Oooh! Pretty Streets!


Spring = Street Sweeping!

Here’s the info you need:
Weather permitting, an annual rite of spring in Minneapolis is scheduled to begin Tuesday, April 14. Drivers should watch for temporary “No Parking” signs along these streets to avoid a ticket and tow.
Through May 8, temporary “No Parking” signs will be posted at least 24 hours in advance to make sure streets are clear of parked vehicles. Drivers need to follow street sweep parking rules or they may have their cars ticketed and towed to the Minneapolis Impound Lot.
Phone calls to residents – In addition to the “No Parking” signs that will be posted the day before sweepers come through, the City will make about 3,500 automated phone calls each evening to let residents know their street will be swept the next day.

Interactive Web tool – There’s a tool on the City’s Web site to find out when the sweeping crews are coming through their neighborhoods. Residents can go to and click on “street sweeping schedule lookup,” to find out which week a street is scheduled to be swept. The weekend before that week, they can revisit the Web site to find out which day of the week the street is scheduled to be swept.

· Videos – Street sweeping is explained in English, Hmong, Somali and Spanish in short videos that can be watched at and on City cable channels 14 and 79. Residents who have friends or neighbors who speak these languages are encouraged to share links to the videos.
o English: See how and why Minneapolis sweeps streets and what you can do to help keep streets and waterways clean.
o Spanish: Vea en este video de las series “Sabia Usted” como y porque Minneapolis barre las calles y limpia las vias fluviales.
o Somali: Ka daawo fiidyowga taxanaha… ee Minneapolis ee loo yaqaan “Ma Ogtahay” siyaabaha iyo sababaha minneapolis jidadka ay u xaaqido oo ogow sidii aad uga caawin lahayd ilaalinta nadaafada jidadka iyo biyo mareenada.
o Hmong: Yog xav paub ntxiv, sais nroog Minneapolis cov tshooj xov xwm hu, “Koj pos paub.”
Residents should not push leaves, grass clippings, or other debris into City streets – it’s bad for our lakes and waterways and it’s against the law. Anything that goes down a storm drain flows directly into our lakes and river, and decomposing plant material in the water encourages the growth of harmful aquatic plants and algae.

Spring/Summer 2015 Newsletter

Click the link below to view Tangletown Neighborhood Association’s Spring/Summer Newsletter.

Details on all the ways to participate in the 2015 Tangletown Garage Sales – drawing in buyers from all around!

4th of July festivities

Annual Meeting information

All you need to know about our terrific Tangletown!

2015 Newsletter

Green Day 2015

Green Day Tangletown

Join us for Tangletown’s 2nd annual Green Day event!

Workshops, demos, children’s art activity, door prizes, pizza & cookies. Learn about keeping our bees healthy, home energy improvements, biking safety, rain gardens, composting, rain barrels, aquaponics, natural yard care, the City of Minneapolis’s organics recycling program and more.

Workshop schedule:
*11:30am – Healthy Bees. Healthy Lives, Beez Kneez LLC
*12:30pm – Organics Recycling, City of Mpls/Tangletown Neighborhood Association

2013 August 19 TNA Board Meeting Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES –  Monday, August 19, 2013 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Ryan Fisher – President, Carolyn Dungan – Secretary, Sandra Bartsias – Treasurer, Lauren Anderson, Karen Costello, Eric David, Mary Jane Mitchell, Tony Proell, Dylan Sirny

Also present:  Carol Anderson (Fuller Park), Tom Balcom (Historian), Don Hall (resident for Fuller plaque),  John Quincy (Councilman),

1. Call to Order 7:06

2.  Fuller Park plaque update, park grant – Tom Balcom reported that he has contacted Mark Caplan for a reference on this project.  Mark Caplan oversaw the implementation of the plane crash plaque on Emerson & 27th.    Tjody is working with him and the Minneapolis Park Board and the application should be ready to submit this week.  The Park Board gave guidance on the material for plaque as well as how to attach it to the rock.  Ginger Cannon with the Minneapolis Park Board is now our contact for this project.

