March 2016 Meeting Notes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, March 21, 2016 ­ 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Dan Williams, Eric David, Lauren Anderson, Andrew Buss, Andrea Siegel, Karen

Costello, Steve Bieringer, Sandra Bartsias, Joy Gottschalk, Virgil Petrie, Ryan Fisher, Dick Fiala

Board members absent: Dylan Sirny, Mary Jane Mitchell, Laura Silver

Also present: Councilmember John Quincy, Tjody deVaal, Susan Kline (a new resident)

Called to order: 7:04pm

Spring Newsletter

The newsletter needs to go to the printer on April 4th to be mailed by our goal of April 15th. This means all content

from board members should be sent to Tjody by March 28th. The annual meeting should be prominently featured

and the topic will be water quality. Andrea has contacted the Minneapolis water department asking if they would be

interested in speaking but hasn’t heard back yet.

Tjody reported that we have three submissions for the photo contest started a few months ago and hopes we will

receive more; the board will judge the entries before the annual meeting, and one option for the winning entry could

be a framed print of the photo. Virgil will check on framing costs.

Steve will also reach out to Sarah Cedardblade at Fuller Park for an update. The Washburn High School Green

Team also sent email to the board about fund­raising for hand dryers and this would be great to include. Mary­Jane

will write a list­of­events article, Steve will do a garage sale event update, and Ryan will write copy for the 4th of

July event article. Lauren suggested pulling out the 4th of July volunteer request from the event article for more

visiblity. We have also discussed providing compostable supplies for National Night Out block parties, and the 4th

of July newsletter article could add a sentence about these supplies, which block leaders could pick up at 4th of July


Tjody suggested a short article about TNA Board elections since that always seems a surprise at the meeting, and

requested that board members send a photo and a quote about what serving on the board has meant to them.

TNA Budget Review and Proposal

Sandra updated the CPP contract budget based on proposals from mid­2015 brainstorming meeting. Proposed

budget for 2016 is $72,782.56 if many of the additional ideas from the brainstorming meeting are included, and even

if not all of that is spent it can be rolled over to 2017 as long as it is allocated. Steve moved to approve, Karen

seconded. Voice vote, motion carried.

Eureka Zero­Waste Buying Co­Op

Dan suggested purchasing compostable supplies from the Eureka Recycling Zero­Waste Buying Co­Op to stockpile

for TNA events. Unfortunately, the deadline to purchase these supplies is April 15th and that is too soon to estimate

how much would be required and get board approval. We’ll investigate next year.

Schedules are too short for the co­op (by April 15th) so not this year.

Garage Sale

The garage sales event will be held on May 6th and 7th this year. Steve and Eric will handle putting up signs and

online awareness on Facebook, Nexdoor, etc. Steve will present budget at April meeting.

Annual Meeting – May 16th

We will contact Hector Ruiz (Cafe Ena) to cater food again. Door prizes could include reusable metal water bottles

to go with the water theme; Virgil has laser engraving equipment and can engrave metal water bottles. Andrea

proposed a budget of $1,200 for food, postcards, prizes, signage. Lauren seconded. Voice vote; motion carried.

Councilmember Quincy offered to help get a response from the city water department. We will also invite

Councilmember Quincy and Parks Boardmember Born to speak. Councilmember Quincy also suggested Marion

Greene from county commission if we need more speakers; Mary­Jane has contact information for her.

th of July @ Fuller Park


We would like to purchase bicycle bells from Charlie’s Bike Shop for the children’s parade and help install them on

bikes in honor of Charlie. Sandra has been trying to get Washburn students to participate (perhaps to lead the 4th of

July parade) and met with Jeremy from the Washburn Foundation but he indicated this couldn’t be done through the

Foundation. Instead, Sandra is looking for other contacts at Washburn. Lauren suggested using connections from

the Organics Recycling kick­off to involve students instead.

In honor of Charlie Siftar, Karen suggested commissioning the owner of Color Wheel to design a Tangletown

artwork depicting businesses at the 48th and Grand node and then donate the original to Charlie’s Bike Shop. Karen

will get an estimate.

Ryan will organize the 4th of July event committee. Sandra sent contacted the Roe Family Singers to book them for

entertainment but has not yet received a reply. They had previous said they were interested so she will try again.

Officer Reports:

Secretary – A motion to approve the February 2016 minutes was made, seconded and approved. A motion to

approve January 2016 minutes (unapproved in February due to lack of quorum) was made, seconded, and approved.

Treasurer – Sandra will work on 2015 CPP contract expenses refund, but needs the 2016 budget submission first.

The NCR account has $13,430.29 and the Tangletown account has $18,441.61; this does not include expenses from

Organics Recycling Kick­off event. Also, TNA doesn’t have a Minnesota Tax ID number which more vendors are

requiring for state sales tax exemption. Sandra had previously started the process but when TNA got non­profit

status TNA’s name changed and that requires extra documentation to receive the Tax ID. Sandra will find the

previous papers and bring them to Abby. Sandra also needs expenses before May 31 when our fiscal year ends.

Neighborhood Priorities Status / Committee Reports

Fuller Park (Steve, Virgil): no status at this time

Board Development (Karen, Andrew, Dick): no status at this time

Utility Box Wraps (Dan, Andrea): we have re­photographed and re­measured all traffic signal boxes in Tangletown

and will submit this list to the city by the April 8th deadline for pre­verification that the boxes are actually city-
owned boxes. We will focus on the 50th and Lyndale and 52nd and Lyndale boxes first and will solicit a professional

photographer to provide pictures for them.

Sustainability/Green Team (Lauren, Joy): the March 19th Organics Recycling Kickoff event drew about 215

residents and children, including about 100 adults from Tangletown. Joy requested adding more prominent links for

Organics on the TNA website homepage since the rollout is iminent. However, the website committee is trying to

reduce maintenance burden by keeping homepage cleaner and not continuously updating it, but agreed that specific

events could be hilighted.

