Equity Task Force

In June of 2020, the Tangletown Neighborhood Association established an Equity Task Force charged with responding to the racial inequities in Tangletown and our broader city along with developing ways we can support neighborhoods affected by the civic unrest following George Floyd’s murder. A group of 10 residents began meeting in July and has formed five smaller groups focused on vision/mission, education, fundraising, advocacy, and partnerships & programs. You can expect a variety of initiatives coming out of this group’s work over the coming months.  

Racial Equity and Anti Racist Educational Resources

In the meantime, our education group wanted to share some educational resources they have compiled, to help you explore the topic of racial equity and racism. Each month we’ll be featuring a new list of highlights for your interest.

This month our Executive Director shared the following: “As Tangletown’s staff person and due to my personal interest in the issue, I’ve spent a lot of time educating myself in racial justice issues. Most recently, I listened to the podcast Nice White Parents. As a white mother of three young children in public schools, this podcast was particularly enlightening. It helped me see white parent involvement from a new perspective and better understand its impact on the deep racial inequities in our educational system. I think people with children in our public school system would be particularly interested in this podcast. I hope you find it as eye opening as I did.”  -Sally Bauer

Check out our complete list of educational resources below which has been updated to include some great new highlights for September including books for youth and adults on issues like our criminal justice system, housing, and education.

We understand that people may have done some exploring of their own since the murder of George Floyd and this resource list is far from exhaustive. If you want to share a great resource with the Tangletown community, feel free to send it to [email protected] for inclusion in future updates.

Save the date: Mapping Prejudice Virtual Workshop November 12 7:00pm

Structural barriers stopped many people who were not white from buying property and building wealth for most of the last century. In Minneapolis, these restrictions served as powerful obstacles for people of color seeking safe and affordable housing. They also limited access to community resources like parks and schools. Racial covenants dovetailed with redlining and predatory lending practices to depress homeownership rates for African Americans. Contemporary white residents of Minneapolis like to think their city never had formal segregation. But racial covenants did the work of Jim Crow in northern cities like Minneapolis. Mapping Prejudice is an initiative created to shed new light on these historic practices in the Twin Cities. We cannot address the inequities of the present without an understanding of the past.

Join Director of Mapping Prejudice and Tangletown resident Kirsten Delegard as she narrates this history and describes the innovative methodologies used in Mapping Prejudice’s work. Together we will explore the question of next steps to address the damage wrought by these policies. 

This free event will be hosted on Zoom, please register here to receive the meeting link in advance of the event. You do not need to live in Tangletown to attend.