In regard to the historical pamphlet, Tom reported that it will be completed in time for the dedication of the plaque and the presentation in October.  The plan is to print 200 booklets – maybe 50 for the dedication and have the others available at the park.    John Quincy added that Windom had similar booklets and provided them in the welcome baskets and then sold them for $3.00.  John will provide a Windom booklet to Tom as an example.  Tom will work with Steve to see if Park Board needs to approve the booklet and verify facts.

3.  Tangletown water tower project proposal – Tom contacted Tangletown Gardens regarding improving the tower grounds.  They discussed putting together a committee with someone from the city water department and a couple of people in the neighborhood and maybe board members.  There is spot lighting of the tower and when lights go out it is reported to the city water department  to replace bulbs.  Lighting of the lower level and the plants would be a new investment.  Tom reported that we will need a plan for short-term and long-term responsibilities for Tangletown Gardens, TNA and the city based on a partnership for the project.   Ryan stated that the TNA board can contribute to initial project with very little to earmark for ongoing maintenance.   The city water works does the upkeep of mowing and we could possibly partner with them on maintenance of plantings.  Tom also suggested a small plaque at bottom of the sidewalk too to draw people up.  Ryan will put out a Facebook call for residents to participate on the committee.  He’ll run it by Tom before posting it.

4. Partnership development with Washburn High School – There was a meeting Tuesday to review the new WHS scoreboard plan for a redesigned scoreboard proposed on South end of field.  Representatives from School District and the Interim Athletic director and assistant principal were there to support the new plan.  The presentation was straight forward and there was low attendance at the meeting.  Other concerns that were raised include use of field, sound levels and light pollution.  This led into other topics regarding neighborhood issues affected by the school.    This meeting was set up by the district to present the current plan and to have neighborhood engagement.   There are no city ordinances for scoreboards – height and brightness of light are the only parameters that city controls.   The current proposal is for a scoreboard total height of approximately 25 feet high.  It’s still an issue as to where to put it.  TNA wants to partner with the school on this and other issues such as PA volume, communications to neighborhood as to events on the field, hours, etc.   It would be nice to have someone from WHS to meet with board and someone from TNA on the WHS site council.  John feels district should give reasons as to why they are placing the scoreboard where they propose it.  We can give our concerns and respond to it.  Won’t happen for fall – the zoning administration of city staff need to approve the placement, height and brightness of light.  Ad sponsorship was removed.  They will continue to use the current “wheel out” scoreboard until the permanent one is installed.   The previous permanent scoreboard was removed when they began the installment of the permanent one.

John will request the involvement of NCR to help facilitate a committee to establish policies regarding the hours of use and sound levels for the scoreboard as well as other issues such as parking, transit, litter, art issues, urban farm, bees, band, etc.  Residents, TNA board members, school board member Tracine Asburry and WHS and Ramsey representatives should be included on the committee.

Ryan will report back on this next meeting.

5. Neighborhood Priority Plan supporting 54th and Lyndale Special Services District – NCR was going to review the plan before it reached city council.  Matt Perry is meeting with business partners to get them interested.

6.  Pool shade update – Ryan delivered Steve’s update on pool shades stating that the Minneapolis Park board has said the project will not happen this year.

7. TNA survey preliminary results review – Ryan will schedule another committee meeting within the next month and involve NCR to follow up on survey results.  We’ve been working off an old NRP phase II plan so it will be good to update.   Sandra, Eric, Lauren, Mary Jane and Carolyn are all interested in reviewing survey results.  Mary Jane volunteered to do the drawing and deliver the prizes for survey respondents.    Ryan reported that there were a total of 89 responses to the survey.

8. Secretary report – The Board minutes of the July 15, 2013 meeting were posted on the TNA website for Board approval.

Upon motion duly made, seconded and unanimously adopted, the minutes were approved as presented.

9. Treasurer report – The association has not spent any money since the last meeting.   Sandra is setting up a direct withdrawal account with the post office to facilitate future mailings.  Sandra reported that we have not yet gotten billed by Diamond Lake Rental for the 4th of July event.  Sandra reported that the Diamond Lake post office now closes at 5pm whereas it used to be 6:30.