Website/Communications (Eric, Dylan, Ryan, Laura): no updates at this time

School Relationships (Mary Jane, Sandra): Sandra met with Washburn Foundation personnel and determined that

we may need to pursue other avenues to increase student participation in Tangletown activities.

Coordinator Report

Abby is looking for a storage unit and will present a proposal at the next meeting. The Board requested one as close

as possible to Tangletown. Abby will also propose a budget for signage. Lauren suggested asking Tjody to design

them. Joy noted that Banners­to­Go was great to work with for the Organics Kick­off event and their prices were

very competitive for the Organics lawn­signs and large Tangletown map.

Partner and Other Announcements

John Quincy mentioned that the Community Connections conference coming up and requested participation from

Tangletown board members.

Adjourned: 9:00pm

Minutes submitted by Dan Williams, TNA Secretary

January 2016 Meeting Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, January 18, 2016 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Mary Jane Mitchell, Dan Williams, Lauren Anderson, Andrew Buss, Dick Fiala, Andrea

Siegel, Karen Costello, Steve Bieringer, Laura Silver, Sandra Bartsias, Joy Gottschalk

Board members absent: Virgil Petrie, Ryan Fisher, Dylan Sirny, Eric David

Called to order: 7:08pm

December 21, 2015 Meeting/Holiday Party recap: the Sustainability Committee proposed a 2016 budget of

$9,502 mainly focused on activities and education surrounding the City of Minneapolis' Organics Recycling

program, which will come to Tangletown in early 2016. A motion was made to approve the budget as proposed and

was seconded. All in favor, none opposed.

CERT Seed Grant

Joy has been working with the Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERT) organization to secure a grant for solar

energy assessments of buildings in our neighborhood. A motion was made to approve participation in the CERT

grant program and was seconded. All in favor, none opposed.

Southwest Happy Hour

The Southwest Business Association contacted TNA to see if anyone would be interested in attending events

focused on Southwest businesses. Abby will follow up for more info.

TNA Website Update

The new TNA website was launched in December. Lauren asked about ways to hilight major TNA events on the

website, possibly via headline-type links. The website committee said that for now, board members can forward

information to committee members who will post it on the site.

Spring Newsletter

Board members should begin gathering information for the spring newsletter. Lauren suggested three newsletters to

get more exposure of neighborhood events (March, summer, and fall). However, a March newsletter would be too

early for the garage sale and the board will revisit newsletter timing next year.

Annual Meeting

The TNA annual meeting will be held on Monday, May 16 and board members were asked to think about

themes/topics. Two years ago a speaker from the City of Minneapolis talked about tree disease and last year a

speaker from Homegrown Minneapolis talked about growing local food. Sandra suggested a speaker from the

Minneapolis Water Department, given recent nationwide interest in municipal water quality. Andrea will ask the

City if they have an available speaker. Andrea also proposed topics around homelessness.

TNA Garage Sale 2016

Steve and Eric will work on the garage sale. Tentative dates are May 6 th and 7 th . Abby asked whether we should

engage a charity like Ark, DAV, or Salvation Army again to pick up left-overs. That hasn't worked well in the past

so it was instead decided to add information about various organizations to the literature and let participants

schedule pickups of left-over items if they wish to.

4 th of July @ Fuller Park

The 4 th is a Monday this year. Sandra will contact the Roe Family Singers who TNA has tried and failed to book in

the past due to time constraints. 2015 attendees requested more kid-friendly food options and more fruit water

(which ran out early). Laura suggested replacing the missing parade banner, and Steve asked whether the banner

should be specific to the 4 th of July, or generic for Tangletown. Andrea suggested contacting Minneapolis Taps

which provides water stations and she will reach out to them. TNA will also request more games led by park staff

and ensure face painting is available this year. Mary-Jane suggested asking in the newsletter whether anyone in the

neighborhood would like to or knows someone who could face paint. Andrea suggested reaching out to the

Washburn Arts department to collaborate; Sandra and Mary-Jane will do this. We'll form a planning committee at

the February meeting.

Coordinator Report

Abby organized our storage room and cleaned out old items. Mary-Jane suggested buying storage bins to help

organization, and Abby will purchase bins and submit receipts. Abby reported that we only have 3 nametags for

board members (which are used at various events to identify the board) and she will bring some prototypes to the

next meeting for approval to purchase new ones. Mary-Jane requested an inventory of the storage room which Abby

already compiled, and she will send that out.

Abby also proposed working from the Fuller Park Rec Center for a few hours during each week during February and

before TNA events to increase visibility, participation, and outreach. She will stay within her budgeted hours; the

board agreed. Abby will send out emails to the board about her “office hours”.

Officer Reports:

Secretary – A motion to approve the November 2015 minutes was made, seconded and approved.

Treasurer – Sandra submitted reimbursement requests to the City for 2014 contracts. The City objected that TNA

didn't turn in 2013 & 2014 annual reports, but we believe we have done so. Abby will follow up with Jack to

clarify. We requested reimbursement of 2014 expenses in the amount of $10.788.66, and the City requested

clarification for $255.75 of that amount before reimbursement. Sandra will follow up with the city to clarify.

TNA received a $100 check which board members aren't completely clear on the origin of. Abby will follow up.

The NCR account has $5507.94 and the Tangletown account has $18,171.88, not including the city reimbursement

for NCR/CPP contracts for 2014. A motion to approve the financials report was made, seconded and approved.

Neighborhood Priorities Status / Committee Reports

Fuller Park (Steve, Virgil): no status at this time

Board Development (Karen, Andrew, Dick): committee members need access to our Google Docs. Lauren will

ensure this happens.

