Storm Drain Stenciling

Did you know that Tangletown storm drains flow directly into the Mississippi river, Diamond Lake and Minnehaha Creek without treatment? We want to make sure everyone knows that only rain belongs in the drain.

We’re so excited to start stenciling our custom storm drain stencil (created by contest winner Genevieve Alberti) across Tangletown. Our first stenciling event will take place Saturday July 27 at 9:30am. We’ll meet at Fuller Park (4802 Grand Ave S) Saturday July 27 at 9:30am for bagels and coffee and depart in small groups. Sign up on your own or with a group! Sign up here.

We anticipate each shift taking no longer that 2 hours. Stenciling will include cleaning and preparing the stencil site, placing the stencil, and using spray paint. Please plan on dressing in clothes that can get dirty/paint on them. We will provide face masks, gloves, and all supplies needed for stenciling.

If this date doesn’t work for you, stay tuned for additional stenciling dates or contact us at

While we’re talking storm drains, why not adopt a drain on your block? Learn more here.