10. Committee Reports –

Arts – John Quincy offered Mary Peterson’s help with the Utility Box project and getting an extension on our grant and also getting through any other city requirements.  The Gateway project has moved forward and they have updated their website.  John will provide another report on it next month.

Communications – Did not meet.  No report.

NPR – Mary Jane and Sandra are meeting tomorrow to discuss extending the time frame for using our business façade grant funds that expired in December.  The question was posed whether we want to renew and get another funding.   It was agreed that we should evaluate the program and look at what worked and what didn’t.

Environment/Sustainability – Regarding the WHS Urban Farm, ECO education is having issues and TNA will follow up on how to ensure that $1,000 of grant money paid to ECO education is recovered and applied to the WHS Urban Farm project or another WHS project.  Lauren, Eric and Carolyn will try to find out more information.  Mary Jane went to the Lynhurst and Armatage festivals and noted that the sustainability committees had nice tables.  Lynhurst and Armatage would like to partner with us on sustainability issues.  It was reported that three groups are working on a project involving the creek – Lynhurst, Windom and Fulton – and it was agreed that Tangletown should also be involved.

Business – Dylan had to leave early.  No report.

11. Partner and other announcements –

Ryan posed the question to John Quincy whether TNA has a new NCR representative yet.  John reported that no one has been hired yet for that position, but when they are, they will report to him.   Our previous representative, Lance Knuckles received a promotion.

John Quincy – One Minneapolis One Read book has been established and he will present it at next month’s meeting.

On August 27th at 6pm Congressman Ellis will present on the airport issues at WHS.

The city budget was presented last week and includes a negative one percent tax levy.  The next two months will be spent perfecting the budget.

Carole Anderson – Fuller Park has a book club the 2nd Wednesday of every month at Washburn Library.  Fuller Park is now working with Lynhurst, Armatage, Pershing, Linden Hills and Kenny.  Carole did receive the $100 fee from each of the food vendors at 4th of July event.

Sandra Bartsias – Suggested placing an announcement on Facebook now for the Halloween tour and start advertising it in the Southwest Journal.  Ryan will reach out to the committee members,  Andrea, Jeff , Steve and Tjody to remind them to start on this.

It was suggested that our Communications committee should report on the Ramsey/WHS  partnership committee, the Halloween House Tour, post pictures of the 4th of July event, report survey results and Fuller Park activities using E-News, Facebook and any other appropriate media.  It was noted that our E-News has 507 members.  Eric will look at how to get reports out of constant contact.

12. There being no further business, on motion duly made, seconded and carried, the meeting was adjourned at 8:47pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Carolyn Dungan, TNA Secretary

 Next Meeting: Monday, September 16, 2013 at Fuller Park.

2013 July 15 TNA Board Meeting Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, July 15, 2013 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Ryan Fisher – President,  Carolyn Dungan – Secretary, Sandra Bartsias – Treasurer,  Lauren Anderson,  Eric David, Jane Elias, Mary Jane Mitchell,  Andrea Siegel, Charlie Siftar

Also present:  Tjody deVaal, Carol Anderson (Fuller Park), John Quincy (Councilman), Tracine Ashbury (District 6 MPS Board Member), Rachel Hicks (MPS Director of Media & Public Affairs), Dan and Tom Flanagan (Mac’s Fish and Chips)

1. Call to Order 7:08

2.  Mac’s Fish and Chips restaurant proposal – Tom Flanagan, intern from College of St. Thomas and Dan Flanagan, business owner, presented their intent to open a new restaurant at 54th and Lyndale in the space previously occupied by Sigh Yoga.  Dan has been in the restaurant business for 30 years.  They have a restaurant at Hamline and Larpenteur in St. Paul as well as a stand at the Target Field that serves walleye and chips.  Their plan for the 54th and Lyndale restaurant is for a small, simple offering.  All of the food is made in-house including handmade saltwater taffy which is part of their trademark offerings.  They plan on serving beer and wine and will have access to the abutting parking lot.  The restaurant will have a capacity of 30 – 35 guests.  They are hoping to open in the fall.  The anticipated hours will be 11:30 am to 10:00 pm.

