Storm Drains

Storm Drain Stencil Contest:

Your chance to win $500 and have your design stenciled across Tangletown!

We’re looking for a custom storm drain stencil design. The artist of the selected design will receive a $500 prize, their design featured throughout Tangletown, and recognition on our website and social media. We encourage you to submit a design or invite a neighbor or friend to do so!

What is a storm drain stencil? Storm drain stencils are painted near storm drains to remind people that all our storm water goes directly into our lakes, creeks, and rivers. We want to capture people’s attention by creating a custom design just for Tangletown.  

Here is an example of a stencil currently in use:

We are looking for a simple, creative, concise design that can be easily stenciled. The design must convey the need to keep storm drains clear. Tangletown has 401 storm drains that drain to Diamond Lake, Mississippi River, and Minnehaha Creek.

High quality image submissions should be emailed to by May 13. Please include a short bio of the artist including a description of any personal connections to Tangletown if relevant.

Later this summer, we will be recruiting volunteers to help stencil our new design across the neighborhood!

Adopt a Storm Drain:

We need your help to prevent unwanted materials from going down storm drains.  When leaves and other organic materials wash into the storm sewer, they go directly in the lakes, creeks, and rivers where their nutrients bring unwanted algae growth.  This negatively impacts the health of these natural resources which we all enjoy.

The Tangletown Neighborhood Association is asking that you “Adopt-a-Storm-Drain”!  All it requires is that you clear any debris from the drain, especially before it rains.  Dispose of any debris and litter in your trash or yard waste depending on the material.  

To adopt a storm drain, email with your address and the location of the storm drain(s) you plan to adopt.  We will provide ten yard waste bags per year to those who sign up for the program.