August 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, August 17, 2015 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Ryan Fisher, Dan Williams, Lauren Anderson, Eric David, Andrew Buss, Joy Gottschalk, Dick Fiala, Laura Silver, Sandra Bartsias, Andrea Siegel, Karen Costello, Dylan Sirny, Steve Bieringer

Board members absent: Mary Jane Mitchell, Virgil Petrie

Also present: Councilmember John Quincy, Tjody deVaal, Suzanne Kramer, and Peter Alexander

Called to order: 7:07pm

August 3 Budget Priority Planning Meeting Follow-up

On August 3rd 2015 the board held a special Budget Priority Planning meeting to identify neighborhood development priorities and better utilize Tangletown’s city funds from the Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) and Community Participation Program (CPP) programs. Each board member proposed ideas which were combined with similar ideas from other members into groups which were voted on by the board. The six groups with the most votes were slotted into the six defined CPP categories, and two board members assigned to each priority as team leads. Team leads then developed and presented an action plan at the the regular August 17th meeting.

Fuller Park (Steve, Virgil): the team will meet with Minneapolis Parks staff at Fuller Park to identify common priorities and discuss ideas from the Budget Priority meeting. The team will continue to solicit feedback from the board and neighborhood on ways to improve Fuller Park. Some possible ideas include adding A/C to the community center building, improving grass in the park, adding more shade structures, opening the bathrooms on Sundays, and better park signage.

Board Development (Karen, Andrew, Dick): the team proposed creating a “TNA Board 101” resource for new and existing board members, including an updated board manual, bios of board members, simple explanations of board financal procedures and NRP/CPP plans, and written explanations of board procedures and customs. The team also proposed “welcome baskets” for new neighborhood residents and talking to other neighborhood coordinators to determine what has worked in the past for improving board participation and procedures. The team would also like to reach out to existing block leaders and foster new block leader development.

Utility Box Wraps (Dan, Andrea): the team proposed a process identify existing resources from the previous 2012 wrapping effort, contact local artists to fill any gaps from the previous effort, solicit neighborhood ideas and approval, and submit designs to the city for Spring/Summer 2016 completion. The city has a number of pre-approved designs we could use, but the team would also like some neighborhood specific art which shows how Tangletown is unique. If custom designs are used the board must identify an artist curator and pay artists an honorarium for their work. The team must also contact artists from the 2012 effort to ensure they are still OK with their art being used for utility boxes.

Sustainability/Green Team (Lauren, Joy): the team identified city-wide organics recycling as a major focus, since it will be rolling out in Tangletown in Spring 2016 and the Sustainability committee would like encourage as many residents as possible to utilize it. The team proposed adding more resources to the TNA website, writing an ongoing series of poses and articles about organics, creating yard signs to raise awareness of organics recycling, and possibly fostering “organics block captains” to serve as resources for neighbors with questions. The team is planning a neighborhood event in Spring 2016 to educate residents about the city organics program, with a follow-up training event for those who miss the first one. The team proposed creating a video about organics featuring neighborhood residents.

The team will also research available organics recycling resources, encourage local stores to carry compostable bags in visible locations, offering free and low-cost compostable supplies for National Night Out block parties, and reach out to neighborhood businesses about participating in the city organics recycling program.

The team is also interested in organizing a Fuller Park/Minnehaha Creek Earth Day cleanup event.

Website/Communications (Eric, Dylan, Ryan, Laura): the team has identified a short-term goal of overhauling the TNA website by December 2015, including a refreshed design which might require outside design/development and thus TNA funding. Other ideas were a website business directory and a welcome package for new businesses in the neighborhood.

School Relationships (Mary Jane, Sandra): the team has identified contacts at Ramsey, Washburn, and the Washburn Foundation and will reach out to them to renew contact. The team proposed investigating grants for some of the ongoing school programs, and inviting students to become more involved in our 4th of July parade. The team also discussed funding some community education programs so they are free to participants.

Budget Priority Meeting Next Steps

Team leads should prepare detailed plans and preliminary budgets for discussion at the regular September meeing. Budgets should split funding requests into Phase 1 (by May 2016) and Phase 2 (after May) to match up with CPP funding guidelines (?). Teams should also submit articles for the TNA website hilighting their initiatives immediately after the September meeting so they can be included in the fall newsletter.

Officer Reports:

Secretary – A motion to approve the July 2015 minutes was made, seconded and approved.

Treasurer – The NCR account is at $12,776.73 and the Tangletown account is at $18,470.88, not including the city reimbursement for NCR/CPP contracts for 2014. A motion to approve the financials report was made, seconded and approved.

Committee Reports:

Committees will be rebranded next month to more closely align with our neighborhood priorities and CPP categories.

Sustainability – Nothing to report.

Arts – Nothing to report.

NRP – Nothing to report.

Communication – Nothing to report.

Business – Nothing to report.

Coordinator Update


Partner and Other Announcements

Joy has been researching community solar gardens with the intention of getting neighborhood residents involved. She reached out Linden Hills which has gone through the process of organizing and applying for a solar garden on the Linden Hill Coop, and talked to some developers of solar gardens. Councilperson John Quincy and a staff member from the Minneaplis city sustainability office agreed to meet with interested board members about solar gardens. Joy asked for interested board members to become more involved in the initiative.

Sandra shared information about bike tuneup stations which she thinks would be a great addition to the neighborhood. These small stations have an air pump and simple tools for bike repair. There are currently only 10 tuneup stations through Minnesota, mostly in the Twin Cities area, but none in Tangletown. The Board suggested the Minnehaha Creek trail as a good location.

Adjourned: 8:27pm

Minutes submitted by Dan Williams, TNA Secretary

July 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, July 20, 2015 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Steve Bieringer, Ryan Fisher, Lauren Anderson, Eric David, Andrew Buss, Joy Gottschalk, Dick Fiala, Virgil Petrie, Dan Williams, Andrea Siegel, Laura Silver, Karen Costello

Board members absent: Sandra Bartsias

Also present: Councilmember John Quincy, Jack Whitehurst (NCR), Abby Rowan (staff), Tjody deVaal, Cecelia Caspram, Arun Caspram

Called to order: 7:05pm

Elections of officers for 2015-2016
Dan Williams will take on the secretary role – thank you, Dan! The nomination was seconded and approved by the full board. Current officers were confirmed for a second year including Steve Bieringer as President, Andrea Siegel as Vice President and Sandra Bartsias as Treasurer.

