Autumn Alley Clean Up

Saturday November 2, 2019: 10:00am-2:00pm

Washburn Parking Lot (49th and Pleasant)

Register Here.

Has your alley or side-yard become a dumping grounds for all your hard to get rid of stuff? Left-overs from yard improvement projects, brush too large for city pick up, piles of dirt/sand/landscape rock, and so much more can quickly become an eyesore. If you’ve struggled to figure out how to get rid of these items, you’re in luck! On Saturday, November 2, we’re hosting an Autumn Alley Clean Up at the Washburn High School Parking lot (49th Street and Pleasant Avenue). Stop by between 10:00am and 2:00pm for a chance to ditch your debris in our dumpsters. 

This is also a great chance to clean up your overgrowth in the alley to ensure proper access and clear sight lines before snow plowing season. 

A bonus: we’ve secured a dumpster company that is able to recycle on average 75% of general debris and of course, 100% of organics!

Please register in advance here so that we can ensure enough dumpster space. Registration deadline is October 29. Dumpster space will be first come, first served.

Are you a person with a disability or a senior who might need some help picking up items? Please register for the clean up and indicate your need for assistance. If volunteers are available, we will confirm with you in advance if we can assist.  

Speaking of volunteers…are you willing to lend a hand? We especially need volunteers with trucks or trailers! Email [email protected] to sign up. We’ll need volunteers to be on site with the dumpsters and volunteers to assist with pick ups.

Please note, we will not accept general household refuse, furniture, your demolition construction debris, or any of the prohibited substances listed below.

Prohibited items: tires, batteries, tree stumps, railroad ties, chemically treated lumber, paints and lacquers, oil, asbestos, infectious waste, medical waste ,animal carcasses, batteries, fluorescent bulbs, contaminated soils and absorbents. inks and resins, industrial drums, water heaters and tanks, food waste, general household garbage, fuels, petroleum products, adhesives, refrigerants, and other toxic and / or hazardous materials and substances.