Neighborhood of Raingardens

Did you know that the rain water running off our homes and properties picks up pollutants and carries them directly to our lakes and creeks? Did you know that a rain garden has two jobs? First, it’s a beautiful landscaping feature that provides habitat for pollinators. Second, it protects water quality by allowing storm water to soak into the ground instead of running into the storm drain.

Are you considering a raingarden? Tangletown and Metro Blooms are teaming up to help property owners install raingardens by lowering the costs and doing the most difficult job, excavating the project site and hauling away the dirt! Five properties in Tangletown will receive an onsite consultation and raingarden design from Metro Blooms, plus labor of digging the garden. Homeowners will be expected to plant their gardens and maintain them. The cost to each homeowner will be $315-355 for mulch, plants (at a reduced rate), attendance at a Metro Blooms workshop and a portion of the site consultation fee (actual pricing will be based on cost of materials at time of installation). With the cost sharing by TNA and the installation by Metro Blooms, this a tremendous opportunity for our residents. Be a part of this win win opportunity for residents and the Tangletown neighborhood environment.

For more details on the project, or to sign up for the lottery, please email Interested homeowners should reply by April 30, 2017. Installation is projected for fall of 2017.