TNA 4th of July Event
TNA spent $1,767.96 and brought in $2,568.00 on this year’s 4th of July event for a total profit of $800.04 despite spending $250 more on this year’s band. 2014’s event was in the red and had a total of $2,859.32 in expenditures. Attendance felt lighter, which may have been because the holiday fell on a Saturday this year and more residents were out of town. Abby coordinated the prize drawing from the pool of attendees who signed up to receive TNA e-news at the event. The board approved a $20 gift certificate for the prize recipient. The board also discussed reaching out to businesses next year both to have an info table and to donate prizes so TNA can have door prize drawings.

Planning notes and 2016 recommendations:
Food: The food trucks were great but there were requests for more kid-friendly food like hot dogs. The fruit water provided by Hector was a huge hit – we offered huge portion sizes and ran out partway through the event. The board would like to keep the fruit water ticket price at 1 and offer smaller cups next year.
Organics recycling: There was a mixup with the organics recycling container reservations so the board will make sure to reserve organics clear streams far in advance and double check with park staff.
Parade: Joy recommended getting double the balloons because they’re such a great addition to the parade and we consistently run out.
Setup: Abby brought up the idea to reserve Fuller Park’s multipurpose room the night before to pull out supplies and stage for set-up.
Games: The board also discussed increasing the number of games led by Fuller park staff to the level of previous years. Councilmember Quincy recommended contacting a local church youth group or even student government or service groups at Washburn High School or Ramsey Middle School to help plan throughout the year and staff activities. Partner groups could potentially help benefit from any proceeds collected at the event.

Tangletown survey request by Madelyn Sundberg (U of M grad student)
Madelyn is surveying SW Mpls neighborhood residents about neighborhood heritage as part of her graduate research. The board will send out survey information to residents using our neighborhood e-list and will be able to see results collected through Madelyn’s research.

Jack Whitehurst – City of Minneapolis Neighborhood Specialist
Jack distributed information on TNA’s NRP Phase I, II and III funding allocations and expenditures. There are $15,959.71 remaining in Phase I funds allocated for the business node improvement fund and Washburn water tower grounds renovations. There are just over $91,000 of unfrozen Phase II funds that can be put under contract. TNA would like to roll over these last Phase I funds to Phase II and place them under contract (some $2,000 may be under contract to the park board for Fuller Park grass). The board went through Phase III contracts and discussed potential corrections to the City’s records to reflect funds paid over the past year for the Fuller Park shade structures, 54th and Lyndale Neighborhood Priority Plan streetscape upgrades, and neighborhood bike racks.

TNA has $72,800 remaining on the 2014-2016 Community Participation Program contract, which runs through December 31, 2016. Ryan inquired on the possibility of receiving monthly reports from NCR on pending contracts and balances that board members could receive four days before the board meeting so TNA can keep better tabs on neighborhood contracts. The board will meet on Monday, August 3rd at 7pm at Fuller Park to discuss plans for future neighborhood projects and strategies to reallocated the remaining Phase I and Phase II funds.

Officer Reports:
Secretary – A motion to approve the June 2015 minutes was made, seconded and approved.
Treasurer – The NCR account is at $15,187.95 and the Tangletown account is at $18,470.88. A motion to approve the financials report was made, seconded and approved.

Committee Reports:
Sustainability – Nothing to report.
Arts – Nothing to report.
NRP – Abby will take over the administration of the business façade grant program.
Communication – Nothing to report.

Coordinator Update
Abby reported that she covered her updates for the board earlier in the meeting. Thanks for a great 4th of July event, Abby!

Partner and Other Announcements
Ryan attended a 46th Street meeting this week – the City is currently doing speed studies and will be looking at strategies to calm traffic as part of the resurfacing on 46th St between Cedar and Hiawatha.

Lauren announced that the MPRB is holding its final SW area meeting on closing the neighborhood parks funding gap next Tuesday, July 28th from 6-8pm at Lynnhurst Recreation Center. Board members are encouraged to attend!

Adjourned: 8:45pm

Minutes submitted by Dan Williams (TNA Secretary) and Lauren Anderson (former TNA Secretary)

July Community Meeting

Join the Board members of the Tangletown Neighborhood Association at the July meeting beginning at 7pm at Fuller Park to learn about neighborhood funding, give feedback on the 4th of July event, meet your neighbors, join a committee, hang out with the movers and shakers of Tangeltown…

Special guest speaker, Jack Whitehurst with the Neighborhood and Community Engagement Commission, will explain where our funds come from and how they can be used.
Many of you had questions at the annual meeting in regards to the budget and spending options… This is your chance to get answers from “the inside!”

Community Meeting
Monday, July 20
Fuller Park


June 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, June 15, 2015 (Annual Meeting) – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Steve Bieringer, Ryan Fisher, Sandra Bartsias, Lauren Anderson, Eric David, Andrew Buss, Joy Gottschalk, Dick Fiala, Virgil Petrie, Dan Williams, Andrea Siegel, Laura Silver, Karen Costello

Board members absent:

Also present: Abby Rowan (staff)

Called to order: 7:05pm

TNA Annual Meeting
Sandra reported that TNA spent $484.33 on this year’s Annual Meeting. In 2014 the board spent $922.26, which was a higher total due to a postcard mailing. Because a postcard sent this year, the board observed slightly lower attendance and recommends sending one in 2016 to hit mailboxes 1-2 weeks before the event. Russ Henry from Homegrown Minneapolis spoke to attendees and was engaging and informative. Because questions came in regarding TNA’s funding through the City, the Board would like to invite Jack Whitehurst to a September or October board meeting (depending on the timing of the fall newsletter) to present to residents in greater depth. The Board also discussed TNA’s current avenues to reach community members and strategies to grow the electronic newsletter mailing list. Abby suggested having a specific prize drawing at the 4th of July event for attendees who are already on or sign up to be on the TNA e-news list. Board members would also like to connect with block leaders and invite Jennifer Waisenan from MPD’s 5th Precinct at a future meeting.