Utility Box Wraps (Dan, Andrea): the committee would like contact information for Washburn staff involved with

arts for connecting about student artists, for the purpose of involving Washburn students in the program. The

committee will focus on the 3 or 4 most visible intersections in Tangletown to start with.

Sustainability/Green Team (Lauren, Joy): a refined budget was reviewed and discussed in more detail. Since the

Organics Recycling focus will end in the summer after the program has rolled out in Tangletown, the committee will


Website/Communications (Eric, Dylan, Ryan, Laura): the committee is addressing comments and suggestions

through tweaks to the site. They have a potential budget request for $1,500 for development of graphics, logos, and


School Relationships (Mary Jane, Sandra): no status at this time

Partner and Other Announcements


Adjourned: 8:40pm

Minutes submitted by Dan Williams, TNA Secretary

November 2015 Meeting Minutes

Tangletown Neighborhood Association

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, November 16, 2015 (Annual Meeting) – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Ryan Fisher, Eric David, Lauren Anderson, Joy Gottschalk, Dick Fiala, Laura Silver,

Karen Costello, Dylan Sirney, Mary Jane Mitchell, Andrew Buss

Board members absent: Steve Bieringer, Sandra Bartsias, Dan Williams, Andrea Siegel, Virgil Petrie

Also present: Abby Rowan (TNA Coordinator), Councilmember John Quincy, Jennifer Waisanen (Minneapolis

Police Department – 5 th Precinct)

Called to order: 7:08pm

Jennifer Waisenen – 5 th Precinct Crime Prevention Specialist

Jennifer attended the meeting at the request of TNA in response to concerns about neighborhood crime raised on

Nextdoor. She distributed maps to board members detailing crime activity in the Tangletown neighborhood in both

2014 and 2015 (through November 16 th ). Jennifer stressed that residents should call 911 to report any suspicious

behavior, including individuals who stop by homes looking for people who don’t reside at the residence. Having

details of individuals’ physical descriptions, what they said, and which direction they’re moving and how (on foot,

via car, etc.) is particularly helpful for the police department. Because of the number of burglaries at Washburn and

Ramsey schools, Jennifer gave an overview of how the School Resource Officers (SROs) at both schools interface

with the Minneapolis Police Department. In instances of specific recurring burglaries or trespassing (e.g. on building

roofs), the 5 th precinct can send additional squad cars past suspected locations. Crime alerts are sent via email to

block club leaders. Due to MPD’s e-alert system, crime report details are cut short so block club leaders can email

Jennifer to get the full report. Several Tangletown blocks lack a block leader including:

4600 1st Ave

4600 Nicollet Ave

4700 1st Ave

4700 Grand Ave

4700 Nicollet Ave

4800 Pleasant Ave

4900 Stevens Ave

5000 Harriet Ave

5100 Garfield Ave

5300 Harriet Ave

5300 Pleasant Ave

Overall, Tangletown’s level of crime is low in

comparison to other Minneapolis neighborhoods.

There may be an increase in theft during the holiday

season – neighbors are encouraged to specify other

locations for package deliveries (e.g. back door,

within a fence, etc.) to discourage potential thieves.

UPS allows residents to do this on their website.

Community Solar Workshop Wrap-up

Joy gave an overview of last week’s Neighborhood

Community Solar workshop, which had 135

attendees. Lissa Pawlish from Metro CERTS gave a

“Community Solar 101” talk and Jamie Long

presented on the Linden Hills Community Solar

project, which will be installed on the Linden Hills

Co-op. Attendees filled out a survey to give direction

on local vs. rural projects and pre-pay vs. pay-as- you-

go options – results will be available soon. Despite

parking and kitchen challenges, it was a hugely

brought to the board in January 2016. The board is

interested in using submissions for the new TNA

website and will discuss the evaluation process at a

future meeting.

NRP Fund balance/relocation update

Lauren gave a brief overview of the board’s July

2015 conversation with Neighborhood and

Community Relations (NCR) staff member Jack

Whitehurst on the approximately $91,000 remaining

NRP Phase II funds not currently under contract.

The board’s six Neighborhood Priorities projects

have mostly not touched these funds. The board

would like to have Jack Whitehurst attend the

January 2016 meeting and offer a neighborhood

survey to identify priorities for using these funds

soon after.

TNA Holiday party date/ location/ menu

Laura offered to check on hosting on December 21 st .

The board would like to have a potluck preferably at

a board member’s home. Lauren volunteered to set

up an event on

Officer Reports:

Secretary – A motion to approve the October 2015

minutes was made, seconded and approved.

Treasurer – No report this month. Sustainability

committee members will submit receipts to Sandra.

Neighborhood Priorities Status

Board Development (Karen, Andrew, Dick) –

Andrew will re-email the member profile

questionnaire so board members can fill it out. The

group would like to build more board resources

(how-tos, photos, background on interfacing with the

City) to help members share information with one


Fuller Park (Steve, Virgil) – no update

School Relationships (Sandra, Mary Jane) – A parent

liaison from Washburn High School emailed TNA

this morning.

Sustainability/Green Team (Lauren, Joy) – The

Sustainability Team’s update was covered under

Community Solar Workshop. Joy and Lauren will

bring an organics project budget request to the

December gathering.

Utility Box Wraps (Dan, Andrea) – no update

Website/Communications (Eric, Dylan, Ryan, Laura)

– The Communication Team’s update was covered

under the TNA Website Review section.

