Lottery for a Chance to Get a Raingarden in Your Yard!

Enter our lottery here by May 20!

It looks like Spring is final springing!  Time to clean up our yards, start planting and make our neighborhood beautiful. Tangletown Neighborhood Association is here to help!  We are teaming up with Metro Blooms and local volunteer Master Water Stewards to help install rain gardens or boulevard bioswales in Tangletown. 

Adding a raingarden or bioswale to your boulevard is a great way to beautify the neighborhood while simultaneously decreasing storm water runoff into our local lakes, creeks and rivers.  Raingardens and bioswales act as collection points for storm water runoff, infiltrating storm water runoff back into the ground (instead of pouring into Diamond Lake, Mississippi River and Minnehaha Creek) and reducing the amount of pollutants (such as phosphorus, chlorides and E. coli bacteria) entering our waterways. This will help to reduce flooding and damage to the local Creek and River shorelines as well as help to preserve the valuable wetlands around Diamond Lake.

One 150 square foot raingarden planted in Tangletown will prevent an estimated 19,400 gallons of water from pouring into Minnehaha Creek, Diamond Lake or the Mississippi River. Over 10 years,  just adding 15 raingardens and bioswales to our neighborhood will defer 2,910,000 gallons of water from entering our local waterways!

The Tangletown Neighborhood Association received the Hennepin County Good Steward Grant to assist 15 property owners in installing a raingarden or a bioswale which combined with our own funding support covers the majority of the costs. Participants will receive an on-site consultation with a trained Master Water Steward who will determine if a raingarden or a bioswale is best for the property and create a site design.  Then, Metro Blooms will finalize the design and oversee the Conservation Corps in executing the heavy excavation work, a $1200 value! Participants only pay for the plants, mulch, and soil disposal totaling an average of $250-350. Metro Blooms will order all the plants and work with the Conservation Corps of MN to excavate the raingardens or bioswales and haul away extra soil and mulch.  Participants will be responsible for doing the planting according to the Metro Blooms’ design.  

Site consultations will occur in June which will be scheduled in coordination with the property owner. Conservation Corps excavation work will likely occur in July (property owners are not required to be home while the work is completed).  A coordinated plant pick up date would follow. Please note, if you are unable to pick up plants on the designated date, you can arrange for a neighbor to pick up on your behalf. Property owners then agree to plant and care for the plants according to the site plan.

Raingardens and bioswales installed in the program will be planted with native plants that will transform urban spaces into natural habitat and support pollinators.  Additionally, bioswales and raingardens will be installed with biochar mixed into the soil. Biochar is an exciting new, natural substance which when mixed into soils acts to capture carbon from the air and store it back in the ground. 

Please note: any Tangletown property with space for a raingarden or bioswale is eligible, this includes rental properties, homes, churches, schools, and businesses.

If you are interested in participating in the Tangletown Neighborhood Association Raingarden Program, please complete our online form here or call 612-564-3445. The deadline to apply is May 20. Your name will be entered into a lottery for determining the 15 properties available under the grant.