3.  WHS update with Council Member John Quincy and school board member Tracine Asberry – Concerns at WHS include parking, sports field sound levels and scoreboard issues.  MPS is prepared to have community meetings to discuss these issues.  Efforts to install a new scoreboard are being coordinated with the City Departments.   The hope is to get a scoreboard installed in time for this fall’s football season.  They are looking at a temporary scoreboard until plan is approved for permanent one.   It’s possible that a temporary score board would be installed until a plan is approved for a permanent one.   Before any permanent a permit is issued there will need to be a community engagement meeting and John’s office is monitoring the process to ensure that the zoning administrator is involved.  The scoreboard has county, local and city funding so they are developing policies for everyone who uses the field.  The rules of use will address the hours and volume levels.  The scoreboard project can move forward without a permanent principal and athletic director.  The school board continues to look for fill these positions.

4. The Chairman called for a vote to approve the 2012 Tangletown Neighborhood Association CPP annual report.

Upon motion duly moved, seconded and carried it was resolved that:

The board approves the 2012 Tangeltown Neighborhood Association CPP annual report without changes.

5. 4th of July event – Ryan will be assemble feedback from the 4th of July debrief meeting into a document that he will share with the board.  The Treasurer reported that the event had a net profit of $1,480 before Diamond Lake rental expenses.  We owe Diamond Lake Rental approximately $700.   Carole noted that the food vendors have been invoiced for the $100 fee due to the park.   Board members offered their suggestions for next year’s event including placing the inflatables in the shade, getting two snow cone stations, creating a map of the park and all of the tents, and hiring face painters.  It was agreed that it would be beneficial for Ryan to schedule a meeting soon to start the planning for next year’s event.

6. Neighborhood Priority Plan supporting 54th and Lyndale Special Services District – John believes that it’s important to add the neighborhood voice to support this effort so that the small businesses see how it would benefit them.  TNA has committed to contributing $12,000 to the effort.  It’s up to the businesses to decide as a group what they will invest in.  The funds would be pooled to pay for assessments based on square footage.  The funds usually go towards things like benches, lighting, seasonal decorations and snow removal.

7.  TNA neighborhood survey summary/update                – Ryan will be closing the survey down and in the coming week he will send a summary to the Survey subcommittee.   The subcommittee will reconvene to analyze the results.  We had about 50 responses.

8. Fuller Park plaque update – Steve was not present to report on the status, but Carol reported that she applied for and was awarded a $500 grant from People for Parks.  The funds need to be used before November 1st.  We could use the funds for the rock and the history event dedicating the rock.   The subcommittee is working on getting the history facts correct and accurate.

9.  Pool shade update – The board is still awaiting a response from the Park Board on this project.  It appears that they want to put off the pool shade installation until after the completion of playground renovation that is slotted to start in 2014 and pool renovation overhaul scheduled for2015.

10.  Secretary Report – The Board minutes of the June 18, 2013 meeting were posted on the TNA website for Board approval.


Upon motion duly made, seconded and unanimously adopted, the minutes were approved as presented.

11.  Treasurer report – In fiscal year ending 5/31/2013 the association had net income close to $23,000 due to monies recovered from other years.  As a non-profit we need to have net income under $25,000.  The balance in the TNA account is $13055.42 and the NRP account stands at $25,785.14.

12. The Arts Committee – The arts subcommittee did not meet but the next step in the utility box project is gathering the necessary documentation to gain approval from the Minneapolis Arts Council headed up by Mary Altman.  The mural installation at Kramer Electric is on hold.  Tjody presented a proposal for the board to help fund an art car for the annual art car event this Saturday at Lake Harriet.  The car would promote the Tangletown Neighborhood Association.  There was board discussion and it was decided that advertising and sponsorship are not in keeping with the spirit of the event.  There are no other sponsored cars or advertising associated with the art car event.   Tjody withdrew her proposal.

13.  Communications Committee – This committee did not meet and there was no report.

14.  NRP Committee – Jade applied for a business façade grant.  Mary Jane will look into renewing our funding and whether new businesses qualify for the grant.