Community Spaces – no update

Coordinator Update – no update

Other Business – None

October 2015 Meeting Minutes

Tangletown Neighborhood Association

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, October 19, 2015 (Annual Meeting) – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Steve Bieringer, Sandra Bartsias, Andrew Buss, Ryan Fisher, Lauren Anderson, Joy

Gottschalk, Dick Fiala

Board members absent: Eric David, Virgil Petrie, Dan Williams, Andrea Siegel, Laura Silver, Karen Costello

Also present: Adam Lilla (owner of Elevation Chiropractic & Wellness); Tjody deVaal; Tom Balcom, Barb

Balcom, Mike Gilbertson (Tangletown residents)

Called to order: 7:04pm

Newsletter Update

Tjody gave an update on the fall newsletter, which was mailed today through Ideal Printers. It should hopefully hit

residential and business mailboxes later this week assuming there are no delays with our bulk mail permit. Mary

Jane brought up the status of newsletter distribution to businesses. Tjody will double check whether businesses in

the neighborhood currently receive the newsletter through the mail. Joy offered that the Sustainability Committee

will be delivering Community Solar event flyers and could take notes on which businesses currently accept

community informational pieces.

Halloween Walking Tour

Tjody requested a budget of $35 for glowsticks and hot cider for the Halloween Walking Tour, which will take place

on Halloween (Saturday, October 31 st ). A motion to approve this budget was made, seconded, and approved by the

full board. Fuller Park isn’t offering a community Halloween party this year so the tour was moved to October 31 st

and the route will include trick-or- treating.

Community Solar Workshop

Joy gave an overview of the Community Solar Garden forum coming up on November 12 th , 2015 at Mayflower

Church (106 E Diamond Lake Road). The event is being held in partnership with the Hale-Page- Diamond Lake

Community Association (HPDL), Field Regina Northrop Neighborhood Group (FRNNG), Windom Community

Council, and Lynnhurst Neighborhood. Residents in Tangletown and HPDL will receive an event postcard in the

mail and the Sustainability Committee is looking for volunteers to help distribute flyers around the neighborhood.

Panelists for the event include Trevor Drake from CERTs (Clean Energy Resource Teams) and Jamie Long from

Linden Hills Power & Light (LHPL). LHPL recently organized a community solar garden, which will be installed

on roof of the Linden Hills Co-op. Joy posted on Nextdoor looking for a volunteer to video and upload the

workshop so it will be accessible to other Mpls residents and neighborhoods. TNA will also have a survey available

at the event and online to gauge residents’ interest in local or remote community solar projects.

Maintenance along Stevens Ave

Mike Gilbertson addressed the board regarding the lack of maintenance of the grass and planted areas along the

sound wall across from Stevens Ave. Initially MNDOT mowed the grass adjacent to the soundwall multiple times

during the growing season but has since decreased to only twice a year. Neighbors on the block of Stevens Ave

between 49 th and 50 th Streets did some maintenance this past summer and there’s interest in organizing for future

seasons. Across the freeway, neighbors on 2 nd Ave have organized to buy a mower, store it, install perennials, and

share maintenance duties. Tangletown neighbors on Stevens Ave would like to organize similar efforts and would

appreciate guidance from TNA. Ideally, the group would coordinate with MNDOT’s twice a year mowing schedule

and support neighbors who want to plant perennials across from their homes. Ryan provided some history: when the

soundwalls went up some neighborhoods were interested in managing the maintenance along the structures but it

proved challenging to organize. Resident Tim Price organized the 2 nd Ave improvements and recommended that

TNA establish a Greening Committee to create a plan, work with public officials and recruit volunteers to help with

the maintenance. This group could form as a subcommittee of Sustainability or as its own committee and address

other public spaces throughout the neighborhood including the Gladstone Ave triangle and Washburn Water Tower.

NCR October Learning Lab

Neighborhood and Community Relations is holding a learning lab on Thursday, October 29 th from 6-7:30pm at All

My Relations Gallery (1414 East Franklin Avenue) to discuss strategies to increase neighborhood involvement

among American Indian and African American residents. Interested board members can attend.

Minnehaha Trail Improvements Project

Tom Balcom addressed the board about the Lyndale bridge over Minnehaha Creek. The bridge’s arch was

originally designed to be wide enough to accommodate bicycle and walking traffic in both directions. After the

bridge construction, the MPRB was reluctant to install a shared trail that would accommodate bicycles in addition to

pedestrians and held a public meeting this past June. Residents in attendance were adamant that bike paths on this

stretch were critical to usability and important points of connection to other bicycling infrastructure within the city.

In response to this feedback, the MPRB will hold a follow-up public meeting this Thursday, October 22 nd at 6pm at

Lynnhurst Recreation Center to discuss shared-use trails – interested board members should plan to attend this


Officer Reports:

Secretary – A motion to approve the September 2015 minutes was made, seconded and approved.

Treasurer – Balance in the TNA is $18,171.88 and the balance of the NCR account is $10,946.00.

Neighborhood Priorities Status

Board Development (Karen, Andrew, Dick) – no update

Fuller Park (Steve, Virgil) – no update

School Relationships (Sandra, Mary Jane) – Sandra spoke with Joelle from Mpls Community Ed about partnering

with TNA on community events and classes. Community Ed often holds holiday events for Halloween, winter

holidays, etc. Sandra also wrote an article for the fall newsletter highlighting Community Ed.

Sustainability/Green Team (Lauren, Joy) – The Sustainability Team’s update was covered under Community Solar

Workshop. Organics projects will pick up in the winter as the roll-out for collection services in Tangletown draws


Utility Box Wraps (Dan, Andrea) – no update

Website/Communications (Eric, Dylan, Ryan, Laura) – no update

Other Business –

Supporting Local Businesses

In Bryn Mawr, the neighborhood offers local business punch cards. Residents complete the punch cards by visiting

different neighborhood businesses. Once the card is full, residents can pick up a prize, get a free cup of coffee, etc.