TNA 4th of July
The planning team met last week to finalize assignments. Board members typically arrive at Fuller between 8:00am and 9:00am to set up chairs and tables, help vendors find their spots, and coordinate the parade. The volunteer schedule is in process – Abby has another neighborhood e-blast scheduled for tomorrow. Steve has a contact for potential face painters from the Fuller Park grand opening with whom he’ll follow up so there can be face painting at this year’s event. Board members are trying to locate the event banners, which may be at Simply Jane or Charlie’s Bike Shop. TNA will work with Hector Ruiz of Café Ena and La Fresca to provide watermelon juice instead of root beer. The planning team may meet once more before the event – Board members are encouraged to attend if so. Sandra reminded board members that formal approval of a budget for this year’s event in still needed. Last year’s event netted $282.53 ($3141.85 in proceeds and $2,859.32 in expenses). Ryan proposed a budget of $3,500 for this year’s event, which was seconded and approved by the full board.

17 West Elmwood Place Variance Request
The property owner plans to rebuild the garage on the property and forwarded plans to TNA. No further action is recommended at this stage.

Officer Reports:
Secretary – A motion to approve the May 2015 minutes with one correction was made, seconded and approved.
Treasurer – The NCR account is at $17,850.68 and the Tangletown account is at $15,902.88.
Officer elections – Lauren would like to pass the secretary duties to another board member. The Board will revisit officer elections at next month’s meetings.

Committee Reports:
Abby sent an email to recruit committee members and several committee meeting scheduling emails. Karen would like to form a bicycle-focused committee with weekly rides, which could be promoted through facebook, website, and e-newsletter. She also proposed changing the Sustainability Committee’s name to the Green Team.
Sustainability – Lauren reported on the committee’s most recent meeting and potential changes to the Green Day event. Joy gave a quick update on the Minneapolis Community Solar meeting held on April 30th. Xcel Energy is in the midst of making its approval process easier for new community solar projects. Tangletown has a few potential avenues for helping residents connect with community solar projects, particularly in partnership with other neighborhoods. The City has some guidelines for neighborhoods but the concept is still in development. Abby will connect with other SW neighborhood coordinators and report back at a future board meeting.
Arts – TNA would like to continue working on utility box wraps and Dan volunteered to help coordinate the process. Thank you, Dan!

Coordinator Update
Abby met with Jack Whitehurst from the City of Minneapolis’s Neighborhood & Community Relations (NCR) Department on several budget items. TNA’s funds from the home loan program have been moved from the Center for Energy & Environment (CEE) but as TNA doesn’t have a new administrator yet the program remains in limbo. Some neighborhoods have worked together to identify a new administrator so Ryan recommended that Abby follow up with the City for more information. Jack also gave an overview on the process to shift TNA’s allocation of NCR (a process that TNA has often used in the past). It’s conceivable that the City might freeze and/or take back unspent Community Participation Program (CPP) funds in the future, so TNA should identify neighborhood projects for this fiscal year. Potential projects could include utility box wraps, more neighborhood bike racks, a neighborhood business list and way-finding signs. Ryan proposed scheduling a meeting later this summer to brainstorm ideas and estimate volunteer time needed to accomplish each.

Partner and Other Announcements
Ryan reported that the Nicollet East Harriet Business Association (NEHBA) will receive funds to create a mobile app to connect with neighborhood businesses and incentives to shop there. The app should be available later this year.

Adjourned: 8:40pm

Minutes submitted by Lauren Anderson, TNA Secretary

May 2015 Annual Board Meeting Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, May 19, 2015 (Annual Meeting) – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Steve Bieringer, Ryan Fisher, Sandra Bartsias, Lauren Anderson, Dylan Sirny, Eric David, Mary Jane Mitchell, Matt Chapman, Andrea Siegel, Laura Silver

Board members absent: Karen Costello

Also present: Russ Henry (Homegrown Minneapolis), Councilmember John Quincy, Forrest Hardy (City Safe Routes for Youth & Seniors Planner), Tangletown residents in attendance for Annual Meeting & Board Elections

Called to order: 7:04pm

Welcome & Overview
Steve welcomed residents to the 2015 Annual Meeting and Andrea Siegel introduced speaker Russ Henry from Homegrown Minneapolis.

Speaker: Russ Henry – Co-chair of Homegrown Minneapolis
Russ Henry is a local landscaper and co-chair of the Homegrown Minneapolis Food Council, a citywide initiative to help Minneapolis residents grow, process, distribute, eat, and compost more healthy, sustainable, locally grown foods within city limits. Homegrown Minneapolis is one of 20-30 advisory committees that advises the city on local foods and helps to develop a robust local food economy.

Growing: There are approximately 260 community gardens, 265+ backyard chicken permits, >50 permitted beehives, and 6 aquaponics projects throughout the city. Local food resource hubs have over 1,000 members and Tree Trust partners to distribute discount fruit trees to city residents. Currently, Minneapolis has more than 20 urban farms of greater than 10,000 square feet and many market gardens of less than 10,000 square feet. To encourage more urban farming, the city is planning to offer inexpensive leases on city-owned and maintained vacant lots throughout the city for market gardening in the near future.

Processing: Homegrown Minneapolis is working with the City to make the licensing process easier for developing and existing local food manufacturers. There are currently three incubator kitchens (licensed for food business and production) in the city in addition to 40 community kitchens (for private event cooking).

Distribution: There are currently 15 farmers’ markets and 14 mini-markets (nearly all accept SNAP/EBT food support). The city has 30 Healthy Corner Stores, which are mobile groceries to help all communities access locally grown foods. Privately operated farm stands are now legal in Minneapolis. Homegrown Minneapolis also promotes backyard composting and partners with Minneapolis Pubic Schools on Farm to School initiatives and with the University of St. Thomas on research projects on composting and local food res

Policy: The City of Minneapolis has passed ordinances to support mobile food stores, beekeeping, farm stands, and edible landscaping in Minneapolis Parks. Corner stores are now required to carry staple foods. At the state level, Homegrown Minneapolis has advocated for legislation to enable farmers market vendors to more easily provide food samples and accurate labeling of bee-friendly plants and seeds as well as compensation to beekeepers whose bees dies due to pesticide applications. Minneapolis is working on becoming a Bee-Friendly City in 2015 and limiting pesticide use, particularly in the Minneapolis Parks.

