including making sure neighborhoods what works for them with other neighborhoods. All neighborhoods want more involvement from block leaders, to develop new leaders where they are missing, and ensure crime that does happen gets reported to police and not simply discussed on Nextdoor and other social media.

The board discussed how to increase volunteer involvement. John Quincy suggested that should reach out to other neighborhoods and find out what’s working for them. Sandra suggested hiring temporary community organizer to door knock and hand out information about TNA efforts and opportunities for involvement. Joy suggested sending out flyers, which Abby agreed with. Lauren suggested postings at coffee shops and other neighborhood businesses for events TNA is holding in the next few months. Tjody suggested hilighting TNA initiaties and the annual meeting in the spring newsletter, instead of the usual articles about the garage sale and 4th of July event. Lauren brought up the organics recycling kickoff and need for block compost captains as outreach opportunities, which could help TNA involve more residents. John Quincy mentioned Windom’s new resident welcome program as a mechanism to make residents more aware of their neighborhood association.

Dan suggested that the TNA website should have an event list/calendar widget or some other way to get live info on the page to reflect our upcoming events. Other board members said we should re-start the TNA Facebook page and/or do monthly e-newsletters in addition to the print newsletter.

Joy asked about seemingly uneven progress of our various initiatives and whether we shouldn’t combine or simplify our priorities for 2016. While board progress during the winter has historically been slower, all the teams need to keep moving forward but we can re-evaluate in future meetings. Also, given the lack of quorum at the meeting, attendance was discussed and we need to reach out to all board memebers and make sure everyone comes to meetings regularly and is still interested in being on the board. Unless a majority of board members and half of the executive committee is present, the board can’t even approve budget, minutes, or make any official decisions.

Andrea will write cover article about Annual Meeting and water issues. Lauren will write an article about organics composting and Joy will write one about community solar. Due to all the other content, there won’t be an article about the garage sale this year. Sandra also suggested placing a $5 or $10 discount coupon in the newsletter for community education classes and board memebers agreed.

Annual Meeting on May 16th
At the January meeting the board decided that water should be the annual meeting topic. Sandra also suggested neighborhood park issues given the upcoming referendum. While the board thought parks were a great idea, we want to keep the annual meeting focused and a separate event was suggested for Parks issues. The board will buy food for the annual meeting and Abby will talk to Hector from Cafe Ena/La Fresca/Rincon 38 again to see if they are interested in catering.

Coordinator Report
Abby has held “office hours” at the Fuller Park Rec center on Wednesday and Thursday evenings for an hour each night. She reported lots of interest in TNA but noted that people really want something physical to take home and look at, like lists of what each committee needs volunteers for. Abby has entered all email addresses given to her into Constant Contact, but wants any collateral teams have ASAP. The board suggested Abby should also be present for specific events and perhaps have sign-up lists for TNA events and committees.

Officer Reports:
Secretary – January 2016 minutes could not be approved due to lack of quorum.
Treasurer – TNA received our CPP contract #38870 reimbursement from the City for 2014 for $10,563.66. The city also reimbursed TNA for the $255.75 after TNA provided clarification on the expense. Sandra put together a projected budget for 2016 and noted that TNA has not contracted much of our available funds yet.

The NCR account has $5507.94 and the Tangletown account has $18,171.88, not including the city reimbursement for NCR/CPP contracts for 2014.

Neighborhood Priorities Status / Committee Reports

Sustainability/Green Team (Lauren, Joy): TNA is holding a joint “Green Day” event in cooperation with Lynnhurst organized around the City organics recycling spring kick-off. There will be games, races, crafts, informational displays, and other activities. The event will also sign up block compost captains in both neighborhoods. Dan proposed printing a large, re-usable neighborhood map for this event and others. Joy got a quote from Banners to Go for $135 but no budget could be proposed or approved due to lack of quorum.

Adjourned: 9:05pm

Minutes submitted by Dan Williams, TNA Secretary

March 2016 Meeting Notes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, March 21, 2016 ­ 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Dan Williams, Eric David, Lauren Anderson, Andrew Buss, Andrea Siegel, Karen

Costello, Steve Bieringer, Sandra Bartsias, Joy Gottschalk, Virgil Petrie, Ryan Fisher, Dick Fiala

Board members absent: Dylan Sirny, Mary Jane Mitchell, Laura Silver

Also present: Councilmember John Quincy, Tjody deVaal, Susan Kline (a new resident)

Called to order: 7:04pm

Spring Newsletter

The newsletter needs to go to the printer on April 4th to be mailed by our goal of April 15th. This means all content

from board members should be sent to Tjody by March 28th. The annual meeting should be prominently featured

and the topic will be water quality. Andrea has contacted the Minneapolis water department asking if they would be

interested in speaking but hasn’t heard back yet.

Tjody reported that we have three submissions for the photo contest started a few months ago and hopes we will

receive more; the board will judge the entries before the annual meeting, and one option for the winning entry could

be a framed print of the photo. Virgil will check on framing costs.

Steve will also reach out to Sarah Cedardblade at Fuller Park for an update. The Washburn High School Green

Team also sent email to the board about fund­raising for hand dryers and this would be great to include. Mary­Jane

will write a list­of­events article, Steve will do a garage sale event update, and Ryan will write copy for the 4th of

July event article. Lauren suggested pulling out the 4th of July volunteer request from the event article for more

visiblity. We have also discussed providing compostable supplies for National Night Out block parties, and the 4th

of July newsletter article could add a sentence about these supplies, which block leaders could pick up at 4th of July


Tjody suggested a short article about TNA Board elections since that always seems a surprise at the meeting, and

requested that board members send a photo and a quote about what serving on the board has meant to them.

