Textile Reduce & Reuse Event March 21

Unsure what to do with old textiles and clothes?

Access great reuse, repair, donation, and upcycling resources at our event on Saturday March 21 from 12:00pm-3:00pm at Fuller Recreation Center (4802 Grand Ave S).

If you’re feeling disappointed about Hennepin County’s tough decision to discontinue textile recycling collection (read why here), this event is for you! We will present, in a variety of ways, information about all of the ‘R’s’ that come before textile recycling—reduce, reuse, and repair. We will have organizations tabling, repair demos, and presenters. Our goal is to create mindfulness around clothing consumption, lifecycle, and its impact on the planet.

Participating organizations and presenters include:

More organizations and presenters will be announced in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Items available for collection:

  • wool and wool blend sweaters with minor flaws or repair needs
  • wool socks (like SmartWool socks), mismatched or with holes 
  • unused fabric (clean)
  • old towels and bedsheets, washed and dry
  • old T-shirts (to be made into reusable bags and unpaper towels)
  • more to come as collecting organizations are confirmed!

Please note: all items should be washed and clean, no mold, mildew, or oil/grease.