Sustainability Cooking Class November 15

Friday, November 15 6:30pm

at The Wedge Table (2412 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404). 

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Do you want to learn more about how to incorporate sustainable practices into your cooking? This cooking class will teach you a variety of recipes you can repeat at home:

  • BROCCOLI BROCADO –oat creamed soup with sautéed mushrooms and broccoli flowerets (dairy free!)
  • QUESADILLAS with greens and tomato salsa
  • SWEDES UNDER BLANKETS –baked then pan fried tofu with caramelized rutabaga and onion sandwich

Each of these recipes focus on choices we make in our kitchen that can help decrease our carbon footprint. We’ll be talking about how to cook local foods even in the fall/winter, how to use the whole plant to reduce waste, how to collect organics recycling as an easy part of your kitchen routine and much more.

Registration is required and space is limited to 25 people. Register early to guarantee your spot! The event is free to attend with a suggested donation of $20 per person. Your donation helps cover the cost of the event so that we can offer classes like this again in the future!

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The Wedge Table has limited parking available. The 18 bus will drop you right in front of the Wedge Table from Tangletown or it’s a 3.5 mile bike ride with bike lanes on Nicollet/1st Ave. Alternatively, consider carpooling with a neighbor!

About the chef: Marianna Padilla is a Kingfield resident and educator at several Fuller Park weekly classes. She cooked at the Satsang vegetarian restaurant, was the kitchen manager for the Blue Heron Restaurant, and volunteered as a head cook for a year at the Minnesota Zen Center.  Marianna has been teaching cooking and nutrition for over 40 years!