The board discussed promoting local Tangletown businesses in a similar manner to the Bryn Mawr program,

potentially through a mailed postcard with spaces for residents to visit businesses. Ryan recommended contacting

the Southwest Business Association about partnering on an initiative. Steve is going to follow up.

Washburn Water Tower

Barb Balcom discussed issues with the plantings around the Washburn Water Tower. Some of the shrubs and trees

are overgrown and could potentially damage the structure. There’s a gap in maintenance between the MPRB and

Public Works. This project could be wrapped into a TNA committee or sub-committee devoted to public spaces that

need plantings installed and maintained.

Partner and Other Announcements

Councilmember Quincy is not able to attend tonight’s meeting but stopped by before the meeting. Joy is working

with his office on the upcoming Community Solar Forum.

The board discussed planning for the holiday party, potentially in place of the board’s regular meeting on December

21 st .

46 th Street Reconstruction – Ryan has represented TNA at the 46 th Street reconstruction meetings. The project will

stretch from Lyndale to Cedar Ave. The City and Hennepin County have hosted two planning meetings for

neighborhood partners and have an upcoming public open house this Wednesday, October 21st from 6-8pm at Field

School. The City and County have collected traffic counts and accident data for this stretch and determined that

accidents are three times more likely on 46 th Street between Nicollet and 35-W. Project coordinators will have a few

proposed solutions for attendees’ consideration and feedback on Wednesday night.

Adjourned: 8:37pm

Minutes submitted by Lauren Anderson, substitute for Dan Williams, TNA Secretary

September 2015 Meeting Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, September 21, 2015 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Ryan Fisher, Dan Williams, Lauren Anderson, Andrew Buss, Laura Silver, Steve

Bieringer, Sandra Bartsias, Andrea Siegel, Mary Jane Mitchell, Karen Costello, Virgil Petrie

Board members absent: Eric David, Dylan Sirny, Joy Gottschalk, Dick Fiala

Also present: Tjody deVaal, Abby Rowan

Called to order: 7:06pm

Newsletter Update

Newsletter submissions covering the Board's six new initiatives are due by Friday September 25, 2015. Each

intiative team will write a short article about their iniative and its current status. Other proposed articles include

organics recycling, community solar gardens, electronics recycling, school updates, the Halloween walking tour, a

Spring newsletter photo contest, business updates, experience with the Center for Energy and the Environment's

Home Energy Squad program, 4 th of July recap and hilights, Community Education update, and possibly something

from Councilmember John Quincy.

October 12 th was proposed as the mailing date for the newsletter to give enough notice before Halloween for events

like the Halloween Walking Tour, but not so much time that events are forgotten.

The printer that the Board has contracted with for newletter services has recently passed away, but his assistant is

taking over and the Board does not anticipate problems with publishing our upcoming newsletter. As it has been a

long time since the board has priced printing and mailing options, Abby began to investigate other vendors and will

report back at a later meeting.

The Board discussed why participation in the Halloween Walking Tour has fallen in recent years, decided to solict

houses and volunteers for the tour, and if there is enough interested the Walking Tour will be continued for 2015.

The Board also discussed helping support the Fuller Park Haloween program by offsetting the Park's dwindling

budget but no motions were offered.

A motion to allocate $2500 from the NCR account to fund editing, printing, publishing for fall newsletter was made,

seconded, and approved. None opposed.

Neighborhood Priorities Status / Committee Reports

In conjunction with the Board, Abby created a project status template for the Priorities teams to complete one week

before each monthly Board meeting. The Board hopes to eventually publish these reports online and possibly in the

newsletter for greater transparency. Abby will be coordinating the collection of status reports, will summarize the

reports, and present an overall status at the regular board meeting. However, in the interest of time, Board members

should review each team's status report before the meeting so that we do not spend an inordinate amount of time on

them during the meeting.

Abby will also be available to assist each team with execution and follow-through of their priorities up to her

budgeted hours. Requests for Abby's assistance should be made to Ryan and Steve and include the amount of hours

required and a deadline for the task to be completed.

Fuller Park (Steve, Virgil): the team is not yet ready with a budget as they are still discussing priorities with Fuller

park staff, and some proposals must be discussed with higher level Parks Board management. Some possibilities

include adding a projector and screen to the gym area, adding window blinds to the gym area, and adding air

conditioning to the building, but needs are still being determined with park staff.

Board Development (Karen, Andrew, Dick): to continue developing materials, all board members must have access

to Google Docs and the Board's Google Drive account since no physical materials will be produced. Materials will

include bylaws, how-tos for Board procedures, and a phyiscal inventory of Board-owned equipment. The team is

still determining what information will be restricted to board members only (e.g. personal information of Board

members) and what can be made publicly available. Board members were asked to fill in “bio sheets” and return

them to Andrew.

Utility Box Wraps (Dan, Andrea): Andrea summarized communication with the City's program manager for utility

box wraps, who stated that neighborhood associations without full-time paid staff can only do about four wraps each

year due to multiple process hurdles. The team proposed starting with two to four boxes to become familiar with the

process, and will propose a budget for that number of boxes by the next meeting.

Sustainability/Green Team (Lauren, Joy): the team proposed a budget of $10,355 for activities including organics

recycling block captain training, holding a workshop related to organics in early 2016, organizing a kick-off event

when bins come out, doing business outreach, distributing lawn signs, and organizing a Fall 2015 forum for

community solar gardens.

A motion was made to approve $1000 for sustainability committee for the Fall 2015 forum for community solar

gardens. Seconded. Voice vote, approved, none opposed.

Website/Communications (Eric, Dylan, Ryan, Laura): the team proposed a fast-track revamp of the existing website

centered around a new design, which does not require significant budget. The new website should be focused on the

entire neighborhood and not just Board activities. The site will have minimal maintenance requirements and a

preview should be ready by December.