Board Introductions
2014-2014 board members and TNA’s Coordinator introduced themselves to attendees.

TNA 2015 Annual Garage Sale Wrap-up
Steve reported that there were approximately 44 participants in the 2015 Garage Sale. Steve and Eric updated our signage for the event – the signs distributed about 200 maps to the neighborhood. A resident mentioned that traffic was up considerably this year. Thank you to Abby for posting the sale in many places.

Tangletown 4th of July Event
Ryan gave attendees an overview of the 4th of July event. Steve, Ryan and Abby have met once to kick off planning for this year’s event. Brava food truck is interested in participating again this year as a food vendor.

Officer Reports
Secretary – A motion to approve the April 2015 minutes with a correction in the attendance section was made, seconded and approved.
Treasurer – Sandra gave a brief overview of the TNA accounts (approximately $38,000 total in both accounts) and answered questions about expenditures from residents.

Neighborhood Business and Events
Ryan gave attendees an overview of TNA’s annual events and activities over the past year including Green Day, the Garage Sale, the 4th of July Parade & Festival, neighborhood bike racks, crime prevention meetings, and Fuller Park shade structures and historical plaque.

Brief Summary of TNA Committees & Projects
Mary Jane presented information on each of TNA’s committees to attendees including Arts (murals and utility box wraps), Communications (website, facebook page), NRP (business façade improvement grant program), Sustainability (organics, Green Day), and Business. Attendees asked about NRP funds and proceeds from repaid home loans.

Review Responsibilities of TNA Board Members
Steve spoke to attendees about the expectations of board members and committee work. Andrea nominated Andrew Busse, Mary Jane nominated Dan Williams, Virgil Petrie nominated himself, Lauren nominated Joy Gottschalk, and Todd nominated Dick Fiala. Steve made a motion to approve the nominations, which was seconded and approved.

New 2015-2016 Board Members:
Dan Williams Andrew Buss
Virgil Petrie Dick Fiala
Joy Gottschalk

Continuing 2015-2015 Board Members:
Steve Bieringer Dylan Sirny
Ryan Fisher Mary Jane Mitchell
Sandra Bartsias Laura Silver
Andrea Siegel Eric David
Lauren Anderson Karen Costello

Andrea Siegel drew door prizes – congratulations to MaryAnn Schoenberge and Dick Fiala.

Partner and Other Announcements
A resident asked about the construction plans for the old Diamond Lake Hardware site. There will be first floor retail and apartments above. Diamond Lake Hardware won’t be relocating to the site so they’re looking for retail partners to occupy space on the first floor.

Councilmember John Quincy thanked residents for attending the Annual Meeting and spoke on the City’s commitment to equity and sustainability throughout Minneapolis. An attendee asked about the recently passed Working Families Agenda, which provides paid family leave among other benefits – the City Council would also like to examine the regional minimum wage to support working families. City Safe Routes for Youth & Seniors Planner, Forrest Hardy, has developed plans for a bike lane on Diamond Lake Road between Stevens Ave and Lyndale Ave. Sandra asked about the decision-making process about the bike lane/sharrow striping plan after sealcoating of that stretch takes place this summer. The group discussed the notification of this proposed change – the City uses social media and limited flyers instead of postcards sent to adjacent businesses and residents.

Adjourned: 8:40pm

Minutes submitted by Lauren Anderson, TNA Secretary

April 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, April 20, 2015 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Steve Bieringer, Ryan Fisher, Sandra Bartsias, Lauren Anderson, Karen Costello, Eric David, Mary Jane Mitchell

Board members absent: Andrea Siegel, Laura Silver, Dylan Sirny, Matt Chapman

Also present: Charlie Siftar, Tom Balcolm, Joy Gottschalk, Lynell Voigt, Regan Palmer, Dan Kvamme, Michael Burnhagen

Called to order: 7:05pm

Green Day Event Wrap Up
Sustainability Committee reported on its second annual Green Day event, which took place on Saturday, April 11th. Attendance was fairly good, but it was a beautiful day and the Fuller park playground had been closed the day before so traffic was a bit lower than the Committee had hoped. Final costs came in around $1100 – the neighborhood-wide postcard to promote the event was the biggest expense. City of Mpls, Hennepin County Master Gardeners, Spark-y (and their aquaponics demo), Minnehaha Creek Watershed District’s Master Water Stewards, Charlie’s Bike Shop, and Beez Kneez all hosted informational tables for residents. There were a few hiccups with exhibitors arriving late but volunteers made it happen. Beez Kneez presented the first workshop on protecting urban bees and Lauren gave the second on Minneapolis’s organics recycling. The Sustainability Committee will meet to debrief in the coming weeks and plan for next year’s spring event.

Fuller Park Playground Grand Opening Event
The playground is currently blocked off to finish the concrete and rubber ramps. The concrete has been poured and in currently curing. If manufacturer Kompan is able to pour rubberized accessible ramps the playground should be open this Friday, April 24th. The Grand Opening event will take place at 5:30-7:00pm right before the TNA Annual Meeting on Monday, May 18th. TNA and the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board are cosponsoring the event. The MPRB has funding for light refreshments. At Green Day, Toppers offered to donate pizza for the Annual Meeting. Steve can follow up to see what they’re willing to donate. If Toppers isn’t able to provide a donation, the board would like to provide an alternative for attendees.

Annual Meeting
Mary Jane proposed a budget of $450 for refreshments and door prizes (potentially gift certificates to Charlie’s Bike Shop and Tangletown Gardens) and $600 for a postcard for a total budget of $1,050. The motion to approve this budget was seconded and approved. The MPRB plans to send out a postcard invite for the Grand Opening, so hopefully TNA can include more information about the Annual Meeting on their postcard and save the postcard funds.

TNA 2015 Annual Garage Sale
Registrations are still trickling in, but we have 42 homes registered to participate in the 2015 sale. Steve and Eric are finishing up the a-frame signs to place at commercial nodes and will add weights. Garage sale maps will be in a weather-proof pocket on the signs as well as on and on Tangletown Nextdoor. Steve proposed a budget of $500 for the 2015 Garage Sale. The motion was seconded and approved.