15.  Sustainability Committee – WHS urban farm is meeting within the next month.

16.  Business – This committee did not meet and there was no report.

17. Partner and other announcements – Carol announced that registration for fall classes at Fuller Park begins August 5th  and there will be a music event in the park on August 8th from 6:30 to 7:30.  John noted that there will be a public meeting within the next two weeks on the 50th street resurfacing project.  The project should be completed by the end of August.  Also, it’s possible that the MTC buses dropping off students at Washburn will be rerouted in the fall so as to avoid traffic issues on 50th.

18. There being no further business, on motion duly made, seconded and carried, the meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Carolyn Dungan, TNA Secretary

Next Meeting: Monday, August 19, 2013 at Fuller Park.

2013 June 17 TNA Board Meeting Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, June 17, 2013 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Ryan Fisher – President,  Steve Bieringer – Vice President,  Carolyn Dungan – Secretary, Sandra Bartsias – Treasurer,  Lauren Anderson, Birdie Cunningham,  Jeff Gears, Mary Jane Mitchell,  Andrea Siegel, Charlie Siftar, Dylan Sirny

Also present:  Tjody deVaal, Ron Hall – Fuller Plaque, Hector Ruiz – Café Ena, Rincon 38

1. Call to Order 7:06

2.  Hector Ruiz – owner of Café Ena and Rincon 38 announced the opening of another restaurant at 4750 Grand Avenue that would offer French country style food including burgers and Panini’s and ice cream.   The hours would most likely be 3pm until 12 midnight.  He is applying for a beer and wine license.  He is looking at opening in October.  The board asked if he is okay with us reporting on the new restaurant in  the Fall newsletter.  He is fine with that and provided his email address and phone number.

3.  The chairman called for a motion to approve the 2012 Tangletown Neighborhood Association CPP annual report which was sent to the board members via email.

Upon motion duly moved, seconded and carried it was resolved that:

The 2012 Tangletown Neighborhood Association CPP annual report is approved without changes.

4. Officer Elections – The chairman called for any board members interested in the elected official positions.  Upon no interested parties, the chairman made a motion to approve the existing officers for the ballot.

Upon motion duly moved, seconded and carried it was resolved that:

The existing board officers will remain in their position for the next two years or until their successors are elected, whichever is later.

5. 4th of July update – Ryan reported that the 4th of July subcommittee met.  There was a motion to approve  a $2,000 budget for the event.

Upon motion duly moved, seconded and carried it was resolved that:

A budget of $2,000 will be allocated to the 2013 4th of July event.

6.  Survey – Ryan reported that we have received approximately 40 responses to the survey.  In light of the low response it was agreed to extend the deadline through the 4th of July.  We will distribute paper copies at the 4th of July event.

7. Fuller Park Plaque – The plaque project proceeds.  The plaque will not be made of brass due to the risk of it being stolen.  The project will not be complete by the 4th of July event.  Steve reported that the Park Board continues to ask for more information and that we have a good sense of what to submit.  It’s estimated that it will be another two to three months before we get Park Board approval.

8.  Fuller Park pool shades – Steve reported that the Park Board will be doing work on the playground in the spring of 2014 and three years from now there will e work on the pool.  He continues to determine where the funding and contracting will come from.

9.  Secretary report – the annual board meeting minutes will be sent out in the next week or so for approval at the next meeting.

10.  Treasurer report – Sandra made a motion to roll over $6,090.16 in SPP funds from 2011.

Upon motion duly moved, seconded and carried it was resolved that:

The 2011 CPP funds will be rolled over and allocated as such:  $4,000 to communications and outreach and $2,090.16 to supplies.

The TNA account stands at $10,957.41.

11. The Arts Committee – the utility box project is moving along and Carolyn will send the board images to be voted on before submitting to the city for approval.

12.  Communications Committee – Two neighborhood book clubs have been formed.  Mary Jane will submit an article in the SW Journal for the 4th of July event.  The deadline for the article is June 23.

13.  NRP Committee – Jade salon has submitted an application for Façade Improvement Grant.  The contract for use of existing funds expired 12/31/2012.  Mary Jane will look into extending the contract and applying for additional funds.