School Relationships (Mary Jane, Sandra): the team is focusing on Washburn and Ramsey, and will reach out to

various PTAs too. Sandra spoke to the Washburn principal who suggested that she contact the Washburn

Foundation and Washburn Arts Council, which Sandra did but had not yet received a response. Any near-term

budget requests would be to support community education by sponsoring a class or classes around neighborhood

development or Board initiatives. Sponsoring grant programs at the schools is also a possibility. Steve proposed

that the Board should focus on partnerships instead of just donations.

Officer Reports:

Secretary – A motion to approve the August 2015 minutes was made, seconded and approved.

Treasurer – Sandra filed board tax forms for Fiscal Year 2015. The board recorded a loss of $2922.35 for FY2015

due to slow application to City NRP/CPP programs for reimbursments of 2015 contract spending.

The NCR account has $12,251.73 and the Tangletown account has $18,445.88, not including reimbursements from

the City for NRP/CPP contracts mentioned above. A motion to approve the financials report was made, seconded

and approved. None opposed.

Coordinator Update


Partner and Other Announcements

Melody Johnson from AchieveMpls reached out to the board soliciting support for the “Our City, Our Schools”

initiative, and is open to further communication or informational meetings. The board referred her inquiry to the

School Relationships committee.

Adjourned: 8:45pm

Minutes submitted by Dan Williams, TNA Secretary

August 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, August 17, 2015 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Ryan Fisher, Dan Williams, Lauren Anderson, Eric David, Andrew Buss, Joy Gottschalk, Dick Fiala, Laura Silver, Sandra Bartsias, Andrea Siegel, Karen Costello, Dylan Sirny, Steve Bieringer

Board members absent: Mary Jane Mitchell, Virgil Petrie

Also present: Councilmember John Quincy, Tjody deVaal, Suzanne Kramer, and Peter Alexander

Called to order: 7:07pm

August 3 Budget Priority Planning Meeting Follow-up

On August 3rd 2015 the board held a special Budget Priority Planning meeting to identify neighborhood development priorities and better utilize Tangletown’s city funds from the Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) and Community Participation Program (CPP) programs. Each board member proposed ideas which were combined with similar ideas from other members into groups which were voted on by the board. The six groups with the most votes were slotted into the six defined CPP categories, and two board members assigned to each priority as team leads. Team leads then developed and presented an action plan at the the regular August 17th meeting.

Fuller Park (Steve, Virgil): the team will meet with Minneapolis Parks staff at Fuller Park to identify common priorities and discuss ideas from the Budget Priority meeting. The team will continue to solicit feedback from the board and neighborhood on ways to improve Fuller Park. Some possible ideas include adding A/C to the community center building, improving grass in the park, adding more shade structures, opening the bathrooms on Sundays, and better park signage.

Board Development (Karen, Andrew, Dick): the team proposed creating a “TNA Board 101” resource for new and existing board members, including an updated board manual, bios of board members, simple explanations of board financal procedures and NRP/CPP plans, and written explanations of board procedures and customs. The team also proposed “welcome baskets” for new neighborhood residents and talking to other neighborhood coordinators to determine what has worked in the past for improving board participation and procedures. The team would also like to reach out to existing block leaders and foster new block leader development.

Utility Box Wraps (Dan, Andrea): the team proposed a process identify existing resources from the previous 2012 wrapping effort, contact local artists to fill any gaps from the previous effort, solicit neighborhood ideas and approval, and submit designs to the city for Spring/Summer 2016 completion. The city has a number of pre-approved designs we could use, but the team would also like some neighborhood specific art which shows how Tangletown is unique. If custom designs are used the board must identify an artist curator and pay artists an honorarium for their work. The team must also contact artists from the 2012 effort to ensure they are still OK with their art being used for utility boxes.

Sustainability/Green Team (Lauren, Joy): the team identified city-wide organics recycling as a major focus, since it will be rolling out in Tangletown in Spring 2016 and the Sustainability committee would like encourage as many residents as possible to utilize it. The team proposed adding more resources to the TNA website, writing an ongoing series of poses and articles about organics, creating yard signs to raise awareness of organics recycling, and possibly fostering “organics block captains” to serve as resources for neighbors with questions. The team is planning a neighborhood event in Spring 2016 to educate residents about the city organics program, with a follow-up training event for those who miss the first one. The team proposed creating a video about organics featuring neighborhood residents.

The team will also research available organics recycling resources, encourage local stores to carry compostable bags in visible locations, offering free and low-cost compostable supplies for National Night Out block parties, and reach out to neighborhood businesses about participating in the city organics recycling program.

The team is also interested in organizing a Fuller Park/Minnehaha Creek Earth Day cleanup event.

Website/Communications (Eric, Dylan, Ryan, Laura): the team has identified a short-term goal of overhauling the TNA website by December 2015, including a refreshed design which might require outside design/development and thus TNA funding. Other ideas were a website business directory and a welcome package for new businesses in the neighborhood.

School Relationships (Mary Jane, Sandra): the team has identified contacts at Ramsey, Washburn, and the Washburn Foundation and will reach out to them to renew contact. The team proposed investigating grants for some of the ongoing school programs, and inviting students to become more involved in our 4th of July parade. The team also discussed funding some community education programs so they are free to participants.

Budget Priority Meeting Next Steps

Team leads should prepare detailed plans and preliminary budgets for discussion at the regular September meeing. Budgets should split funding requests into Phase 1 (by May 2016) and Phase 2 (after May) to match up with CPP funding guidelines (?). Teams should also submit articles for the TNA website hilighting their initiatives immediately after the September meeting so they can be included in the fall newsletter.

Officer Reports:

Secretary – A motion to approve the July 2015 minutes was made, seconded and approved.