Washburn Water Tower Landscaping
Reisdent Dan Jurek has raised $711 (over his $350 goal) through gofundme to plant and has contracted with Bluebird Gardening, which is offering its labor at a discount rate.

Washburn School parking ramp
Neighborhood resident Regan Palmer presented on the parking congestion around Washburn. Since minimizing bus service for high school students, parking on city streets has increased tremendously. Washburn’s principal, Rhonda Dean, is interested in informally surveying the neighborhood to gauge interest and support for constructing a parking ramp on the site of the existing main parking lot. Lauren inquired about any recent efforts to flyer/notify residents for a community meeting and Regan reported that a community meeting where a wide radius of residents are notified in advance hasn’t taken place in 18 years. Washburn would prefer not to have the streets around the school become permit parking only as has been down around Southwest High School and has proposed a parking ramp in response. Anticipated ramp concerns around safety and security in and under the ramp, lighting, construction cost per stall, and visual appearance for immediate neighbors were discussed. Board members suggested conducting an informal neighbor survey on parking, congestion as well as working with Councilmember Quincy’s office to engage Public Works in a traffic, parking and speed study as potential solutions. TNA would like to work more closely with Washburn and Regan will reach out to Washburn leadership to hopefully have either the principal or vice principal at a neighborhood meeting.

Spring Fling Event – May 16th
Our wonderful businesses at Nicollet/Grand & 48th are hosting the Spring Fling in honor of the Minneapolis Bike to Local Business day through the Minneapolis Bike Coalition. Outdoor activities will start at 11am at Nicollet & 48th with a parade to 48th & Grand at 12:30 where there will be local music and more activities until 4pm. Trustone Financial plans to donate $250 toward live band, the Thunderheads. The board would like to contribute $500 to fund music at the event, $250 of which would come from Tangletown account and $250 from a local business. A motion to approve this expenditure was made, seconded, and approved by the full Board.

Tangletown 4th of July
Abby, Steve and Ryan met to kick off planning a couple weeks ago. The event format will be very similar to last year with food trucks, live music, and activities.

TNA Partnership opportunities w/ Toppers Pizza
Abby connected with Toppers Pizza about partnering and donating pizzas for future events. She’ll follow up about donating for the Annual Meeting.

Officer reports:
• Secretary’s report – Steve made a motion to approve the March 2015 Minutes, which was seconded by Matt and approved.
• Treasurer’s report – Since the end of March, TNA has spent $3,000 on events and the spring newsletter. The TNA accounts and CPP accounts are at $15,617.38 and $21,279.51 respectively. Sandra and Abby are meeting in the next week and Sandra will plan to submit the 2014 annual report to NCR. Abby will follow up with CEE to try and get information

Committee reports:
• Arts – Nothing to report.
• Communication – Laura is in the process of scheduling a meeting prior to the Annual Meeting.
• NRP/Business – Mary Jane and Abby met about TNA’s business façade grant program. Abby will follow up key businesses. The TNA board would like to collectively survey the business nodes around the neighborhood. Ryan suggested creating a half sheet for businesses about TNA programs and business façade grants. Lauren also brought up having a resident version. Abby proposed having a business forum in the next couple months – she will put some ideas together and bring them to the board at a future meeting.
• Sustainability – See above report on Green Day recap. Karen will report on the April 30th Solar Garden workshop next month.

Partner and other announcements:
Tom Balcom brought up the Judson Street Festival on Sunday, May 17th from 12pm to 4pm.

Minnehaha Bike Trail Improvement Meeting #2 is coming up at Washburn Library on Thursday, April 23rd.

Adjourned: 8:38pm

Minutes submitted by Lauren Anderson, TNA Secretary

March 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, March 16, 2015 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Steve Bieringer, Ryan Fisher, Andrea Siegel, Sandra Bartsias, Lauren Anderson, Karen Costello, Laura Silver, Eric David, Matt Chapman, Dylan Sirny, Mary Jane Mitchell

Board members absent:

Also present: Fuller Park Director Mike Fox, Tjody deVaal, Fred Haas, residents Wayne Sagalaski and Andrew Busse

Called to order: 7:05pm

TNA Coordinator Introduction
Our new Coordinator, Abby, is returning from vacation and will join us at next month’s board meeting. A welcome article will appear in the spring newsletter. Ryan, Steve, Lauren and Sandra met with Abby to start orientation and priority setting.

Sage & Cypress: 48th and Grand
Fred Haas addressed the board on his new business on the northwest corner of 48th & Grand. Fred hails from Northfield, MN and was familiar with the Tangletown neighborhood prior to the retail space becoming available for rent. Fred’s wife, Sarah Nordstrom, does mosaic work and re-embellishes historic pieces and their business partner, Tricia, is a talented muralist. They plan to have a studio in the back with retail space in the eastern section of the building (adjacent to the corner). They are already working with local businesses to refurbish the space and Fred and Sarah’s children plan to offer violin and other enrichment lessons in the space and hope to collaborate with youth programming at Fuller Park. Sage & Cypress will open around Mother’s Day in May. Tjody will drop by tomorrow to take pictures of the space for a local business feature in the spring newsletter – thanks, Tjody!

TNA 2015 Annual Garage Sale
Eric and Steve have built new commercial node signs that will be available for Green Day and the Garage Sale. The signs have weatherproof pockets to hold fliers and maps. Registration information is ready to go in the newsletter. Participant fees will remain the same as in 2014, and TNA will be able to reuse the yellow, weatherproof signs purchased last year.

TNA Spring Newsletter
Articles were due last Monday, March 9th. Thank you to everyone wrote submitted an article. There are a few outstanding articles – please send them to Tjody asap as she plans to send the newsletter to the printer on Tuesday. The spring newsletter also contains an update from new Fuller Park Director, Mike Fox, with the date of the Fuller Park playground grand opening, which is set for 5:45pm right before the Annual Meeting on May 18th.

Tangletown Green Day Event
Sustainability Committee members gave an overview on the event planning. Our vendor for art activities cancelled this past week, but Mike Fox offered to have his staff fill in if the committee can provide materials and ideas for an activity. The board approved a budget for $200 to purchase two standing easels for Green Day and other Tangletown events. Workshops, exhibitors, food and door prizes are coming together and board members are encouraged to attend Green Day on Saturday, April 11th!