14.  Sustainability Committee – Mary Jane attended the tour of the One-Sort recycling facility and she and John Quincy reported on the recycling process and educating residents.  Plastic bags are not allowed in the recycle bin and they actually will cause the recycling machines to stop for up to 2 hours a day.  Also no electronics or diapers are allowed.  Apartment buildings have less compliance and the city is looking for a way to educate them.  It was suggested that a table at the 4th of July we have a pile of the items not allowed in recycling in order to educate residents.    We will use compostable dinnerware at the 4th of July event.

15.  There being no further business, on motion duly made, seconded and carried, the meeting was adjourned at 8:29pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Carolyn Dungan, TNA Secretary

 Next Meeting: Monday, July 15, 2013 at Fuller Park.


2013 May 20 Annual TNA Board Meeting Minutes

ANNUAL BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, May 20, 2013 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Ryan Fisher – President,  Steve Bieringer – Vice President,  Carolyn Dungan – Secretary, Sandra Bartsias – Treasurer,  Lauren Anderson, Birdie Cunningham,  Jane Elias, Jeff Gears, Mary Jane Mitchell,  Tony Proell, Andrea Siegel, Charlie Siftar, Dylan Sirny,  Lynell Voight

Also present:  Carol Anderson – Fuller Park,  John Quincy – Ward 11 Councilman, Lance Knuckles – Neighborhood Specialist,  Ralph Seivert – Director of Park Forestry for the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, Elise Griffin – Eco Education/WHS Urban Farm project,  25 residents

1. Call to Order 7:05

2.  The Chairman and board member Lauren Anderson provided a welcome to attendees, introductions, the meeting agenda and theme.  The theme of the annual meeting is sustainability.

3.  Ralph Sievert , Director of Park Forestry for MPRB provided a presentation on the pests that threaten our urban forest.  He provided a history on the effects of Dutch Elm disease and the current threat posed by the Emerald Ash Borer.  The approaching loss of ash trees will cause a drastic change to the urban forest in Minneapolis. Because the population of EAB is increasing, the MPRB has developed a canopy replacement plan that provides for the scheduled replacement of ash trees. This proactive replacement approach allows the MPRB Forestry Department to replace the urban forest canopy with a diverse mix of tree types.

Ralph explained that waiting to remove ash trees until they become infested is not an option because the trees will die in such large numbers that it will not be possible to keep up with removal and replacement. Proactively removing trees before they die, reduces the risk of damage and injury caused by limbs falling from dead and dying ash trees.

Residents who would like to treat a boulevard ash tree adjacent to their property with insecticide, may hire a licensed and permitted tree care company.  These companies know the proper way to apply insecticides so that the treatment is performed in the safest way possible. Homeowners are required to pay for any and all treatments.

Finally, Ralph gave a prospective on the Asian long-horned beetle, a pest that is fold of maples and has been a problem on the East Coast but is moving west and has appeared as close as Chicago.

4. Elise Griffin of Eco Education updated the board on the status of the Washburn High School Urban Farm and Rooftop Bee project.  Eco Education recently met with the Interim Principal at Washburn High School as well as the Director of Facilities for the Minneapolis School District and they received confirmation that the plans were approved. In addition, they were assured that the incoming principal will be charged with supporting the sustainability of the Washburn Urban Farm project.   They are currently working to adjust the original timeline but our plan is to break ground next fall.

The TNA board’s contribution of $1,000 to the project will remain with Eco Education so that they can hit the ground running in the fall.

5.  The Chairman advised that committee reports will be suspended until the next monthly board meeting due to the

6. The Chairman advised of two vacancies existing on the board.  Eric David and Karen Costello were nominated as directors to fill the vacancies.

Upon motion duly moved, seconded and carried it was resolved that:

Eric David and Karen Costello consent to having been received by the Board, and are hereby elected as directors of the Board to a two year term to commence immediately.

7. Ryan advised the board on the status of the TNA neighborhood survey.  Due to the low response rate and after board discussion it was decided to extend the survey deadline until after the 4th of July event where surveys will be distributed.

8. Garage Sale Wrap Up – Steve reported that the event went well even though the weather was rainy.   There were fifty-four households participating and approximately twenty households took advantage of donating their items to Bridging.