Treasurer – The NCR account is at $12,776.73 and the Tangletown account is at $18,470.88, not including the city reimbursement for NCR/CPP contracts for 2014. A motion to approve the financials report was made, seconded and approved.

Committee Reports:

Committees will be rebranded next month to more closely align with our neighborhood priorities and CPP categories.

Sustainability – Nothing to report.

Arts – Nothing to report.

NRP – Nothing to report.

Communication – Nothing to report.

Business – Nothing to report.

Coordinator Update


Partner and Other Announcements

Joy has been researching community solar gardens with the intention of getting neighborhood residents involved. She reached out Linden Hills which has gone through the process of organizing and applying for a solar garden on the Linden Hill Coop, and talked to some developers of solar gardens. Councilperson John Quincy and a staff member from the Minneaplis city sustainability office agreed to meet with interested board members about solar gardens. Joy asked for interested board members to become more involved in the initiative.

Sandra shared information about bike tuneup stations which she thinks would be a great addition to the neighborhood. These small stations have an air pump and simple tools for bike repair. There are currently only 10 tuneup stations through Minnesota, mostly in the Twin Cities area, but none in Tangletown. The Board suggested the Minnehaha Creek trail as a good location.

Adjourned: 8:27pm

Minutes submitted by Dan Williams, TNA Secretary

July 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, July 20, 2015 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Steve Bieringer, Ryan Fisher, Lauren Anderson, Eric David, Andrew Buss, Joy Gottschalk, Dick Fiala, Virgil Petrie, Dan Williams, Andrea Siegel, Laura Silver, Karen Costello

Board members absent: Sandra Bartsias

Also present: Councilmember John Quincy, Jack Whitehurst (NCR), Abby Rowan (staff), Tjody deVaal, Cecelia Caspram, Arun Caspram

Called to order: 7:05pm

Elections of officers for 2015-2016
Dan Williams will take on the secretary role – thank you, Dan! The nomination was seconded and approved by the full board. Current officers were confirmed for a second year including Steve Bieringer as President, Andrea Siegel as Vice President and Sandra Bartsias as Treasurer.

TNA 4th of July Event
TNA spent $1,767.96 and brought in $2,568.00 on this year’s 4th of July event for a total profit of $800.04 despite spending $250 more on this year’s band. 2014’s event was in the red and had a total of $2,859.32 in expenditures. Attendance felt lighter, which may have been because the holiday fell on a Saturday this year and more residents were out of town. Abby coordinated the prize drawing from the pool of attendees who signed up to receive TNA e-news at the event. The board approved a $20 gift certificate for the prize recipient. The board also discussed reaching out to businesses next year both to have an info table and to donate prizes so TNA can have door prize drawings.

Planning notes and 2016 recommendations:
Food: The food trucks were great but there were requests for more kid-friendly food like hot dogs. The fruit water provided by Hector was a huge hit – we offered huge portion sizes and ran out partway through the event. The board would like to keep the fruit water ticket price at 1 and offer smaller cups next year.
Organics recycling: There was a mixup with the organics recycling container reservations so the board will make sure to reserve organics clear streams far in advance and double check with park staff.
Parade: Joy recommended getting double the balloons because they’re such a great addition to the parade and we consistently run out.
Setup: Abby brought up the idea to reserve Fuller Park’s multipurpose room the night before to pull out supplies and stage for set-up.
Games: The board also discussed increasing the number of games led by Fuller park staff to the level of previous years. Councilmember Quincy recommended contacting a local church youth group or even student government or service groups at Washburn High School or Ramsey Middle School to help plan throughout the year and staff activities. Partner groups could potentially help benefit from any proceeds collected at the event.

Tangletown survey request by Madelyn Sundberg (U of M grad student)
Madelyn is surveying SW Mpls neighborhood residents about neighborhood heritage as part of her graduate research. The board will send out survey information to residents using our neighborhood e-list and will be able to see results collected through Madelyn’s research.

Jack Whitehurst – City of Minneapolis Neighborhood Specialist
Jack distributed information on TNA’s NRP Phase I, II and III funding allocations and expenditures. There are $15,959.71 remaining in Phase I funds allocated for the business node improvement fund and Washburn water tower grounds renovations. There are just over $91,000 of unfrozen Phase II funds that can be put under contract. TNA would like to roll over these last Phase I funds to Phase II and place them under contract (some $2,000 may be under contract to the park board for Fuller Park grass). The board went through Phase III contracts and discussed potential corrections to the City’s records to reflect funds paid over the past year for the Fuller Park shade structures, 54th and Lyndale Neighborhood Priority Plan streetscape upgrades, and neighborhood bike racks.

TNA has $72,800 remaining on the 2014-2016 Community Participation Program contract, which runs through December 31, 2016. Ryan inquired on the possibility of receiving monthly reports from NCR on pending contracts and balances that board members could receive four days before the board meeting so TNA can keep better tabs on neighborhood contracts. The board will meet on Monday, August 3rd at 7pm at Fuller Park to discuss plans for future neighborhood projects and strategies to reallocated the remaining Phase I and Phase II funds.

Officer Reports:
Secretary – A motion to approve the June 2015 minutes was made, seconded and approved.
Treasurer – The NCR account is at $15,187.95 and the Tangletown account is at $18,470.88. A motion to approve the financials report was made, seconded and approved.

Committee Reports:
Sustainability – Nothing to report.
Arts – Nothing to report.
NRP – Abby will take over the administration of the business façade grant program.
Communication – Nothing to report.

Coordinator Update
Abby reported that she covered her updates for the board earlier in the meeting. Thanks for a great 4th of July event, Abby!

Partner and Other Announcements
Ryan attended a 46th Street meeting this week – the City is currently doing speed studies and will be looking at strategies to calm traffic as part of the resurfacing on 46th St between Cedar and Hiawatha.