Tangletown 4th of July event planning
Board members Steve Bieringer, Andrea Siegel, Matt Chapman, Sandra Bartsias, Laura Silver, and Ryan Fisher all volunteered to plan TNA’s annual 4th of July event. Charlie Siftar is happy to help with the parade and Lauren Anderson can help with recycling and composting. The planning committee will meet in the next few weeks.

Recent Neighborhood Crime
There have been many recent break-ins throughout the northern part of the neighborhood between 46th and 48th Streets. In addition, Mike Fox reported Kris Stevens from Fuller Park witnessed two individuals burglarizing a home at 48th & Harriet who were starting to break into his car. He recorded the plates, called the police who made an arrest and Kris was able to identify the suspect. Lauren connected with Jennifer Waisanen, our Crime Prevention Specialist, to set up a tentative Crime Prevention meeting for next week on Monday, March 23rd at 7pm at Fuller Park pending support from the TNA board. After a brief discussion, the board supports moving forward with a Crime Prevention meeting in March. Mike will put the meeting information up on the Fuller Park sign and Lauren will follow up with Jennifer to confirm the meeting and coordinate speakers. Steve suggested working with Jennifer to identify missing block leaders throughout the neighborhood.

Annual Meeting
Andrea connected with Russ Henry, Co-Chair of the Homegrown Minneapolis initiative, who will speak at the Tangletown Annual Meeting on policy changes that are making it easier to grow, eat and compost local food. Refreshments for attendees will be provided. Ryan offered that we could have Jennifer Waisanen present 10 minutes of crime prevention and safety tips. There are currently three open board slots that will be up for re-election in May.

Officer reports:
• Secretary’s report – Steve made a motion to approve the February 2015 Minutes, which was seconded by Matt and approved.
• Treasurer’s report – Sandra reported that the 2014 reimbursement hasn’t been submitted yet, but it should be under $15,000. Abby will take over City reimbursements starting for FY 2015. The TNA accounts and CPP accounts are at $15,749.46 and $25,377.99 respectively.

Committee reports:
• Arts – Nothing to report. Abby will start taking on the utility box wrap project over the next few months.
• Communication – Laura will send out a doodle poll to schedule a committee meeting in the next couple weeks to discuss strategies to expand TNA’s existing communications including monthly e-newsletters, Next Door, an updated website, an organizational facebook page and 3-4 annual print newsletters.
• NRP – New business Bubbles Ecouture (at 54th & Lyndale in Prime & Polish’s old location) applied to receive a $1,000 business façade grant. Mary Jane suggested the board update its local business master list to include business contact information, building owner information, whether businesses have areas to display info on neighborhood events, talking points for board members reaching out to each business, and whether they have or open to donating to events. Karen suggested including pieces that might be of interest to community members like whether the business is dog-friendly. Mary Jane can find the past version of this list and send it to Abby and the board.
• Sustainability – See above report on Green Day planning. Karen is signed up to attend the April 30th Solar Garden workshop and will report back to the board. Lauren participated in a Lynnhurst Neighborhood Organics Recycling Forum last Saturday morning.
• Business – Continuing the NRP discussion about a local business list, Dylan reported that he found a great wordpress template and that it would take him about an hour to rework with some visual and functional updates. Related to crime prevention, Dylan has offered ongoing self-defense workshops in the past and would be happy to offer a program to Tangletown neighbors. TNA could set a date with Dylan and promote it at the Annual Meeting to increase participation. TNA had historically sponsored workshops through Community Ed at Washburn and with recent increases in burglaries, it might be time to offer them again.

Partner and other announcements:
Fuller Park Director Mike Fox introduced himself to the board. Mike started as a volunteer wrestling coach for the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board in 1986 and started working for the organization soon after. He is excited to work with the neighborhood in his new role. Mike also reported that there might be a higher likelihood for installing air conditioning since Fuller hosts a preschool and is a Rec Plus site, which would make summer meetings more comfortable and prevent heat-related building closures.

Tom Balcom forwarded an email he sent to a neighbor about contacting Public Works to replace lights at the water tower. Steve also followed up with the neighbor interested in making planting improvements to the Gladstone Triangle.

Adjourned: 8:19pm

Minutes submitted by Lauren Anderson, TNA Secretary

February 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, February 16, 2015 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Steve Bieringer, Ryan Fisher, Andrea Siegel, Sandra Bartsias, Lauren Anderson, Laura Silver, Eric David, Matt Chapman, Dylan Sirny, Mary Jane Mitchell

Board members absent: Tony Proell, Karen Costello

Also present: Councilmember John Quincy

Called to order: 7:03pm

Update from Councilmember Quincy
Councilmember Quincy provided a city government update. His office is planning a Ward 11 collaborative summit at the Community Connections Conference, which takes place on Saturday, March 21st from 9am-3pm at the Minneapolis Convention Center. The conference is free to attend and Tangletown board members are encouraged to attend the summit or the full conference. Neighborhood communications (both print and social media) will be a topic of conversation at the Ward 11 summit. The board also discussed the role of our designated city Neighborhood Specialist around budgeting and other community outreach. Councilmember Quincy reported that the city is working on increased transparency on city budgeting and expenditures – a new tool on the city’s website has financial data (including from neighborhoods) from 2008 through 2015. Neighborhood organizations’ budget allocations can be included as part of this interactive feature.

Fuller Park building improvements update:
We are still awaiting warmer weather to finish the school age side of the playground and hold an opening event this spring.

TNA Coordinator position update:
TNA has hired Abigail Rowan as its new Coordinator. She should start in the next two to three weeks. The Hiring Committee will meet with Abigail soon to sketch out short-term work plans, a reporting structure, and orientation, and she should be at next month’s board meeting. Welcome, Abigail – we’re thrilled you’re here!

TNA Happy Hour:
Steve proposed scheduling this for March. The board will meet at Fuller Park on Monday, March 16th from 7-8pm and then move to La Fresca at 8pm.