9. John Quincy – Reported that there are still some openings for the tour of the one-sort recycling facility.  He advised the board to spread the word on items that can’t be put in the recycling bins such as plastic bags and pizza boxes.     John reported that the city is working on reinstituting street cars and that the first route will run from the 46th Street/I‐35W Transit Station and Nicollet Avenue on the south, through Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis, and to the Columbia Heights Transit Center on the north via Central Avenue.  A question was posed regarding the Washburn High School scoreboard.  John reported that the project was initiated without the appropriate zoning permit and thus is currently on hold.

10.  There was a drawing for a rain barrel, compost bin and a kitchen composter.

11.  Attendees were invited to gather at George and the Dragon for refreshments and social hour after the meeting.

12.  There being no further business, on motion duly made, seconded and carried, the meeting was adjourned at 8:40pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Carolyn Dungan, TNA Secretary

 Next Meeting: Monday, June 17, 2013 at Fuller Park.




2013 April 15 TNA Board Meeting Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, April 15, 2013 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Ryan Fisher – President, Steve Bieringer – Vice President, Carolyn Dungan – Secretary, Lauren Anderson, Mary Jane Mitchell, Charlie Siftar, Jeff Gears, Andrea Siegel, Jane Elias, Lynell Voight, Dylan Sirny, Birdie Cunningham

Also present:  Carol Anderson, Lance Knuckels, John Quincy, Don, Jim Heers

1. Call to Order 7:08

2. Fuller Park Plaque Update – Tjody passed around a mockup of the 18X15 plaque.  $825.93 is the total cost.  Rocks cost  12 cents/lb. so the cost of the rock should be $200 to $300.    The plaque will be brought to the quarry to get a rock.  Steve drafted a letter for Jennifer at the park board for approval.  Tom Balcom has some good info regarding Margaret Fuller and is asking about what size the booklet should be (he was thinking 25 pages and then have it available for sale).  He got a packet from a 1947 graduation class with their memories.   There is a great article from the New Yorker regarding Margaret Fuller.  TNA just needs to decide on the booklet size and then the booklet should be done by 4th of July.  

Need an approval of the budget to get the casting going.   Once we get guidance from the park board we can vote on the funding. 

We need final approval of the plaque/rock.  If the park board gives us money we’ll make up the rest of the cost or else we’ll fund the entire project.

3. Fuller Shades – Jim Heers gathered more bids – 4 bids of the same cantilever design.  Low $18,000, high $31,000 other two around $24,000.  It was noted that park board just wants more than one bid, not necessarily the lowest.   For four small and one big one there is an estimate of $24,000 from the company that installed in the other parks.  Jennifer said that they have money in the budget for the pool for 2018, but it may change by then.  Steve – we need to draft a letter with all three options and TNA board make a recommendation and send to Jennifer for approval.   Since the poles are outside of the fence, if they totally redo the pool in 2018 it should not affect the shade structures. 

We’ll get an update next month.

4. John Quincy – Resurfacing of 50th will be done this summer.  1st meeting June 10th at Fuller (pre-public) for land owners affected.  1969 is the last time this street was touched.  One sort recycling phase II the rest of the city.  Pilot 20% rate before now at 67% recycling rate so a dramatic improvement.  Tangletown is zone 4 and will be implemented by May 16th.  As soon as you get your cart you can start using it.  WHS – city’s perspective is to support what the school is doing to support learning.  Scoreboard issue – permits were not acquired last fall when they started process for installing.  There will be a community engagement effort so that the neighborhood backs it and approves.   The scoreboard has been purchased but not installed. 

5. WHS Eco Education farm – A motion was made to grant an additional $500 in matching funds to the WHS Urban Farm project. 

The motion was seconded and carried, it was resolved that:

The TNA Board will contribute another  $500 to the Washburn High School Urban Farm project to cover the start up costs.  The funds will be paid to Eco Education, the organization partnering with the school to undertake the Urban Farm project .

6. Garage sale planning – registration on Newsletter.  The postcard was just received in the mail today and we’ve only gotten 3 registrations.  Steve just picked up the signs.  Ryan – said we should notify Tangletown Gardens since the signs may lead people to think it’s associated with the garden center.   Ads in the patch and the Star Tribune.  Charlie is asking if businesses can participate?  Yes. 