Lauren announced that the MPRB is holding its final SW area meeting on closing the neighborhood parks funding gap next Tuesday, July 28th from 6-8pm at Lynnhurst Recreation Center. Board members are encouraged to attend!

Adjourned: 8:45pm

Minutes submitted by Dan Williams (TNA Secretary) and Lauren Anderson (former TNA Secretary)

July Community Meeting

Join the Board members of the Tangletown Neighborhood Association at the July meeting beginning at 7pm at Fuller Park to learn about neighborhood funding, give feedback on the 4th of July event, meet your neighbors, join a committee, hang out with the movers and shakers of Tangeltown…

Special guest speaker, Jack Whitehurst with the Neighborhood and Community Engagement Commission, will explain where our funds come from and how they can be used.
Many of you had questions at the annual meeting in regards to the budget and spending options… This is your chance to get answers from “the inside!”

Community Meeting
Monday, July 20
Fuller Park


June 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, June 15, 2015 (Annual Meeting) – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Steve Bieringer, Ryan Fisher, Sandra Bartsias, Lauren Anderson, Eric David, Andrew Buss, Joy Gottschalk, Dick Fiala, Virgil Petrie, Dan Williams, Andrea Siegel, Laura Silver, Karen Costello

Board members absent:

Also present: Abby Rowan (staff)

Called to order: 7:05pm

TNA Annual Meeting
Sandra reported that TNA spent $484.33 on this year’s Annual Meeting. In 2014 the board spent $922.26, which was a higher total due to a postcard mailing. Because a postcard sent this year, the board observed slightly lower attendance and recommends sending one in 2016 to hit mailboxes 1-2 weeks before the event. Russ Henry from Homegrown Minneapolis spoke to attendees and was engaging and informative. Because questions came in regarding TNA’s funding through the City, the Board would like to invite Jack Whitehurst to a September or October board meeting (depending on the timing of the fall newsletter) to present to residents in greater depth. The Board also discussed TNA’s current avenues to reach community members and strategies to grow the electronic newsletter mailing list. Abby suggested having a specific prize drawing at the 4th of July event for attendees who are already on or sign up to be on the TNA e-news list. Board members would also like to connect with block leaders and invite Jennifer Waisenan from MPD’s 5th Precinct at a future meeting.

TNA 4th of July
The planning team met last week to finalize assignments. Board members typically arrive at Fuller between 8:00am and 9:00am to set up chairs and tables, help vendors find their spots, and coordinate the parade. The volunteer schedule is in process – Abby has another neighborhood e-blast scheduled for tomorrow. Steve has a contact for potential face painters from the Fuller Park grand opening with whom he’ll follow up so there can be face painting at this year’s event. Board members are trying to locate the event banners, which may be at Simply Jane or Charlie’s Bike Shop. TNA will work with Hector Ruiz of Café Ena and La Fresca to provide watermelon juice instead of root beer. The planning team may meet once more before the event – Board members are encouraged to attend if so. Sandra reminded board members that formal approval of a budget for this year’s event in still needed. Last year’s event netted $282.53 ($3141.85 in proceeds and $2,859.32 in expenses). Ryan proposed a budget of $3,500 for this year’s event, which was seconded and approved by the full board.

17 West Elmwood Place Variance Request
The property owner plans to rebuild the garage on the property and forwarded plans to TNA. No further action is recommended at this stage.

Officer Reports:
Secretary – A motion to approve the May 2015 minutes with one correction was made, seconded and approved.
Treasurer – The NCR account is at $17,850.68 and the Tangletown account is at $15,902.88.
Officer elections – Lauren would like to pass the secretary duties to another board member. The Board will revisit officer elections at next month’s meetings.

Committee Reports:
Abby sent an email to recruit committee members and several committee meeting scheduling emails. Karen would like to form a bicycle-focused committee with weekly rides, which could be promoted through facebook, website, and e-newsletter. She also proposed changing the Sustainability Committee’s name to the Green Team.
Sustainability – Lauren reported on the committee’s most recent meeting and potential changes to the Green Day event. Joy gave a quick update on the Minneapolis Community Solar meeting held on April 30th. Xcel Energy is in the midst of making its approval process easier for new community solar projects. Tangletown has a few potential avenues for helping residents connect with community solar projects, particularly in partnership with other neighborhoods. The City has some guidelines for neighborhoods but the concept is still in development. Abby will connect with other SW neighborhood coordinators and report back at a future board meeting.
Arts – TNA would like to continue working on utility box wraps and Dan volunteered to help coordinate the process. Thank you, Dan!

Coordinator Update
Abby met with Jack Whitehurst from the City of Minneapolis’s Neighborhood & Community Relations (NCR) Department on several budget items. TNA’s funds from the home loan program have been moved from the Center for Energy & Environment (CEE) but as TNA doesn’t have a new administrator yet the program remains in limbo. Some neighborhoods have worked together to identify a new administrator so Ryan recommended that Abby follow up with the City for more information. Jack also gave an overview on the process to shift TNA’s allocation of NCR (a process that TNA has often used in the past). It’s conceivable that the City might freeze and/or take back unspent Community Participation Program (CPP) funds in the future, so TNA should identify neighborhood projects for this fiscal year. Potential projects could include utility box wraps, more neighborhood bike racks, a neighborhood business list and way-finding signs. Ryan proposed scheduling a meeting later this summer to brainstorm ideas and estimate volunteer time needed to accomplish each.

Partner and Other Announcements
Ryan reported that the Nicollet East Harriet Business Association (NEHBA) will receive funds to create a mobile app to connect with neighborhood businesses and incentives to shop there. The app should be available later this year.

Adjourned: 8:40pm

Minutes submitted by Lauren Anderson, TNA Secretary