Notice of funding shift, to support Fuller Park shade structures

Tangletown Neighborhood Association plans to provide funding support to allow shade structures to be added to Fuller Park’s pool area. To make this successful, funding must be reallocated within Tangletown’s Neighborhood Revitalization Program funding source; a shift which requires public notice prior to board approval. This funding shift will be formally decided upon at Tangletown’s April 21, 2014 board meeting. See below for details on the reallocation, and contact for more information.

Reallocate NRP Phase II funds:

Housing – Strategy A.1.5.1 – Housing Coordinator ($5,000)
Crime and Safety – Strategy E.1.1.2 – Crime and Safety Coordinator ($10,000)

Parks and Public Spaces – Strategy C.1.1.1 – Fuller Park Improvements ($15,000)

This modification will redirect currently underutilized funds to a higher neighborhood priority – adding shade structures at Fuller Park.

Notice of NRP Plan Modification Proposal for March 21 TNA Meeting

On March 21, 2011, the Tangletown Neighborhood Association will present the following NRP Plan Modification for neighborhood approval:

From NRP Phase I Strategy Plan Implementation Support  $61,225.24
From NRP Phase I Strategy Business Node Improvement Fund  $12,924.92
From NRP Phase I Strategy Fuller Park – Grass on Field  $1,773.15
From NRP Phase I Strategy Home Security Hardware Rebate  $5,681.69
From NRP Phase I Strategy Police Bike Patrols  $1,686.56

To NRP Phase II Strategy H.2.1.1 NRP Plan Implementation – Personnel  $24,000
To NRP Phase II Strategy H.2.1.1 NRP Plan Implementation – Non-Personnel  $10,000
To NRP Phase II Strategy H.4.1.1 Neighborhood Events  $27,225.24
To NRP Phase II Strategy F1.1.1 Lyndale Ave South of the Creek  $12,924.92
To NRP Phase II Strategy G.1.2.1 Natural Resources Preservation – Trees $2,773.15
To NRP Phase II Strategy G.1.1.1. Historical Preservation  $4,681.69
To NRP Phase II Strategy E.1.1.1 Crime Prevention Workshops $1,686.56

The reason for the Plan Modification is to help replace the funding lost due to the City Council decision to freeze NRP Phase II funds for property tax relief.  Public comments will be accepted at the March 21 meeting and via e-mail at or by postal mail to Tangletown Neighborhood Association, P.O. Box 19347, Minneapolis, MN 55419.  The meeting will be held at Fuller Park, 4800 Grand Ave. S. at 7:00 p.m.

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Tangletown Board to roll over NRP Phase I monies to Phase II plan

The Tangletown Neighborhood Association Board will vote November 15 to roll over $10,000 from NRP Phase I, “Plan Implementation/Support” H.2.1.1 to NRP Phase II, D.2.1.1 “Community Building with Business” in order to continue to  fund projects like the recently new Tangletown Business Directory.  Comments from the public on this decision will be accepted prior to that meeting.

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Grant monies will update Fuller Recreation Center

$12,500 will fund new furnishings

The Tangletown Neighborhood Association will provide $12,500 in a Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) grant funds for improvements to the Fuller Park Recreation Center in Minneapolis. The funding agreement was approved at the Feb. 3 meeting of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board of Commissioners (MPRB).

The funding will update furnishings in the computer lab to be conducive to computer work and security; and a newly refurbished welcome desk, countertops and shelving. Replacement of the carpet in the lounge, as well as furniture in the building, is also included in the project. The MPRB carpentry shop will complete the work.

Fuller Recreation Center is located at 4800 Grand Ave. S. In addition to the computer lab, it features a multi-purpose room, lounge, kitchen, meeting rooms and craft room.