Tangletown on a Stick

Join us in celebrating our mini Tangletown State Fair! Submit your entry in one or more of our state fair categories:

  • Fine Art (seed art, sewing projects, painting, and more!)
  • Culinary Art (your best baked goods, hot dishes and more! -Please include a recipe!)
  • Livestock (more commonly known as our favorite dogs, cats, rodents, fish, and other domesticated animals)
  • Homegrown produce (bright red tomatoes, huge zucchini, gorgeous melons, you grew it, show it off!)
  • Vehicle (car, wagon, bike, big wheel, wheel chair, whatever gets you around in style)
  • Fair Hairdo (haven’t had a haircut in months?! Now’s your chance to style that do and share it with us!)

Each submission (up to 5 per household) will be entered in the lottery to win a $100 gift card to a Tangletown small business of your choice! All submissions will be featured on Tangletown’s Facebook page and website. You can submit your state fair entry here and attach a photo or PDF of your submission. The deadline for submissions is Monday September 7 for your chance to win! If you have trouble attaching to the form, please email your submission to [email protected].

You do not need to live in Tangletown to participate.