TNA Budget Review and Proposal

Sandra updated the CPP contract budget based on proposals from mid­2015 brainstorming meeting. Proposed

budget for 2016 is $72,782.56 if many of the additional ideas from the brainstorming meeting are included, and even

if not all of that is spent it can be rolled over to 2017 as long as it is allocated. Steve moved to approve, Karen

seconded. Voice vote, motion carried.

Eureka Zero­Waste Buying Co­Op

Dan suggested purchasing compostable supplies from the Eureka Recycling Zero­Waste Buying Co­Op to stockpile

for TNA events. Unfortunately, the deadline to purchase these supplies is April 15th and that is too soon to estimate

how much would be required and get board approval. We’ll investigate next year.

Schedules are too short for the co­op (by April 15th) so not this year.

Garage Sale

The garage sales event will be held on May 6th and 7th this year. Steve and Eric will handle putting up signs and

online awareness on Facebook, Nexdoor, etc. Steve will present budget at April meeting.

Annual Meeting – May 16th

We will contact Hector Ruiz (Cafe Ena) to cater food again. Door prizes could include reusable metal water bottles

to go with the water theme; Virgil has laser engraving equipment and can engrave metal water bottles. Andrea

proposed a budget of $1,200 for food, postcards, prizes, signage. Lauren seconded. Voice vote; motion carried.

Councilmember Quincy offered to help get a response from the city water department. We will also invite

Councilmember Quincy and Parks Boardmember Born to speak. Councilmember Quincy also suggested Marion

Greene from county commission if we need more speakers; Mary­Jane has contact information for her.

th of July @ Fuller Park


We would like to purchase bicycle bells from Charlie’s Bike Shop for the children’s parade and help install them on

bikes in honor of Charlie. Sandra has been trying to get Washburn students to participate (perhaps to lead the 4th of

July parade) and met with Jeremy from the Washburn Foundation but he indicated this couldn’t be done through the

Foundation. Instead, Sandra is looking for other contacts at Washburn. Lauren suggested using connections from

the Organics Recycling kick­off to involve students instead.

In honor of Charlie Siftar, Karen suggested commissioning the owner of Color Wheel to design a Tangletown

artwork depicting businesses at the 48th and Grand node and then donate the original to Charlie’s Bike Shop. Karen

will get an estimate.

Ryan will organize the 4th of July event committee. Sandra sent contacted the Roe Family Singers to book them for

entertainment but has not yet received a reply. They had previous said they were interested so she will try again.

Officer Reports:

Secretary – A motion to approve the February 2016 minutes was made, seconded and approved. A motion to

approve January 2016 minutes (unapproved in February due to lack of quorum) was made, seconded, and approved.

Treasurer – Sandra will work on 2015 CPP contract expenses refund, but needs the 2016 budget submission first.

The NCR account has $13,430.29 and the Tangletown account has $18,441.61; this does not include expenses from

Organics Recycling Kick­off event. Also, TNA doesn’t have a Minnesota Tax ID number which more vendors are

requiring for state sales tax exemption. Sandra had previously started the process but when TNA got non­profit

status TNA’s name changed and that requires extra documentation to receive the Tax ID. Sandra will find the

previous papers and bring them to Abby. Sandra also needs expenses before May 31 when our fiscal year ends.

Neighborhood Priorities Status / Committee Reports

Fuller Park (Steve, Virgil): no status at this time

Board Development (Karen, Andrew, Dick): no status at this time

Utility Box Wraps (Dan, Andrea): we have re­photographed and re­measured all traffic signal boxes in Tangletown

and will submit this list to the city by the April 8th deadline for pre­verification that the boxes are actually city-
owned boxes. We will focus on the 50th and Lyndale and 52nd and Lyndale boxes first and will solicit a professional

photographer to provide pictures for them.

Sustainability/Green Team (Lauren, Joy): the March 19th Organics Recycling Kickoff event drew about 215

residents and children, including about 100 adults from Tangletown. Joy requested adding more prominent links for

Organics on the TNA website homepage since the rollout is iminent. However, the website committee is trying to

reduce maintenance burden by keeping homepage cleaner and not continuously updating it, but agreed that specific

events could be hilighted.

Website/Communications (Eric, Dylan, Ryan, Laura): no updates at this time

School Relationships (Mary Jane, Sandra): Sandra met with Washburn Foundation personnel and determined that

we may need to pursue other avenues to increase student participation in Tangletown activities.

Coordinator Report

Abby is looking for a storage unit and will present a proposal at the next meeting. The Board requested one as close

as possible to Tangletown. Abby will also propose a budget for signage. Lauren suggested asking Tjody to design

them. Joy noted that Banners­to­Go was great to work with for the Organics Kick­off event and their prices were

very competitive for the Organics lawn­signs and large Tangletown map.

Partner and Other Announcements

John Quincy mentioned that the Community Connections conference coming up and requested participation from

Tangletown board members.

Adjourned: 9:00pm

Minutes submitted by Dan Williams, TNA Secretary