Things will be picked up after the sales by Bridging.  You can opt for pick up even if you aren’t having a garage sale.

7. Spring Newsletter out and done.

8. Annual meeting plan – Andrea and Mary Jane met – Forestry speaker is confirmed.  Also want to invite the Urban Farm Eco Education people to present and put a call out to volunteers.  Four state legislators and Bran Bourn (park board)  will be invited and introduced.   We need refreshments and volunteers to bring cookies, fruit.  Tjody will create the plaque for the Halloween House Tour winner to be presented at the annual meeting.  There will be a social hour following the meeting at a local restaurant TBD.  Andrea will create the post card and give to Tjody to create.   The information regarding the survey will be on the back of the card.

There will be a drawing for a rain barrel, compost bin and a kitchen composter – cost  $150.

On motion duly made, seconded and carried, it was resolved that:

The TNA Board will contribute $800 to the cost of budget for prizes, Halloween award, and post card for annual meeting.

 Award for last year’s Halloween House tour – Tjody would like to hire the same person to do a plaque at a cost of $125.

 9. Survey – group met last week and we have a mockup of the survey in survey monkey.  20 questions.  Launch at the annual meeting.  May 20 media blitz. Survey closes early June.  Ryan will send a link to the survey monkey mock-up for everyone to look at it. 

 10. Annual report – due Friday.   Lance is here to comment.  He feels that we should extrapolate on the greater impact of our activities.  Timeline is soft per Lance so if we need to take another month until the board votes on it that’s fine.   In the meantime Ryan will work with other board members and Lance to finalize.

Audiences – City Council and other neighborhoods.  

Per Lance what we are missing that other neighborhoods put in the report – challenges need not be negative such as not a method for reaching out to seniors.  Talk about the 2 to 3 months leading up to an event or after an event as far as engagement goes.   Steve pointed out that we now have 3 businesses on the board which is good.

11. Officer reports – Tangletown account $10,300.   NCR CPP $31,500.  March meeting minutes were approved without changes. 

Lance would like to circle back with us in June regarding the budget.

12. NUSA – May 22 – 25.  Lance encourages us to register.  We can use our CPP money to send members to the conference.  Overview of the activities – opening at Nicollet Island, conferences downtown,  final ceremony Minnehaha Falls with local food vendors.  Two people can split a registration for those that can’t take 2 days off of work.  60% of presenters are local. 

Tom Balcom and bus tour?  Lance did not connect with him yet.  Lance thinks all of the tours are committed at this point. 

12. 4th of July – Ryan proposes we create a committee – Steve, Jeff, Andrea, Charlie and Carol.

13. Committee Reports

Arts:  On motion duly made, seconded and carried, it was resolved that:

The TNA Board will contribute $5,000 towards the utility box wrap project whether the matching grant is approved or not.

 Communications:  Did not meet .

 NRP:  Business façade grants – 4803 Nicollet Hell Bent for Fitness applied.

Sustainability:  Walk/Bike Tangletown.  Lauren is our contact for RAM Recycling Association of Minnesota.  People can sign up at our annual meeting to buy a rain barrel or compost bin.  Eric David and Lauren working on getting a grant for green initiatives.  Nancie Nelson looking into what other neighborhoods are doing. 

Bicycle racks – Jane and Dylan both expressed interest.  Charlie says he knows the person for the city that supplies those racks so he can help out with that.

Wellness:  The committee would like to connect a wellness activity with businesses – discount to those that walk/bike.  Four times per year a bigger community event. 

14. Fuller Park – Carole reminded the board that summer programs are online for all of the parks.  Steve brought up a grant program for shade structures if we have a skincare/sun safety program. 

15. Ryan – one seat open for board members.  Lynell is leaving which makes two open seats.

16. There being no further business, on motion duly made, seconded and carried, the meeting was adjourned at 8:47 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Carolyn Dungan, TNA Secretary

 Next Meeting: Annual Meeting Monday, May 20, 2013 at Fuller Park.