TNA 2015 Annual Garage Sale
The Garage Sale will be held on Friday, May 1st and Saturday, May 2nd. Sign-up information will go out in the spring newsletter, which should hit mailboxes in early April. Registration will close on April 18th or 19th. Due to issues with missed pick-ups in years past, the board is not planning to work with the Salvation Army on a charity pick-up. Steve is going to explore additional charities such as Bridging to do an after-event donation service. Lauren recommended contacting Epilepsy Foundation, which has a pretty generous accepted item list and does do pick-ups.

TNA Spring Newsletter
The Board would like to work with Tjody deVaal on this year’s spring newsletter. Steve proposed the board approve a $650 design fee for her design services, which was seconded and passed. Lauren proposed an article deadline of Monday, March 9th to ensure adequate time for review, printing, and mailing. Article assignments are listed below:

• TNA Annual Meeting – Andrea
• 4th of July – Ryan
• Garage Sale – Steve
• Green Day – Mary Jane
• Organics – sign up for carts – Lauren
• New Fuller Park playground equipment – Director Mike Fox
• Update from Councilmember Quincy
• Ramsey/Washburn schools update – Councilmember Quincy’s office
• Coordinator introduction – Ryan
• Sign up for the e-news
• Business features:
o Pet grooming/supply at 54th & Nicollet and All about you at 48th & Nicollet – Laura
o Pending opening date, the new business at 48th & Grand – Sandra

Annual Meeting
Dylan proposed the idea of focusing on urban food production and gardening as a topic for the Annual Meeting. Andrea proposed having Tangletown Gardens/Wise Acres present on their farm-to-table model, composting, and sustainability initiatives. Board members also brought up Fruits of the City, Homegrown Minneapolis, and Gardening Matters as potential speakers. Andrea will follow up with each organization – thanks, Andrea!

Officer reports:
Secretary’s report – a move to approve the January 2015 Minutes with one edit to include Dylan on the attendance list was made, seconded, and approved.
Treasurer’s report – Sandra proposed that TNA allocate the rollover $42,084 left from the 2012-2013 #36084 CPP contract to the 2014-2016 CPP contract #38870 at the same levels as previously rolled over. The TNA accounts and CPP accounts are at $15,749.46 and $25,621.03 respectively. The board also discussed alternatives to taking donations at events or having an annual fundraising ask in the print newsletter.

Committee reports:
• Arts – Nothing to report.
• Communication – The board discussed strategies to expand TNA’s existing communications including monthly e-newsletters, Next Door, an updated website, an organizational facebook page and 3-4 annual print newsletters. Laura will send out an email to schedule a committee meeting in the next month and interested board members can attend. Dylan brought up the ease of using a WordPress template that can deliver content to facebook and e-lists automatically.
• NRP – TNA extended the business façade grant contract through December 2015 and would like to continue awarding grants, but only $1500 remains in the account. Steve moved that the organization move $5000 from a CPP account TBD to the business façade grant account. The motion was seconded and approved by the full board.
• Sustainability – Green Day is coming together and the Sustainability Committee is planning to meet on Wednesday, February 18th. Exhibitors are getting signed up and the committee is planning to have Beez Kneez and City of Mpls/TNA present workshops on urban beekeeping and organics respectively.
• Business – No new business outreach to report.

Partner and other announcements:
Several board members who have stepped down and a couple of prospective board members interested in joining at the Annual Meeting in May. Members will keep recruiting! Lauren brought up a couple of recent public safety incidents at 46th & Nicollet. Ryan proposed inviting our Minneapolis Police Department neighborhood crime prevention specialist, Jennifer Waisanen, to the Annual Meeting to give a 10-minute overview on crime prevention and safety in the neighborhood.

Adjourned: 8:32pm

Minutes submitted by Lauren Anderson, TNA Secretary

January 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, January 19, 2015 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Steve Bieringer, Ryan Fisher, Andrea Siegel, Sandra Bartsias, Lauren Anderson, Karen Costello, Matt Chapman

Board members absent: Tony Proell, Jon Mcaab, Charlie Siftar, Laura Silver, Mary Jane Mitchell, Eric David

Also present:

Called to order: 7:11pm

Fuller Park building improvements update
The building’s wifi antenna was moved and the resulting increase in signal is huge. TNA and community members also received work that the school age side of the playground will be finished in the spring.

TNA Coordinator position upcoming interviews
Ryan gave an overview of the TNA Coordinator hiring process to date. Several strong applications were received and reviewed by the Hiring Committee. Interviews with top candidates are scheduled for Wednesday, January 21st and Wednesday, January 28th. The board discussed interview topics to cover with each candidate. Steve will adapt Tangletown’s past interview questions to include more situational questions and send them out to the Hiring Committee. The final interviewers are Ryan, Andrea, Sandra, and Lauren and Steve is happy to fill in as needed as a back up. Interviewers will plan to meet 10 minutes ahead in the upper level meeting room at Fuller.

TNA holiday party:
Unfortunately, the board wasn’t able to find an available neighborhood venue for a holiday party in December. Ryan proposed moving the February meeting over to La Fresca partway through the evening as a rescheduled holiday party.

Officer reports:
Secretary’s report – a move to approve the November 2014 Minutes was made, seconded, and approved.
Treasurer’s report – Sandra reported that the issues around our 2013 annual report have been resolved and TNA received a $5,600 2014/2015 Community Participation Program deposit from the City. The board examined the revised 2014-2016 CPP budget. TNA’s next step is to rollover $42,000 from the 2012-2013 contract. The board will discuss allocating these leftover funds to different accounts at a future meeting. Allocations will differ from those made in years past pending the hiring of our new Coordinator (YAY!). The TNA account is currently at $15, 749.46 (a $300 increase from a generous donation from affordable housing community Creekside Commons) and the CPP account is at $25,621.03.

Committee reports:
• Arts – Nothing to report. The board is eager to start working on the utility box wrap project later this spring.
• Communication – The board discussed increasing the number of regular e-newsletters and annual printed newsletters. TNA currently distributes two annual newsletters and, since the neighborhood association has available funds, this could increase to three or four per year.
• NRP – Nothing to report.
• Sustainability – Lauren gave an update on the Sustainability Committee’s Green Day planning. The event will take place on Saturday, April 11th, 2015. Exhibitors are getting signed up and the committee is discussing the possibility of having Bees Kneez and City of Mpls/TNA present workshops on urban beekeeping and organics respectively. TNA was also invited to be a part of MPRB’s Fuller Park Earth Day Clean-up and fair (12-2pm on 4/25/15). Sustainability is looking for other board members to help table – Karen can help with the event – thanks, Karen!
• Business – Steve will follow up with Dylan and Jane about a neighborhood business listing to gauge where the project was left and how to coordinate with NEHBA’s Experience Southwest campaign.

Partner and other announcements:
Steven and Eric have been working on adapting a smaller a-frame sign that can be customizable for all TNA’s community events. The new signs will be light and easy to move with a waterproof pocket for brochures and room to post details on each Tangletown event. It should be a great way to increase visibility throughout the neighborhood and attendance at events.

The board also discussed the SW Journal article on the city gateway signpost errors. There are no finalized plans to correct the (many) errors but the article makes for an entertaining read.

Adjourned: 8:16pm

Minutes submitted by Lauren Anderson, TNA Secretary

November 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, November 17, 2014 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Steve Bieringer, Andrea Siegel, Sandra Bartsias, Lauren Anderson, Laura Silver, Karen Costello, Mary Jane Mitchell, Matt Chapman, Ryan Fisher, Eric David

Board members absent: Tony Proell, Jon Mcaab, Charlie Siftar

Also present: Councilmember John Quincy, Tjody deVaal

Called to order: 7:06pm

Halloween Walking Tour Wrap-up
Six residents attended the walking tour on Thursday, October 30th. Though TNA hoped for more attendees, the weather was perfect and the family attending really loved the event. The costs came in at about $60.24. Tjody recommends TNA revisit planning next July to modify the event.

Fuller Park building improvements update
Steve communicated with the MPRB regarding TNA’s interest in boosting Fuller’s wi-fi strength, adding AC to certain spaces (particularly the gym), and making signage upgrades for the building. He is waiting to hear back from Fuller Park Interim Director Mike Fox and will bring updates to the board in coming months. Laura communicated with the Park Board’s design specialist, Kate, regarding pulverized rubber used in certain soccer fields around the city since additional research has been released on the potentially toxic nature of this substance. Thankfully, the Park Board has no plans to use this format at Fuller.

TNA Coordinator position
Steve sent final comments on the posting to the hiring committee. Ryan will contact NCR for approval and posting recommendations. Once NCR has approved the posting, the hiring committee will post the description on local websites. Applicants will send emails to

Officer reports:
Secretary’s report – a move to approve the October 2014 Minutes was made, seconded, and approved.
Treasurer’s report – Sandra reported that there have been no major changes to TNA accounts – insurance and newsletter bills were paid in the past month. The printing and design costs for the fall newsletter came to $1,280; postage was $353.10. NCR reported that it hasn’t received TNA’s 2013 Annual Report – this was previously submitted via email to NCR staff, so Ryan will follow up to clarify. The Halloween Walking Tour came in over its budget of $40, which was $60.24. Matt made a motion to amend the budget for the event to $65, which was seconded and approved.

Committee reports:
• Arts – Jane Elias submitted her resignation to the board – TNA is very thankful for Jane’s contributions over the years! Tjody also reported that there the Lynnhurst Arts & Crafts fair that possibly TNA could modify.
• Communication – The fall newsletter hit mailboxes in the past month and looked great.
• NRP – Nothing to report. The board hasn’t yet received an business façade grant application from the new pet grooming and supply business on 54th near Lyndale (across from Annunciation).
• Sustainability – The committee is planning its second annual Green Day event on Saturday, April 11th, 2015. Green Day will again feature informational tables on organics and recycling, water quality, sustainable gardening, safe biking, environmental education as well as art activities and educational workshops. The committee requests a $1700 budget to fund and promote the event, with a final amount not to exceed $2000. Ryan suggested that the Committee adds an Annual Meeting save the date to the postcard. Councilmember Quincy suggested printing these postcards concurrently with Annual Meeting postcards to save funds. A motion to approve the budget was made, seconded and approved.
• Business – Steve will follow up with Dylan and Jane about a neighborhood business listing to gauge where the project was left and how to coordinate with NEHBA’s Experience Southwest campaign.

Partner and other announcements:
Councilmember Quincy reported that the e-cigarette ordinance, which categorizes e-cigarettes in the same category as tobacco cigarettes, was passed today. The mayor’s proposed 2015 budget includes residential organics collection for an additional solid waste fee of $3.78/month for single-family homes, duplexes and triplexes. The soonest the program could be rolled out is August 2015 and the City is trying to figure out how to bill residents eligible to start organics in 2015 for only part of the calendar year as well as how create more financial incentives to drop to the smaller trash bin. The mayor’s budget presentation was held on November 12th in the neighborhood at Mayflower Church– affordable housing and bikeways were more a topic of conversation than property tax increases, which just hit mailboxes over the weekend.

The City gateway signposts are up with several errors made in the neighborhood way finding signs. Councilmember Quincy’s office has received many comments and both Ryan and Steve followed up with MNDOT regarding Tangletown’s incorrect signs. Unfortunately, MNDOT is only able to cover the backs of blank signs and will not replace incorrect signs. Councilmember Quincy will follow up with City staff about additional options.

A neighborhood bicycling group has asked to use the TNA logo (which Tjody reported is actually a piece of clip art in the public domain) on group t-shirts. The board felt comfortable with the group making use of the logo.

A neighbor has approached TNA about improving a grassy triangle at Gladstone Ave and Elmwood Place in the tangled part of the neighborhood. The strip is Park Board property and a neighborhood group had attempted to install a garden in years past, but a resident living adjacent to the triangle preferred it be left unplanted and consequently stymied the effort. TNA could revisit this in the spring pending neighborhood interest.

A neighbor contacted TNA about shoveling services for seniors and residents with disabilities. While the board doesn’t operate a program, a post on the Tangletown facebook page or next door could be a great option.

TNA Holiday party
The Board discussed holding its celebration on Monday, December 15th, potentially at La Fresca, Sun Street Breads, or Saguaro.

Adjourned: 8:19pm

Minutes submitted by Lauren Anderson, TNA Secretary